My daughter is pooping her pants on purpose...advice?

My son is 7 and does poop his pants. He has adhd and sometimes it really is he’s so focused on playing he doesn’t realize he pooped. But now with timed sits, belly breathing, and a reward chart he is doing better. have you taken her to a gi dr or gi therapist? Both have helped make the accidents less for my son. The the gi therapist will give you tools to use with her to help her relax on the potty to poop.

It’s sounds more like repetitive behavior. Have you taken her to talk to a therapist? That’s what I would do

Councillor/therapy might help

Has she been assessed for ADHD? The whole “not wanting to stop what she’s doing” thing can be a sign.

I had a friend and her daughter was 7 years old did the same thing she would peed and pooped in her pant everyday. She didn’t want to missed a thing and afraid of missing out what going on. We told her we don’t changed plans or do something different within 2-3 minutes. There is nothing you will missed out. She asked me how to get her to stop doing that. I had a talk with her and asked her why calmly and being open to her. I told her that she didn’t needed to do that. She laughed at her mom and me said it is fine. I told her no it is nasty and can get infection for leaving like that all day without telling her mom. We did therapy and doctors with several different opinions. Nothing work so her mom asked me to babysit her. I bought a pull up diaper. I told her I will not tolerate any peeing or pooping in your pants if it happen once I have a diaper for you to wear and a wipes to clean the mess up then I will train you again to go bathroom every 30 minutes til you do it right. Bam! She freaked out and said no no I said then go bathroom and don’t pee or poop your pant anymore. She went bathroom all week. I explained to her mom and asked to have few diaper in her hands to do the same. It worked and problem solved. I told her daughter if you do it at school you will wear diaper to school she said no I go bathroom I promised. She did and not one time she make any purpose to do her pant. I didn’t yelled at her I didn’t hurt her I just talked calmly and just thought to train her again and teach her lesson. And now she realizes that she wasn’t missing out any events or plans we were still there waiting and playing and talking.