My daughter told me her bottom itches: Advice?

My 6 year old woke up at 4:30 saying her bottom itches really bad. I instantly thought maybe pinworms. I looked but didn’t see anything. I put some Vaseline on her but it hasn’t helped and she’s miserable. What else can I do??


Does she itch anywhere else? Have you given antihistamines? Leave a message for your Ped?

Epsom salt bath and take her in tomorrow

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Sometimes it can be from her not wiping very well. My daughter is 7 and it has happened to her. Maybe take a warm cloth and wipe her up. Wouldn’t hurt to call her doctor.


Take a baby wipe or even a wet paper towel (folded up) and wipe real good down there. Then dry it. See if that helps. If it’s works they come out late at night. This is gross but have you looked? Maybe just even a heat rash.

Could be a yeast infection


Maybe she has a yeast infection

Did u use flashlight to see if its pinworms tho cause they’ll come out at nighttime ? Also you should call your child doctor.

U can buy worm tablets from chemist

Warm bath until you can get to the doctor

Drink plenty of water

Buy worming tablet/chocolate at the chemist :rofl:
How do people not know this


Me and my baby girl get rashes wen we use toilet paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: my 7 year old daughter and me wipe with wipes instead because my girl gets big time rashes under there too . And then it goes away after wen it’s better …

Either a yeast infection or pinworm I know you said you looked but sometimes they can be very hard to see with the naked eye…they sell pinworm meds at Walgreens

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It sounds like pinworms. Pinworms come out of the anus at night. Years ago when my child had them, it took 3 looks to tell what it was.

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Take her to the doctor to be safe.

Why come to people on facebook for advice on your child’s health? Take her to her pediatrician.


It could be yeast, or from my wiping well. But her in a bath with baking soda.

Sounds like tapeworm. Commenly found in young kids passed via schools etc. You can get yablets from chemist to treat young one and rest family. They can be passed on very easily. No its not like worming a pet.


Maybe she has a hair. My daughter was very itchy and asked me to check her butt for rawness and i found a hair. Pulled it out and she felt better.


Pinworms can show up anytime no matter how clean things are. My daughter has gotten them a few times now and we have only ever physically seen them in her poo but never physically on her. They are most active at night when the females come to the opening to lay their eggs (so gross :nauseated_face:) and that’s what causes the terrible itchiness. I just go to the pharmacy and ask for pinworm medication at the counter and get that for her. It works super well and by the night no more or barely any itching. Good luck!


In the front could be an infection but towards the back could be from rough toilet paper or not wiping good enough. I get my son flushable wipes and they help a lot. I would just monitor for any redness maybe some Benadryl in case it could be hives. I wouldn’t jump to crazy conclusions. Honestly I have gotten a sore butt before and used Destin brand butt cream and it made a big difference. I just put a panty liner so it didn’t soak out of my underwear. Sounds gross but makes a huge difference

She could have a hemorrhoid.

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When I’ve had hemorrhoids or a yeast infection, ice is the only thing that helped until the meds kicked in. Maybe give her a cold damp washcloth to hold on it until you can get some itch cream yeah?

We had pinworms rip through my daughter’s preschool this year and came home with her. Buy the medication from Amazon… its two doses and give it to everyone in the family. I never knew if we officially had it, and I didn’t want to know. I just bought the medication and we all took it. *shudders *


Could clean her bottom really good and dry it. Put some deodorant on your fingers and wipe it on there. Will keep it dry. But if it’s only at night you will need one of those tape tests for pin worms.

They won’t come out when it’s light out.

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Some brands of toilet paper flake. Leave particles and makes you irritated.

Rinse clean with warm water, and then try applying a bit of balmex?
Only sometimes kids won’t like the feel of Vaseline or balmex on their bottom either.

Possibly try corn starch if she’s itchy from moisture.

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Give her a bath, wash her bottom really well, if it continues to itch, I’d take her to her doctor.


has she been on an antibiotic or anything lately?? or wiping properly, it could be as just be thrush…
see your nurse or doctor, they know best

Anusan cream, bought from chemists for itchy anus.

Treat her for worms.

Pentaden cream can be helpful - take the edge off… Its in grocery stores, pharmacies.

You need to worm the whole family if mum is pregnant get advice first before taking any thing

a piece of double sided tape between thwle cheeks. The worms come out and get stuck.

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Treat her for worms.

Uck I had pin worms as a kid one time when I was like 4 I’m still traumatized from it and I’m 30 now. My mom took me to the dr and gave me warm baths .

My daughter had jiggers on her butt. She sat on a person’s floor. Came home 1hr later itchy. She was wearing shorts …

Why would you think it could be pinworms?

Benadryl? Maybe a reaction to something that is new soaps washing powder dryer sheets?

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If it’s yeast try monistat cream.


Maybe she has a yeast infection and is itching in her vagina? Feeling like it could be her butt? I would take her to the doctor either way maybe.

Im sorry. But what the heck is pin worm? Im so confused.

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Try a bath, dry well then powder. Check her again in the morning. My son wasn’t wiping well at school/daycare which caused irritation, he was scratching, and it escalated…

I thought only animals got worms :woman_facepalming:

You need to have someone tell you to call the doctor???


