My daughter isn't crawling yet: Advice?

She will be nine months old on Feb 10th. She gets from point A to point B by scooting around on her belly. She’s meeting all her other milestones. I know not all babies crawl, but my other two did, but I feel like it’s important for her to get the balance and strength. Every time I try to get her up on her knees, she flattens out. She is ALWAYS on her belly- so the amount tummy time isn’t an issue. I try several times a day to try to get her to balance on her hands and knees. My other kids just “did it”


Some babies go from scootin to walking. Maybe she is one of those children. If you feel something’s wrong take her to a pediatrician


My oldest never crawled and was walking at 8 months

Each of my 4 were different ages for every mile stone. Each child is different but if you’re really concerned touch base with her doctor.

My daughter never crawled she scooted from when she sat up then 1 year old just got up and walked

She will when u least expect it.


In her own time momma just don’t rush it.


My daughter never crawled. She would scoot on her but then one day just stood to walk. She crawled after already walking a bit with the crawlers at her daycare!! She’ll walk when ready and when you least expect it!!

My daughter didn’t crawl. She walked first and crawled secone.

My niece an nephew scooted on their butts never crawled…Then went straight to walking

She will in her own time, or she may scoot and then walk, that’s what some do, but donr compare to ur other 2 she is own individual person let her do it in her own time and way, if nothing changes at a year old continue to talk with pediatrician, some dont even ever really crawl, some go straight to pulling up on things and just walking like one of my 3 did, and out of all 3 each one was different, and I had the same concerns at first based off the other one , etc. And docs told me same thing, doesnt mean anything is wrong , and dont compare cause each is different

Attend playgroups with children of similar age, it helps the children to imitate, she may be able to pick up crawling ‘normally’. But it will be fun for the baby to interact with others, anyway


Just give it time. She’ll get to that point eventually

It’s normal. Some kids just go from belly or butt scooting right to walking.


Dont worry… she is moving about , not all kids crawl…

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My baby girl just turned nine months old and I was worried about the same. She could move around but it wasn’t by traditional crawling and I even told pediatrician that she doesn’t roll around from back to stomach like she used to. Doctor said to be patient… Literally 2 weeks ago she has been a beast at crawling without her stomach touching the floor, she’s been even pulling herself up to stand and it all happened overnight! Her being in a bouncer then walker has helped a lot as well. Also note: some babies skip crawling and go straight to cruising/standing

My baby didn’t start actually crawling until about 10 months and now she is almost a year old and walking more and more every day

When she s ready she will or one day she will walk and surprise you. As long as her Doctor says she s ok don’t worry. Just enjoy her!!!:blush:


Totally normal! As long as her doctor doesnt see any other potential issues, you should be fine! My son crawled everywhere and refused to walk until he was about 18 months old despite the fact that he had been pulling up and walking while holding onto furniture since he was 8 or 9 months old. He was just scared to take that first step! Dont worry Momma, just give it some time :blush:

She’l crawl when shez ready, she might even suprise you one day soon.

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All children are different they will do things in their own time .No child is the same wether they are siblings or not.


My daughter never crawled. She started pulling herself up and walking along things at 9.5 or 10 months. She’s 13 now and an honor roll student in 8th grade… the kid still can’t crawl to this day :joy:. All kids are different. Unless you notice a whole bunch of warning signs, I wouldn’t sweat it.

I’d talk with the pediatrician and see what they say.

You have a right to be concerned but i would just take her to her doc. Crawling is super important and its a bad thing if kids dont crawl. Some ppl think it makes a child advanced, its actually not at all. It plays a super important role in brain function.


My son is 9 months & walking & crawled no problem by himself so idk

Not all babies crawl. My daughter never did she scooted then started walking away

Some babies don’t crawl. As previously said if you are concerned then have a check. Sounds like she is going her own unique way

My kid never crawled he walked first then months later crawled lol

My son did the same thing. Then out of the blue, he started crawling and realized how fast he could get around. Shortly after that, he was walking. She’ll do in her own time.

