My daughter wants her belly button pierced...advice?

Moms with piercings, my girl just turned 17 and wants her belly button pierced for her birthday. She’s been watching tiktoks and it has made her super anxious as she’s seen people saying it’s the worst pain they’ve ever experienced, worse than breaking bones. I didn’t think it was bad, I hardly felt it. What was your experience with a belly button piercing?


It was extremely painful :weary: but the pain didn’t last long. I kept it in from the age of 15 until about 27 when I had my second kid. The hole closed up when I took it out.

It honestly wasn’t that bad. I’m 42 and still have it. I wore it all through my pregnancy and only took it out right before my c-section. My daughter is 14 now. It’s a favorite piercing of mine♥️

I got mine done on my 18th bday. Hid it for 6 months. It didnt hurt. The healing process was annoying but as long as you keep up with the aftercare it should be fine.

Accidentally flicking it during dance practice after getting it hurt a few weeks but getting it didn’t hurt but even for a second!
It’s a great age! My parents took me when I was 17 :smiling_face:

Most say it hurts less than their ears my oldest Daughter has hers done no issues she didn’t even flinch

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Not bad at all! I will say just watch for rejection I had mine pierced 3 times & couldn’t get it anymore even after taking precautions for the cleaning . I ended up getting the top of my belly button pierced & used sea salt spray RELIGIOUSLY & I had no issues what so ever !

I have many piercings…it’s like any other piercing it hurts for a second then it’s done and over

I got mine done when I was 15 years old. I wouldn’t say it hurt getting it done. However, I was a cheerleader and volleyball player. So the healing process was longer than expected. I had mine ripped out basically when I was 17. I jumped up on a counter to stick a sticker on someone and when my stomach scraped the edge coming back down it ripped right out. So now at 40 with 4 kids I have a large scar, it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, but still looking back now, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten it.

I had no problems with mine, I had my nose and belly button done in high school

Not that bad as long as she takes care of it properly!

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I had mine done at 22ish and it hurt, but not that bad. I have broken a bone (my femur) and it was no where near that pain. I would say maybe on the level of an ingrown toenail. lol

I’d rather pierce my nose 5 more time and rip it out accidentally. When my piercing was done… I was nervous and tense. The piercer was struggling to get the needle though bc of that. It got infected and now I have two bottom holes due to an abscess :woman_shrugging: it’s been 14 years

Nah, it’s not too bad at all. Better than ears even!

I was 15, and played tons of sports. It was not bad. The worst piercing was my nose.

My nose hurt worse than my belly button. It’s a little pinch and then it’s over. Whoever said it’s like breaking bones is dramatic af :rofl:


My belly button was probably my least painful piercing.


I loved mine! Pierced it myself on my kitchen counter while my parents were gone at 16 :sweat_smile: felt nothing. Like going through butter.

No longer have it cause it did get ripped out while wrestling with my sister lol didn’t feel that either


I didn’t even feel it . My sister’s said it wasn’t bad I feel like the nose hurts more

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I have had tongue, eyebrow, belly button, nose and several in my ears. My tongue was the worst ever, then my nose. My belly button was seriously a 1-2 out of 10! It was nothing.

It’s not that bad. My teens have it.

My ear piercings hurt worse than my belly button… and I’ve had my nipples pierced too if that helps you get an idea

I’ve actually had mine pierced a number of times for a number of reasons and every time it was pretty painless, feels like a ear piercing really so I don’t think she’s got anything to worry about. Obviously it’s different for everyone but for the most part it is a pretty pain free piercing

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Depends on pain tolerance i guess.

The fact she told you is amazing lol I did a lot more (worse at 17)without telling my mom anything. If she’s worried about the pain and she goes to an actual piercing place ask for a spray of lidocaine it’ll numb her a bit. Otherwise the soreness goes away in a few days as long as you clean it properly while healing

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I’m a body piercer and legit never had a bad reaction from a client, everyone says it’s not bad at all afterwards x

I got mine pierced at 14, no big deal at all

My nipples hurt more than my tongue

So glad my dad didn’t let me get one as a teen. get a fake one it leaves a huge hole forever. Have her look up what it looks like

Be careful when it snags on something that hurts a little.