Not even trying to be rude, but bring her to the doctor instead of asking Facebook…this is your kid ffs


Could be a internal hemorrhoid from too large of a bowel movement

Believe or not humans should be dewormed at least once a year. It’s not just pinworms u have to worry about it’s tapeworms too. The food alot of people eat raw can carry parasites… Millions of people have parasites/ worms in their bodies and not know it.

Honestly it could be a yeast. Or could be a reaction or really anything. I would go to the doc and see.

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From what I understand u can only see them at night. Check with a flash light when she goes to bed.


Over the counter pinworms meds at walmart. Treat for it and see if you get any results. Your not always going to see them.

Call the dr. Common sense! Good grief how simple, why ask fb ???


I would take her to the dr. She could have a yeast infection and to check for pin worms has to be in the dark an hour after they fall asleep.

Anti itch cream. Could just be a little irritated. My toddler has the same issue.

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Probably a yeast infection

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It can happen if they aren’t wiping good enough also


A doctor told me about 40 yrs. ago to use a flash light and turn lights off and look they come out towards the light! Sounds crazy but it works!

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Cornstarch helps with heat rash my kids every now and then itch and we use this

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Clean up good and use cornstarch baby powder.

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She could just need another shower.

Yes you have to check during night when it’s dark use flashlight

Maybe she isn’t wiping good enough after going to the bathroom.

Put a piece of tape on her bottom when she goes to bed. If it’s pinworms they will stick to the tape and you will see them. Walmart sells OTC pinworms medication. You would need to treat the entire household.

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I would try diaper rash cream, just like when kids are babies. Sometimes if they aren’t wiping correctly moisture builds up and can cause itching. Happens to my 5yo every now and then

Take her to the Dr 🤷🤦🏻


Just buy some Reeses pinworm meds and treat the whole family.

I would be taking her to a doctor. This could be many things

Give her a bath??? See a doctor…

Could be yeast, does she eat a lot of bread?

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Does she take bubble baths ? They’re really not good for little girls

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I used to get that randomly as a kid and my mom would put baby powder on it and “air it out” (lie on the bed with my legs open :joy:). That helped sometimes. But for my son, if I see him itching it’s usually because he wasn’t wiped properly at daycare, so I pop him in the bath and slap some diaper cream on there and that usually solves it.

Don’t put baby power
It has chemicals that cause other problems down the road

Could be Hemorrhoids
Preparation H cream
Not Vaseline

Could just be that she needs a bath
When urine gets in there it could cause itchiness

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Put some itch cream on it and take todoctor

If my 6 ye. Old daughter told me she was itching on her bottom. I be on the phone contacting her Dr. And be cleaning her up .

Have you recently changed detergent? We had to switch to “free and clear” types when my sons were that age.

Get meds for pinworms

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Monkey Butt. Sweat and certain materials can cause chaffing

Back in the day we used transparent tape to find out evidence of worms. Worked like a charm.

Recent antibiotic use, it could also be yeast.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and taking advise from a bunch of strangers / how about taking her to her pediatrician so you’re not treating something that’s not and not treating something that might be!


I would definitely take her to the doctor. Little girls can get yeast infections.

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My little girl gets that when she hasnt drank enough water during the day! Also bubble bath does this to her! I put sudo cream on

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Could be allergic to your laundry soap or fabric softener…double rinse her panties and no dryer sheets!

Wow the passive aggressive mom shaming here is sad.


If it is pinworms you’ll need to use a flashlight while she’s sleeping. Open her butt cheeks slightly and shine the flashlight. If that’s what it is you will see them

I would check the vaginal area little girls do get yeast infections. Maybe.she.cant.pinpoint.themexact.area.of.the.itch.

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Could be a yeast infection. Make sure you are cleaning your bathtub really good before she takes a bath and rinse it well. If anyone has had or has alethlet’s foot it could cause her to get an affection. Also double rinse her clothes

Give her a worm out if in 3 days no relief, check a doctor

I’d still deworm her

My daughter says that sometimes too…she just doesn’t wipe her butt well. So there i go back to the bathroom to help her wipe and bam problem solved. Hope she starts feeling well.

She’s probably just not wiping well enough. Make sure she’s wiping properly or maybe get some of the wet wipes. But definitely check with a dr to be sure.

Food allergy may be the cause. Her pediatrician is whom you should see.

I use itch defense by cure. Its a lotion it has helped my daughter.

Vinegar bath once a month my pediatrician said my 6yr old daughter same…

I am actually kind of glad to see so many people talking about pin worms. Everyone is always so grossed out and kinda of talks like it is a taboo subject. When in fact they are SO common. They sell Pin X at most drug stores but if you contact your doctor they will probably want to have a stool sample to make sure that is what it is. Even if it is not pin worms I would still consult your child’s doctor. If she continues to have that itching and at night when they would be most active, don’t feel embarrassed to just call the doc up. Promise they have heard it all before!

Back in my day we had this thing called a pediatrician…where we went as children when there was a problem…i think they stil exsist


I agree with others on try a baby wipe first, sometimes if it’s not clean enough it can get itchy. I also use the wipes for sensitive skin on fragrances

Soap an water works wonders

Personally I would take her to her pediatrician. To hard guessing.