My daughter might have ADHD: Advice?

My daughter 8 currently going through assessment for ADHD, Iv always had my suspicion that something isn’t completely right and she’s impulsive random loud talks a lot can’t focus on tasks… but the teacher from last year says no concerns, but this year Iv demanded a test…she stayed up her dads this weekend and come home has weed herself since 1pm (whilst laughing) 3 times so had to get changed, is this a symptom of ADHD, I’m completely worried sick incase I’m just not figuring out the problem properly and it’s not ADHD and something else.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter might have ADHD: Advice?

Different situations based per kid also age.

I feel like we need to spell check these cause idk what half this even says or what she is even asking


She’s going through an evaluation. Once the results are in talk to the professionals about the peeing issues to check if it’s normal (considering the diagnosis).

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Get an assessment done then u can proceed from there

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So many parents are quick to say my kid has adhd and then they use medicine to try to parent there kids better. It’s truly sad to me. If the teacher says she’s normal then I would listen. Never assume your kid has anything unless diagnosed by a professional.


Had the same with my 10 year old get a referral to the pediatrician, the school will do it for you. It is a long wait though. School should be putting some things in place to help her with focusing and the hyperness

The peeing isn’t a symptom of ADHD no, that’s just a weak bladder. I have ADHD but I also has a sensitive bladder which still sometimes causes me to pee due to laughter, at 21 years old.


My 9 year old pees the bed almost every night. (Even cutting drink off at a certain time and going pee before bed) I know he has adhd! I was told in kindergarten he did. I was in denial, a month ago I decided I needed to do something about it. I talked to the doctor, he did state peeing the bed is definitely 3 times more likely to happen with kiddos that are adhd. He is now on medication for it. Haven’t seen a big change in bed wetting but he is not getting into trouble as much or hurting his siblings as much.(he didn’t pay much attention around him and would always he so hyper that some one was always getting hit/kicked/hurt by his action)

Well there may be a few things going on. Yes she may have ADHD in which case medicine CAN help but it is not a complete fix. She will need other therapy. I would suggest first and foremost get her to see a counselor. She may be acting out because of the situation between you and her dad. She could have anxiety going to see him (not suggesting he is abusing her) but his household is run differently than yours and could be causing issues. A quick tell us give her a shot of an energy drink(not an entire can) and see if she calms down. If she does then more likely she has ADHD. (Caffeine does the opposite effect on someone that has ADHD vs not). My granddaughter has it as well as sensory issues and she sees a counselor and an OT, swimming also helps her with sensory and focus and is on a swim team.

Take a Breath!
Everyone in my family has ADHD.
My oldest has severe combined type. Husband has combined type. My youngest and I are primarily inattentive.
Symptoms CAN present differently in girls.
I went undiagnosed until I was 28 years old.
Oldest was diagnosed at 5.
Youngest was officially diagnosed a few months before turning 5 (He’s unmedicated. Having DX has allowed us to have appropriate accomodations and strategies in place)
It can look like daydreaming and being a “chatterbox”.
I’ve seen kiddos with ADHD have potty accidents after being fully potty trained, particuarly when they are hyperfocused on something. My oldest would be so intent on playing that he would ignore his body’s cues until it was too late. While my youngest hasn’t been quite as bad he’s done this a few times.
While i wouldn’t suggest dismissing this outright as ADHD related it very well could be especially if she was doing something she was hyperfixated on (playing on electronics or something) I’ll also add that there are some drinks that are diuretics and can cause more frequency and urgency (like coffee)

My daughter is severely ADHD and almost 7 and we still have bathroom issues with her but she doesn’t laugh out it. It’s usually she gets so wrapped up into something or if she is in a environment she isn’t comfortable with she will hold it till she can’t no more. It’s rare she pees herself. We have more of a issue of her holding her poop. I have to give her fiber gummies everyday and she goes through phases where she will poop really good and then there’s times where I have threaten her to go to the doctor if she doesn’t poop. Her specialist says kids with adhd are more prone to bathroom problems. But like I said she doesn’t laugh or do it out of spite she is embarrassed and tries to clean herself up but I always help her out and reassure her.

Geeze people, it’s not that hard to figure out, she “wet” herself 3 times after laughing and she wants to know if that’s a symptom of ADD because her daughter has shown signs of having it. No honey, it’s not a symptom especially if she was laughing. I have two kids diagnosed with ADHD and neither of them have done that. My oldest daughter has a friend and when they were that age she used to laugh so hard and wet herself too and she didn’t have ADD or ADHD

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Peeing ones self is not a sign of ADHD. It could be a bladder issue, could be a sign she is being abused, could be she is just being lazy. :woman_shrugging:t3: Get the assessment.


Really try other treatments first before giving her the meds. It could make it harder later to enlist in the military or get some jobs.

