My daughter rolls in her sleep and hits her head: Help?

I have a six-month-old baby girl, and she has gotten into the habit of rolling over in her sleep and usually ends up hitting her head on the side of the cot… I don’t know what to do as I cont want to try cot bumpers because she snuggles her face into anything soft that is near her and I don’t want her to sleep with her face in the bumpers as its not very safe… Can I please get some advice of experienced mammas, please


Swaddle her before bed. They make special blankets for that now.

They also have breathable bumpers. It’s a company called breathable baby


crib set with sid bumpers or a noodle tied to it

My 2 year old has done it since birth and hes fine


place it around the inside of the crib under the sheets

My daughter is 13 months and has done this for ages. She’s totally fine. So if baby isn’t bothered by it then I’d say you don’t really need to do anything


My son been doing it it’s 5 months and still does it now and he’s fine


Mesh breathable bumper pads


I used bumpers because mine would get arms and legs stuck out the sides of the slats Mine were all crawling or nearly crawling by 6 months so bumpers didn’t worry me

My daughter just went through this too I’m happy to say it was short lived 3 weeks and she’s not moving as much! But I did buy mesh bumpers and put them in!

You can’t add anything to a crib. It isn’t safe. Bumpers are a death trap. Baby will learn the boundaries of the crib or switch to a pack n play.


Let her bump her head. If it bothers her she’ll eventually stop doing it. My youngest rolls into the side of the crib nightly and doesn’t even wake up anymore. Bumpers can be dangerous and not worth the risk.


They have little sleep position things that keep them on their back. Before those my pediatrician had me put 2 phone books on either side of my daughter so she wouldn’t roll. She LOVED sleeping on her belly face down.

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Look into mesh bump guards. Amazon has some .

My baby always tended to roll in the same direction so I would just set her to the side so that once she rolled it was into the middle of the crib and not against the side. :woman_shrugging:

My baby will ONLY sleep id her face is against something. She buries her face and she gets so mad when she can’t. She is 4 months and I am hoping its a phase but she is also rolling over so I mean if she cant breathe she wouldnt do it.

You can’t add anything. She will be fine it’s normal. If it bothers get she will stop. Her bumping get head isn’t worth the risk of death by adding things.

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There’s nothing wrong with that. My 10 month old rolls all over her crib in her sleep. Occasionally she hits her head. If it bothers her she wakes up, but usually it doesn’t faze her. You shouldnt add any positioners or bumpers, those are more dangerous than the baby moving in their crib.


If the bump isnt hurting her she is fine. I agree with not adding anything to the crib. It’s just not safe.

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Get a mesh cot. Like a smaller one with mesh that goes by ur bed.

All my 4 kids done this! To be honest… they barely even stirred, let alone, woke them up in pain! If ya girl isn’t waking up hurt after doing it then honestly, u dont need to do anything! :woman_shrugging:t2: if she wakes crying afterwards then maybe look into a mesh!?

Maybe a pool noodle? We used one to protect the top when my son would use the rail to teeth on. Some kids might try to eat it though I guess.

They do have bumpers so if the baby bumps their head it isnt going to hurt them very much. I understand the reasoning behind why you dont want them but yeah

Is it hard enough to injure her? Is she bruising herself? I just can’t imagine how hard she could be hitting her self just from rolling over, if it becomes hard enough to give her discomfort, she will stop.

If it isn’t hurting her I wouldn’t worry about it. I also have a 6 month old who rolls in her sleep, usually the little bump isnt even enough to wake her up.

She will be fine, you don’t need to add anything.

Can you lay her sideways in the crib ?

She’ll figure out the boundaries eventually. It’s all good mama.

There are mesh crib bumpers you can get at Walmart. Worked great for us!

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Try individual bumpers for her crib. There is really not supposed to be anything other than her in the crib… those individuals go around each rail. She wont be able to pull them onto her head or anything.

My son does this and i bought mesh crib bumper pads …baby can breathe through them if they end up agaisnt them

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Unless she is hitting her head and waking up from it, leave her.