My daughter might be gay

So my 10 year old daughter has told me she might like girls more than boys…

Let me clarify that I in no way, shape, or form am against being gay, lesbian, whatever. I have many friends that are and I love them dearly. I just want to know the best approach to talk with her about it?? I told her that I support her decision and if that’s what she wants then I’m happy for her and it’s ok. The only thing I’m worried about is that we live in a very small town…very conservative. I don’t want for her to be bullied or anything, we all know how kids can be. She a very active girl, she does cheerleading and participates in a lot of school functions and our family is very well known. I guess I’m just worried for her and what her future will be like. Any advice??


Just love her. I have a son that’s gay and knew from an early age he was… My son also said he feels women’s sexuality is more fluid than men

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Support her no matter what. Back her up when people dont. Tell the judgmental people to screw off, Just like you would in any other situation, be there and defend your child when she needs you too. Tell her to let you know if someone is bullying her because of it, so you can help her handle it. If she wants to participate in anything gay pride related, go with her and be the supportive loving parent.

Oh I definitely will! Like I said before, I am not against anyone’s choices. Do what you do, ya know? I guess it’s just one of those things where you want to protect your child from any and everything hurtful, but you literally just can’t.