You have nothing to worry about, my Daughter bum shuffled everywhere, then crawled when she was ready to, then started walking when she was ready!! :heart: :purple_heart:

Bypass the crawling and start her walking.

She is different,embrace it,she will in time if not then she will probably just go straight to taking first steps. Each child is unique in their own ways. No worries momma.

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Some kids walk before they crawl. If she’s getting around she she’s no need to crawl right now. You could have her evaluated for muscle tone. My youngest didn’t crawl until he was 13 months. Walked at 15-16 months.

Every body is different, that’s her crawling

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There are only guidelines for which a baby should approximately be doing thing but every baby is different. My 23 year old didn’t even crawl, went from crab walking with one knee bent to walking and running in a week flat at 9 months old and my 14 year old didn’t crawl until 10 months and walked at 12 months. Every baby is different so don’t worry or fret. It may seem frustrating but unless there are major concerns that something is wrong, give it time.

She is scooting so don’t worry.

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Is there some reason you aren’t taking her to a pediatrician? And if you are they should be catching that by now. Maybe try standing her up instead and having her try to hold onto a table or something. See if she’ll just go straight to walking.

Some babies go straight to walking and never crawl.


I had 3, 2 oldest crawled and the last one went to walking without crawling. Each child is different and trust me, when this one decides to walk, it will not stop then. Be glad it still is SLOW moving, walking turns to running.

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My daughter never did crawl. She scooted on her butt until one day she stood up and took a couple steps then started RUNNING! And the running never stopped!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

2 of 4 of my kids didn’t crawl and the went from scooting to walking without crawling

I had a couple of my 4 that never “properly” crawled. They were hitting all their other milestones and they were able to get around. Dr said its not a big deal and they both ended up walking at an appropriate age. I don’t think its an issue to worry about

My 1st didn’t crawl or walk until 12 months then she did all that month. Not walking though, it went from crawl to running …lol

Maybe shes not walking because she has older children around that get her what she wants. She might just start walking. If your worried about it. Tell the Dr. They would no more than putting it on Facebook. Lol

My third child at 9.5 months just decided to let go of the sofa and have a go at it. Never crawled, never tried, never wanted to. Absolutely hated tummy time. She took three steps and fell cried for about 45 seconds stood up and took the next attempt at a run and I haven’t been able to slow her down yet. She’s My oldest crawled. My second child thought it was beneath him and refused. Actually he wouldn’t walk places even after he learned because he figured out if he just waited long enough someone would carry him :joy::joy::joy: The last two never even tried. They went from scooting to holding fingers to walking alone. It just depends on the kid.

I did that and I’m fine… I even have a high IQ :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries some just are not in a hurry
Keep practicing and she will get it

My middle was 13 months lol
She just wasn’t in a hurry

Let her be… she will suprise u…

I have three kids. Two are special needs. One never crawled. She went straight to walking. Years later she was in Physical Therapy to basically practice the fundamental skills she skipped as a baby. When my third child was born and missed milestones, I got him evaluated right away. He got therapy right away. Your child is probably 100 percent fine and does not need any therapy…but from my experience, having an evaluator tell you that you are worrying over nothing will help ease your mind OR finding out she needs a little extra support means she and you get the help you need. Win win in my opinion.

My oldest daughter went straight from scooting on her belly, to pulling herself up and walking. My other two actually crawled. They are all different. Don’t worry. She’s just being her own lil self.:heart:

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As a paeds OT, don’t worry yet! She is still very much with in the norms, bum shuffling doesn’t really qualify as crawling but it means that there is coordination and motivation, try place her in crawling position such as the image with some toys to encourage the shoulder strength and movement pattern

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My daughter was early and had hypotonia. She sat up at 9 month, crawled at 14 months and walked at 2 years. She has done physical therapy since 9 months and she’s 5 now. Some kids are just like that. If youre too worried ask the pediatrician for an evaluation


