My daughter refuses to wear socks...advice?

My daughter refuses to wear socks. She absolutely cannot stand them whatsoever and idk what to do her feet get rubbed raw from not wearing socks but she cannot stand the feeling


I hate socks. Wearing them inside out helps. It’s the seam on the toe that really bothers me. Also, they have to be thin and come up just over my ankle. Try to figure out exactly what she hates and go from there!


What about toe socks? I love them!! I found lots of different ones on Amazon.

Try turning them inside out

A lot of slip ons and spray her feet with antiperspirant…. HATED socks but my
Feet got so stinky my mom hated it … I feel her pain. I still hate socks if they’re not on the right way

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Find out what it is about them she doesn’t like. If it’s the toe seam, turn them inside out or get seamless. If it’s how “snug” they fit, try buying a bigger size. If it’s the length, try a different length. If it’s the elastic at the top, I found some super soft “fuzzy” type socks at Walgreens; they’re the only ones my son has ever worn all day… I did have to turn them inside out though

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I wear my socks inside out.

Hey dude shoes are amazing, you put the socks around the insoles and wear them that way. The sock stays in the shoe and you change it as you need to.

It seems it’s not uncommon and could be a sensory issue. Everything I could find about it says try seamless socks or crocs.

Occupational therapy for sensory processing issues have saved our lives when it comes to clothes.

Buy crocs they even have insulated ones for winter. Get the spray that keeps them from smelling and clean them often and air dry.

I have always had an issue with socks. I had to have certain ones and always wore them inside out. I only wear them if I absolutely have to. If the shoes don’t actually rub her feet then I don’t see the harm in not having them on all the time.

I have had to get socks with no seams for my daughter. Those have seemed to help.

I wear flip flops year-round, so I know how she feels. Socks annoy me unless I absolutely have to wear sneakers.


Who cares. If her feet are cold - she will put them on.

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I’m in my 30s and hate socks. But I hate my shoes getting ruined too. I buy the no show socks. They just slip over my toes and heels. They are comfortable for me and the only ones I can actually stand to wear.
Regular socks make me feel like I’m suffocating.

Then throw out her shoes after wearing them for one day. Will change her mind walking outside in winter with no shoes

My daughter turns them inside out

Turn them inside out would that help? My daughter couldn’t stand the seems on her toes & I told the school she has socks don’t be concerned or call cps I pick my battles :grimacing::rofl:

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Then just let her wear sandals or ballerina style shoes.

I hate socks! The fuzzy Crocs have been my bff’s lately! Maybe try those :woman_shrugging:

Oooh sensory issues. Good times. :grimacing: quick spoiler…there’s probably more coming down the pipeline.


At 36. I absolutely hate socks- the only time I wear socks are in my work boots :rofl:

Crocs then! Get a few pairs. They are easy to wash too.

I’m 43 and I absolutely hate wearing socks.

When I wear my vans and converse I don’t wear socks, even in the winter.

The only time I wear socks is if I’m breaking in a new pair of shoes or if I’m wearing my combat boots.


That’s actually pretty common. I couldn’t stand socks and one of my kiddos couldn’t either. Can you get her moccasins or a different shoe that won’t rub her raw? Or different socks maybe. I couldn’t stand the seams.

Have you tried different ones? Maybe she would like the fuzzy/soft ones that are sometimes infused with Aloe?

I totally understand, I don’t wear socks ever, tho my feet don’t get raw, try slip on shoes, I wear crocs

I never wear socks only put them on for my shoes

My 15 year old son refuses socks since he was little. One day like 4th grade gave him 4 pairs of socks before school and he lost all of them. I got tired of forcing socks when they never are seen again. So I let him go. For sports he wears socks just for practice and games but they are never seen again too. When he was younger he said it was the seem on the toe found some with no seem on the toe he still refused got thin ones nope thick ones nope fun ones nope tall ones nope short ones nope. Let him pick nope.

Get her shoes she doesn’t need socks with

Look up sensory socks on OT websites

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Look up flat socks

I still wear mine inside out most of the time, but on the other hand I have a kid that won’t wear clothes unless we’re leaving the house.

Maybe try getting her the crocs with the fuzz in em.

Don’t worry about it. If her feet hurt she will do something about it.

mine hates the toe seam i flip hers inside out and it helps. i also have her in occupational therapy for spd, its not just socks but a lot of issues. maybe try a different brand of sock. or try different shoes that do not rub. i used to have to do boots for my kiddo with soft insides.

that being said some schools are strict on wearing tennis shoes.

If her feet are getting rubbed raw her shoes don’t fit. Get her shoes that fit without socks on - they shouldn’t be too wide and shouldn’t slip when you pull them at the back. They will need to fasten and not be slip-on.

Have you tried seamless socks? My son has sensory issues & those are the only kind he’ll wear.

Buy her shoes that she doesn’t need to wear socks with.

Crocs, slippers/boots that are furry/fuzzy on the inside, flats, Vans, Chucks, Sanuks, Hey Dudes, flip flops, sandals etc.

Let her go barefoot, when possible.