My daughters eyes twitch a lot: Advice?

My daughter will be turning three this month, and The last couple of days, she’s started blinking/twitching her eyes when she’s talking or even just sitting by herself. Has anyone else’s child do this? And did they stop on their own, or what did you do about it?


Go to her pediatrician. May be nothing, may be a tick, or she may need eyes checked? But get her checked out… (if it’s sporadic, try to get a video to show her doctor)


I would see a medical professional and get their advice.

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Could just be a nervous habit. My daughter used to do this or even make a humming noise. Her teacher told me many of the kids do it and grow out of it.

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Before you get scared shitless from all the “opinions”, I would definitely just take her to the Doctor and get her checked. Most likely need an eye exam first. Could just be glasses needed, possibly. There’s several different things this can mean. So don’t get yourself worked up over nothing possibly.


My eyes do this and mine is from fatigue. Too much screen time or something causing her to be tired?

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Omg why don’t people just call the Dr. You know they have an emergency number for after hours if you are that concerned?


Go see a doctor asap

You should take her to a professional asap, there’s so so many reasons why that can happen and is irresponsable ask about your daughter’s health in social media…

This may be a first time mother that doesn’t want to think she is over reacting why is everyone attacking her??? I would most definitely see a primary though it could be seizures or just a minor issue but better safe then sorry!!!


One of my grandchildren did this.turned out he needs glasses!

It could be nothing or dry eyes or something else. Either make an appointment with your primary or go eye clinic.

Take her to her pediatrician immediately. It may be a neuro issue.


Could need an eye test or can be a sign of low vitamin maybe B12 or Vitamin D…Sometimes its caused by bit of stress or dry eyes…I get it sometimes used to be bad but not so bad now…It doesn’t happen that often now x

Not to scare you but it could be a sign of a seizure disorder. I’d contact your pediatrician and get her checked out or get a referral for a specialist if needed. The only reason I say that is bc I have a non-epileptic seizure disorder and my eyes twitch when my stress level is high and I’ve only started having this issue since having seizures.

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Could be a lot of things. My niece had over active tear ducts and blinked a lot!

At least 90% of the time it’s nothing. I’ve worked in optometry for 21 years and we get parents coming in quite often with this concern. My own son did this at 3 himself. They usually outgrow it. The suggestions of vitamin deficiancy is correct as well as dryness. But I’d take her to an OD just to be sure. Have them do a cover test and make sure her pupils are equal size.

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I would suggest a trip to her pediatrician. Could be a sign of Tourettes Syndrome. My husband has had Tourettes since he was little, and it started with eye twitches and making gutteral noises.

My son started doing weird, blinking stuff and I took him to an eye doctor. With all the technology these days (tablets, gaming devices, phones, school laptops) , his eyes are super strained. He needed glasses.

My son says his eyes feel so much better. The only challenge now is getting him to wear them full time… He is almost 9. :blush:

This happened to me when I was a kid and the doctor said it was just like a growth spurt thing and I’d stop on my own, and I did. I’d still get it checked just incase, but just know it could definitely be nothing to worry about!

My son is 6 and does it. Hes been doing it for a few years. The dr and eye dr say its cause his one eye is weak so he does wear glasses to help correct the issue

He strained them from video/tablet time

Our daughter turned 3 in August, she started doing it right after… she stopped doing it about a month ago

Its actually caused from anxiety

My daughter did this constantly up until about 6 months ago. It just stopped suddenly. Pediatrician said it’s maybe a tick but she hadn’t done it since. Take her to pediatrician and get a neuro referral if they suggest it.

Its could be anything from dry eye to a seizures. I would talk to your doctor.

My daughter had this it is was tumors in her head. Plz check n make sure they check her right mine had them since birth n they found them till she was three in the emergency room. Eye Dr didn’t find them

If you can get an assessment, go ahead. Quite a few issues that can cause blinking issues, from autism to just simply dry eyes.

My son twitched, (and also has some attention deficit issues). A neurologist said no physical reason, probably stress. The twitching stopped completely and attention deficit issues were much improved when we cut wheat from his diet (even though he doesn’t test as “allergic” to wheat).

