My daughter will not crawl...advice?

Hello, my daughter will not for the life of her crawl or anything, she tries to pull herself up but can’t get there, when laying on the floor she just stays on her back. I just got her signed up for physical therapy to help her because we tried putting her on her tummy, help her sit in the crawling position and she just get pissed off lol have any of you had to put your babies in physical therapy before?

My oldest was like this. Never crawled. When it came to walking she refused. Didn’t happen till she was about 18 months. Nothing was wrong just didn’t want to.

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Some kids skip crawling and go straight to walking it’s normal .

Fourth child chose not to crawl, he bum shuffled till he was 13-14 months old, could pull himself up, started walking when he was ready, can do everything for his age he should and now crawls a little momentarily. My first crawled at 5-6mnth and walked by 1yr, second and 8mnth and walked by 13 months, third crawled at about same age, however he didn’t walk until 21 months…every child is different and as long as small gains/developments are still happening, just give your child time and space to explore freely :blush: