My daughter is refusing to eat...advice?

I’m needing help with food. My daughter won’t eat anything all of a sudden. She turns her nose up to everything, especially if it’s vegetables or solid protein. I’m sure I’m not the only one to go through this but I am hoping to find a solid way to help her get through this. She’s 20 months. When she was a baby she obviously ate all the vegetables and good/healthy things. I did the whole baby led weaning thing but a few months after she turned 1 she stopped liking everything. I am basically down to 2 or 3 things she will eat and NONE of them are healthy for her. And that’s IF she does eat it. She won’t even eat chicken nuggets anymore. If I sound silly I’m sorry :disappointed: she’s my first baby and I’d just like to her to eat a balance meal and/or a vegetable now and then.


My son only ate string cheese, mandrian oranges, and chicken nuggets and hotdogs and chocolate milk. He was a failure to thrive and little. They said he had three months or a feeding tube. I got him to drink like ensure drinks and he was a bit older so I told him eat or he will get a tube and eat, he finally ate and now is picky but doing well and tries things. Try the drinks.

Most kids do this. My son is living on chicken nuggets, burgers and pizza right now. He ate everything when he was a baby too. It will pass eventually

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Her 2yr old molars have probably started. Try soft & cold. Even jello. If that’s what she’ll eat, fine. She will pass thru this phase. :two_hearts:

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I’d start blending up fruits and veggies and hiding them in things she does like. My pediatrician said be happy if they eat 2 or 3 things in the first few years but said if I felt like my child was lacking in something I could always puree something healthy into their meal. For example Mac n cheese and butternut squash. There’s tons of videos and recipes out there for feeding toddlers. Or you could always get a multivitamin. I know it’s hard, my son just turned a year and so far loves everything he’s tried. I know it will change in the coming months so I’ve definitely started watching videos for advice and healthy recipes. Good luck momma!

Make sure she’s not snacking from about 3 pm onwards

Does she point yet? Maybe take her to the store and try having her pick something that looks cool to her little baby self and maybe she’ll try it? I know she’s little but could be worth a try

It could be a texture thing my son has autism and severe adhd doesn’t eat much of variety of food

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In all honesty and this came from my pediatrician. She will not starve herself. My son used to do this of course I made he ate even if it was a little snack but when he started getting hungry enough he would eat many other things. Maybe try cutting them real small or mashing them up and I was told if that didn’t work try purée foods like baby food warmed up a little. Things like ensure will also help fill her up and give her some of the vitamins she’s missing my youngest son loved the strawberry one he got sick and stopped eating almost everything and that’s what the doctor told me to give him to see if we could avoid being admitted To the hospital.