Never compare your other children to each other. All kids are different. My son never crawled he went straight for walking and running and he’s an awesomely healthy 8 year old. Your baby will crawl when ready. Just let her go at her pace

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This is going to sound a little strange but knee pads. You know those tiny cute bicycle knee pads. Give them a try sometimes a little one doesn’t want to crawl because they don’t like the way it feels on their knees. Also try moving her legs half an hour or 15 minutes off and on whenever you can throughout the day in a bicycle motion with her laying on her back to get her hips to relax and move. I know it sounds strange but out of 7 kids only one of mine decided to try to skip crawling I had to change his mind. But the knee pads might help cuz the way I showed him was I put my knee pads on and he had knee pads and I showed him crawling I don’t know just a suggestion

My oldest daughter scoot on her leg on her 1st birthday she waited until the party was over and got up and start walking through the house.


my daughter didn’t crawl and I noticed there was a problem with her kind of like with the inner part of her knee I took it a Boston children’s hospital and they found that her hip was out of place I had two in one of those carriers all the time on my chest and from her bouncing for me walking it dislocated right hip maybe you should check on that…
a good part of the story is is when they put her on the table to take an x-ray they put her kneecaps together and they heard it pop and then the next day that little girl my daughter 13 months old came running out of her bedroom into the kitchen and slid into the bathroom door as a mom I cried I laughed I thank God she wasn’t hurt, but I am so grateful that she was walking!


Technically, if she’s mobile she’s crawling. Sometimes babies will crawl differently for some reason. As long as she’s getting across the floor she’s fine. Have you noticed ay other delays? Does she babble, reach for things, explore, make eye contact, react to you?

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My oldest never crawled. Nut he walked at 9 maths.

Dont compare your children. They all bloom at different times.

All babies progress at thier own individual rate …
I think she’s fine, just give her time :heart::relaxed:

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When she is ready she will

She’s not your other kids. All children are different. Why are you so worried about it. She’ll crawl when she’s ready!


My son did a army crawl and walked at 18 mths old but was completly potty trained at 19 months old every kiddo is different

Every child is different and dies things at their own pace. Don’t try to force it. Just go with the flow and your baby will decide when she’s ready to actually crawl or walk.

My oldest never crawled. She scooted on her butt and one day started walking at 11months. My youngest crawled and stood up to walk at 11 and a half months. My nephew who is 2 months youngest than my youngest didnt walk until he was 16months. Dont worry about it

My granddaughter went from scooting to walking. Shes ok.

My oldest (daughter) didnt crawl until 10 months. Whereas my son crawled at 9.5 to 10 months. Babies develope differently. My niece crawled at 6 months.

My twins skipped crawling and went straight to walking. She’ll do it when she’s ready! No worries mama bear, everybody is different. You’re doing an awesome job!

Your baby is fine. My son done the army crawl into he was 13 months old then he started walking. All kids are different. Don’t worry

My middle son never did, went from scooting to walking

Hey, your baby is moving. One of my kids started crawling backwards, stood up, took a few steps then decided to crawl forward just to start cruising. :woman_shrugging: so hey every kid is unique.

My son didn’t walk till he was almost 10 months old give her time she will

My daughter never crawled she literally scuttled then walked at like 10-11 months

My daughter didn’t crawl until she was 14 months old… Didn’t walk until she was 16 months old. She was 5 weeks early. Now she is 11 years old and taller than me…

I never crawled… I just got up and walked at about 14 months… I was 2 months early.
I was s prima ballerina for the San Francisco Ballet Company…
Relax… She’ll be fine. She’ll walk when she’s ready

My mom and father in law never crawled, they did the butt-scoot! Maybe she will be a later/faster crawler, too! My oldest was crawling at 9/10 mos. and walking at 15 mos. My second was crawling AND walking at 9 mos. My third and fourth were much like my first. Every Child Is Different!