My adhd child never peed herself for any reason. I think the teacher is going to be the best advice on rather or not they believe your child has ADHD. I was constantly notified that my daughter was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing, not focusing, being disruptive, etc. Talk to her PCP & the school and they’ll give you papers for you & the teacher to fill out regarding your child’s behaviors and go from there to determine if she has ADHD.

Everyone is different, my son wasn’t diagnosed with autism until he was 14, so it depends on the child.

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It sounds like it is. Not a big deal. Just get her on meds. A low dose of vivance worked great for my girls at that age, but every child is different. My girls didn’t pee themselves though. That’s a total different issue.

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The pee’ing isn’t ADHD. That’s defiance or simply bad behavior. Trying to explain away every behavior isn’t helpful when trying to help correct it.
At age 8, she knows better.


I can barely read this…

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Weed as in marijuana? At 8 years old?? ADHD presents itself differently in everyone. You may have to get dad permission to get her tested depending on your court agreement on medical

Could someone be abusing her??


My son is 9. He is ADHD/ODD/anxiety with tics and OCD. Sometimes when he laughs alot he still pees on himself. It was happening alot, but the last year it’s gotten better. We just reminded him ALOT to always go to the bbathroom. And even then sometimes it didn’t matter. It still happened.

As someone who was diagnosed with a bunch of stuff at a young age I cannot stand when parents try to get their kids diagnosed this young.

She a CHILD!! Of course she’s going to have a small attention span, of course she is going to be hyperactive!!! That’s NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR CHILDREN!!!

Also idk about anyone else but I’ve peed myself while laughing many times :sweat_smile::joy: to think that this is a cause for concern oh my goodness what is wrong with people


Keep pushing for testing.
If she does, teach her how to cope with it. I recommend getting books to educate yourself as welll

Even kids that age can have accidents. Holding it too long or being distracted enough to ignore the urgency. Don’t stress about it if it’s an isolated incident.

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No harm in getting an evaluation….but it may not be what you suspect.


Honestly, if she’s peeing herself I would take her to the doctor and have her checked for a UTI. I know when I got them as a kid from swimming in lakes that one of the side effects was that I couldn’t control my bladder because I felt like I ALWAYS had to go.


Mustard ketchup onion pickle

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If you take your child to a psychologist they will be able to help out. A lot of neurological diagnosis’ have overlapping traits but getting an evaluation by a professional will lead you to getting additional resources and suggestions on challenging behaviors.

At age I used to piss my bed out of pure laziness but never if I was already up. Wetting her self randomly at that age could be due to abuse… or a vaginally issue

Idk bout an 8 yr old smoking weed, try LOWDOSE edibles instead. Smoke damage on lungs is real.


Your doctor is your friend. Ask him/ her

bad part about ADHD meds as if you do your research are form of meth


100% not a symptom of adhd. I was diagnosed in grade 1 and just recently started back on my meds. It did help me a lot as a child but you have to make sure it’s the right dosage. I was having some terrible side effects because mine were to high for awhile as a kid

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Seriously :flushed: my concern here is that you’re acting like it’s too much that YOUR child is being a kid. Kids are loud and yes sometimes have accidents. Chill out. Quit googling and asking people cuz good god people are so quick to tell you what’s wrong with a kid they’ve never interacted with. Much less have a degree in said matters.


Don’t go through the school to get an adhd evaluation . Don’t even involve your teacher in it until you find out from a psychiatrist or psychologist if its present . They will be able to get your child on medication and then you can explain to the teacher afterwards. The only way to know is to get her tested… as far as peeing on herself ? My son doesn’t do that . I don’t think its related . I think that’s just because she was laughing to hard. Or didn’t go to the bathroom first . Even a uti infection or something on those lines .

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There’s not a specific test you take. It’s a whole process involving multiple assessments from both parents, pediatrician, teachers, and your child’s psychologist or psychiatrist. I highly recommend start the process with your child’s pediatrician and demanding to gave a PEDIATRIC psychologist involved. It tool about 6 months for my son to ve diagnosed and was a very lengthy process


My son… Living with ADHD. At 7/8…impulsive, anger, can’t focus, struggle at school, run around, sleep late. Also wee during sleep. Afraid of the dark. Do not close cupboard s and jarS.

On the upside…caring,kind,helpful.

  1. only one instruction at a time
  2. label all cupboard s
  3. make a schedule for everything…written
  4. One adult must give instructions
  5. all new instructions must be monitored

My son is 20…studying 2nd year Logistics Management.

Not a walk in the park. A long journey.


Have her checked for diabetes as well. Blood sugar issues cause those same symptoms.

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If it is ADHD meds are not always the answer. My son is not medicated and doing great, just need to teach them how to manage time and attention. And be consistent.


I did that a lot. I have ADD

My son had an issue for a little while where he would hold it while hyperfocused on something and just couldn’t make it to the bathroom. He doesn’t pee the bed at night. Adhd has two types. Inattentive and hyperactive. My son has trouble focusing, staying on task, emotional outbursts, rejection sensitivity, physical sensitivities to clothes, textures etc.

