My daughter is fighting bed time...advice?

Help! I am losing my mind at bedtime. All of a sudden my daughter is FIGHTING going to bed. She has never been like this and there have been no changes in the last month. This started about two weeks ago… she’s 3 1/2 and I’m at my wits end. It’s turned into a huge ordeal every night. Any advice??


Good luck mine is 18 and still doesn’t sleep lol

If she’s having a day nap maybe try dropping it

Snuggle with her, read to her, spend time with her in her bed. These precious years go to fast. Enjoy them while you can.


We started doing no electronics after 8 pm and they can play between 8 and 9 but also have to get a shower. And at 9 pm it’s bedtime. My son could’ve worn the energizer bunny down twice befor he went to sleep. And now he is usually out in about 30 minutes.

I had to start giving my son 1mg of kids melatonin at the age of 3 because he wouldn’t go to bed. It helped a lot. He is almost 8 and finally off them. We now just set a timer on his tv and once tv shuts off he goes to bed.

Make it about her choices. List out the things to be done and tell her to choose which she does first.

Stick to a routine. That way she knows bedtime is near. Don’t give in! Don’t rush the routine. Keep it calm.


i just wanted to say my daughter is five and same :melting_face::sweat_smile: it’s been so bad. sending some strength your way mama!

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Try setting up a schedule to make it a point to read before bed and have some wind down time. Also I know people always laugh about this but look into what you feed your kids them acting out and doing things out of the ordinary could be linked to dyes in food.

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I always told my kids that what ever they are scared of that might be under their bed will never hurt them as long as they stay in it. If they are sick they won’t touch them either. Lol I never told them there was anything under their bed but they stayed in it. My kids are all grown up with kids of their own and they survived without any permanent scarring.


Just remember that everything is a phase and it won’t last.

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Approximately 3 is the standard age for a sleep regression and a spell separation anxiety. It should pass quickly. Take the time to set a regular routine, read a book, cuddle, rock, or sit with until sleepy and falling asleep. It takes a little time and patience but very likely to pass on a month or 2. Hang in there Momma.

If she has her own room let her tire herself out. Our family bedtime is 8-830pm on school nights and if he “isn’t tired” he stays and plays in his room til he puts himself to bed and close the door a jar. (I watch him on the camera most times)

I saw this on the nanny show. You and/or your husband put her to bed, then sit outside her door. When she gets back up, pick her up and put her back to bed until she stays in bed. It takes a little work but you can do it . It’s better to do it now so she’ll be in the habit of going to bed at a set time

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Maybe increasing her activity during day will help .

I never really gave my kids a bedtime They knew when they were tired and they are 28 & 17 and have turned out fine

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It’s just a phase. My kid went through it at the same age. Stick with your routine but have Grace because she’s literally been on this planet for 3 1/2 years and can’t control how milestones happen for her. We also bought a rotating star night light so she had something to watch


We did a 10 minutes routine. If she stayed in bed quietly for 10 minutes then she could have another story. If she got up or hollered in those 10 minutes then the timer reset. Only once did she get another story.

Make songs about it. I believe the show is called pajanamals they have songs about brushing your teeth etc.

Melatonin for kiddo wine for you

Put perfume on her wrist put her in bed and tell her she’s has to stay awake until she can’t smell it

Welcome to sleep regression mumma… I have a 19 year old… it gets easier :smile::smile: I also have a raging toddler too

Toys in the room and letting them know they can play in their room until sleepy.

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