I am a huge suck for pain but I didn’t even feel it

I had mine done at 16. Didn’t hurt me any, slight pinch and done. A nose piercing on the other hand, that hurt! Each person will tolerate pain differently. Explaining that to her may help! Make sure you go to a very reputable piercing place, and she can tell them her concerns. They should be able to explain it all professionally to her and walk her thru it.

My daughter was 12 when she got her belly button pierced. Not my body, not my choice. She knew from day one- she was responsible for cleaning. Never had an issue with it. She kept it clean and did exactly what the piercer told her to do :woman_shrugging:

It hurt me and I was skinny

I didn’t feel mine at all honestly.

Piercer here! Make sure you visit a professional :white_heart: check out and find a qualified piercer. It’s gonna feel different, but with a calming piercer, breathing and good techniques, they’ll be just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nah it doesn’t hurt at all don’t listen to social media full of shite

Mine hurt the day I got it done and the next day. When I got mine pierced I was wearing jeans, so it was uncomfortable. The only reason I still had pain the next day, was because I apparently slept on my belly so I had my weight on my stomach

Let her but I had mine done at 13 I didn’t feel it either I’m 34 getting prepared for my nose :laughing: I’m worried it will hurt everyone gets anxious

Honestly I didn’t think it hurt much at all, just a pinch. My healing time was much longer (my body hates piercings lol) but I’ll never regret it. I guess she’s just going to have to decide if the possible pain is worth the piercing she wants.
Also I wouldn’t compare any piercing or tattoo or all combined to “the worst pain ever” or to “breaking a bone” :joy::joy: those videos must be made specifically to scare others.

It’s a pop through the skin. Hurts for that moment, sore after for a little then fine. I remember at 17 getting it done that was over 20 years ago so I can’t imagine much has changed. It doesn’t feel like a bone breaking I’m pretty sure that’s way worse. It’s just skin.

I was super tiny when I got mine pierced (around 105lbs) so the clamp was the worst part for me. There wasn’t a ton of skin for them to grab with the clamp which is why it was painful, but it wasn’t awful. I don’t even remember the actual needle piercing my skin, just the pain from the clamp.

Let her do it. Also the pain level tolerance is different for every person. That being said in general it is one of the least painful piercings.

What in the world is she watching lol? It is not bad at all!

I dont remember it really hurting. I got mine at 17 at a shop i didnt need parental approval. Unfortunetely i was in foster care and they were trying to get me back home and put me in group therapy where the main therapists didnt approve any piercings except one ear piercing and only for girls. I had to take it out during sessions and they did mon-fri after school so it closed up. O never got around to repiercing.

I was 15 … I don’t remember any pain lol

Most painful piercing I had was my belly button

Hurt a lot less than the nipples :rofl:

I got mine at 17 after I had my first son. It was the same pain as an earlobe. More tender bc clothes touch it so be careful until it heals but getting it done was a 1/10

Mine didn’t hurt getting it done, but it did take awhile to heal. You need to make sure you wear clothes that don’t rub against it.

I was 98 pounds when I was 18 and got it. Didn’t even feel it.

I’ve had roughly 10 piercings in my life, my belly button being one and out of them all it was my least painful and that’s including my ear lobes. Whoever compared it to breaking bones is being unnecessarily dramatic.

Coming from someone who has had both several piercings and several broken bones - there is no comparison.

Given every ones pain tolerance is different, there is still no comparison. A piercing is a split second of pain and when properly cared for, heals quickly. The belly button can be a tricky spot, depending on where the waistband of her pants sit, but one of my many piercings was my belly button - top, bottom and both sides. I loved it.

Let her do it, but emphasize proper care.

My nose hurt worse than my belly button piercing :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Honestly the second holes in my ears hurt worse than my belly button.

I was 13 when I got my belly button pierced and it honestly felt like a little pinch that lasted a few seconds, the clamp was probably the most uncomfortable part

It is a brief pain but if it gets infected it will never be the same again

Belly button piercing Isn’t that bad at all. Hurts for a few seconds but it’s nothing like a bone breaking. She’ll be fine.