Both my boys oldest boys (8&11) have ADHD and that was never a symptom. But I don’t know if maybe it’s different with girls? Also she could maybe have a UTI, that causes children to wet themselves since they can’t control their bladder. I’d take her to a doctor and also go thru with the ADHD testing just to make sure either way. Good luck Mama!

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I haven’t finished reading post but I just saw Dr. Phil telling parents whose child was put on Ritalin at 6 for adhd about new studies that are huge that show it did damage to these children and their brain development who are now in 20s etc. The studies showed that administering the medication before age 23 had brain development as the brain was developing. If it goes for Ritalin I guarantee you other drugs have similar consequences. Dr’s will claim no they’re totally safe etc. Think again and watch what has happened historically either fda approved drugs that later they found out weren’t so safe. Just wanted to give heads up about kids and medications. Also randomly saw a study that showed kids who were driven melatonin daily or adults ended up having more of an issue creating it etc and falling asleep. So you give them this and it helps for awhile etc but simultaneously creates a bigger issue than you had in the beginning


Hailey Young pretty sure that’s a typo - I believe she *peed herself 3 times - that’s why she had to change …

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stop feeding her sugar and dyes. then see how her behavior changes. You’ll thank me later

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Autism in girls can present the same way and it is comorbid

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Red dye in foods and sulfa made my daughter have anger and violent outbursts. When I took her off them she calmed down tremendously. She was also diagnosed with functional autism last year. You’d be amazed at what processed (canned and boxed ) goods do to children and adults.
My son has extreme ADHD but I refused meds. We turned to vitamins and a more natural way to help. He was great and still is at tennis. The game kept him moving constantly. He loves it. Try an activity that is like that. Maybe basketball or drums in a band. My brother played drums for his hyperness. It truly helped.

There’s a group on Facebook for mom’s with children who have ADHD. Get your child evaluated first before jumping to a conclusion and then join the group if applicable. Take what you need from the group and leave the rest because it’s interesting to say the least.

My daughter was diagnosed at 6. It took a while to find the right medication. Either they made her angry, sad, headaches, drastic weight loss or she was like a zombie. We finally found a good fit with Vyvanse. She never had bladder or peeing issues though.
She stopped taking meds in 11th grade.
She is now almost 23. You can definitely still see She has ADHD but she’s thriving in life.
Kids with ADHD are usually very intelligent! They just have so much going on in their brain its hard to Excell because they can’t focus or control impulses.
Things(meds & information) have probably came a long way since my daughter was diagnosed.
Having an ADHD child takes a lot…A LOT of patients. Educate yourself as much as possible so to better understand her♡


I can’t help you there.but I wish you all the luck in the world that your fine your answer .

Get her help now… I’m 62 and have had it all my life. Gorin trouble a lot in school coz of my fidgeing… I made good grades tho… would have been nice to have known when I was younger. I was deemed a problem child. Used my energy wisely tho, once I got older… Plz Help your child… don’t degrade her Energetic Spirit ! Let her soar.

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ADHD / ADD is often misdiagnosed when it is really autism for girls. This was the case for me. The bladder thing could be a UTI or some kind of infection which can cause those oops moments.


She’s probably vaccine injured. Do a metal detox

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I think you’re looking for things

My son did… to busy playing to take time to go pee. Scared to miss out on the fun. It is something that can happen with adhd. It’s wierd the teacher said no concerns though. My son’s teacher was like " it sounds like he’s just a boy" I said ok and I would prefer not to use the medication even though he was a yes to over 78 of the questions on the adhd scale and diagnosed by a pediatrician. So we planned to try one week without the meds… two days in she emailed me and was like " so maybe we should try the meds" significant improvement. She was even able to tell on days when a dose was missed if we forgot or anything. Life changer. The peeing decreased. Especially explaining you will miss more time or have to stop what your doing to change and bath after you pee so it’s quicker to just use the toilet :woman_shrugging: the peeing alone though could indicate many other things

Sounds like an 8 year old to me
The peeing herself is clearly situational as it’s only happened while laughing too hard, some adults have stress incontinence issue while laughing as well :woman_shrugging:

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My daughter was ADHD. Finally diagnosed in third grade by the grace of God. She is perfectly fine now.

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Take a deep breath! Patience is key here. My son was diagnosed at 10 years and is now 21 years. He’s been on and off medication. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they need more coaching. A good teacher and doctor will help you team up with your baby girl to make her comfortable with herself. It’s all a process. Don’t be hard on her or yourself :pray:t4:

Having an accident peeing is not ADHD. Talk to her and find out why she peed. I think ADHD is over diagnosed in error. Maybe it’s her personality. :thinking:

I have two kids diagnosed with ADHD. They both are loving grown kids. I found it easer with the second! I found excellent Drs that assisted me with their care! I followed thru with their care . You follow the program and they will turn into productive individuals! Good luck find a specialist in your area.

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