My son has congenital nystagmus. His yes would flicker in unison and we took him to an ophthalmologist and he was diagnosed at 3 months old. He is now 7 and doing amazing. It definitely doesnt hold him back at all.

Go to your Dr and then and ophthalmologist and get the tests ran. None of us can tell you what’s wrong we arent Drs


Yes. We went to the pediatrician and the the Neurologist. That was tbe first sign of discovering she was having absence seizures.
I declined the meds due to the severe side effects.
She did seem to out grow them. It is good she is under 5 that her brain is still growing.


I personally know of two children (not from the same family ) that did this and it turned out to be seizures. Definitely make sure your pediatrician is aware.


It might just be a nervous/ anxiety induced tick. My 6 year old does this and a few other things. We thought it was serious and it turned out that its very common in younger children. Doctor said most outgrow them or end up with a less severe version of the tick.

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My now 4 year old started doing this randomly off and on about a year ago. He also stutters off and on randomly. I think it’s a growth spurt so to speak. Whenever he is learning to something new and he is processing new information or it’s over stimulation. One of the two. 🤷 It lasts for a few days and then goes away.

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Mine did that. Took him to an eye doctor. Doctor said stop calling attention to it and it will stop. That worked and he doesn’t do it anymore. Thankfully it wasn’t anything else.

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Take her to an opthalmologist… My 5 yr old had the same problem but it was because he needed glasses, was causing the muscles in his eyes to work too hard… I’d start with a simple eye doctor before I started getting worried about anything more serious.


I’d start with eye doctor and letting pediatrician know and see if they’d like to go ahead and check it out too.

My son had the same, went to drs and they put him on a antihistamine, worked a treat

My ASD son does this when he is uncomfortable, is in the spot light or feels anxious. Mainly in sporting or social situations. It could be several different things worth investigation or nothing to worry about at all.

I child eye would do this from time to time…it seemed to be brought on by being overwhelmed. We never got it checked and she seems to have outgrown it.

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I worked in ophthalmology x 20 years. It could be a handful of things. I would take her to ophthalmologist to get checked.

I can’t stress this enough… GO GET HER CHECKED FOR SEIZURES!!


My eyes twitch when I’m stressed. My daughter blinks a lot when she doesn’t wear her glasses.

Yes, my son around that age till maybe 5yrs would during class time. I took him to the eye doctor and his eyesight was fine and it just went away. He would blink a lot and rub his eyes, I thought he was going to have eyesight problems. I think is was just nerves getting at him, being one school and trying to get use to it.

She may just have a vitamin deficiency. Have her doctor run some blood work.

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My daughter also did this and was diagnosed with seizures.

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After 5 days in Children’s Hospital, a Pediatrician, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Opthamologiist and tests (EEG, etc) a 3yr old was diagnosed as an Overactive Child and needed to enroll in a pre-school with a scheduled day. And it worked!! Thank God!!!

I agree with Heather worked with same Ophthalmologist forever who is who all eye specialist recommend to see!!

My 10 year old granddaughter also had this issue. A dr. at Cleveland Clinic diagnosed her with Pandas disease.

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My niece did this alot and it turned out she had celiac disease and got medication for the twitching and after changing her her diet to gluten free and the medication fnished shel happy and healthy

Our eye doctor said stress or too much caffeine can cause your eyelid to twitch. Definitely get a doctors opinion though.

I did this when I was little. Then at 13, I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.

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I have worked for an ophthalmologist for almost 30 years. Start with a visit to the pediatrician. Then if needed they can refer to ophthalmology.

It was also when he would read then he was doing it all the time

Call her Doctor it might be something small but its better to be sure. Could just be dehydration or an eye problem

My niece does this. It’s a nervous twitch.

Maybe tourettes. Often eye tics are the first one to start

Get her eyes checked could be something worse

Can be seizures, and if it’s just now happening I wonder when she last got vaccinated- know to cause seizures from systemic inflammation. Just an FYI most pediatricians don’t feel the need to tell parents that is a risk, especially if the child is genetically predisposed.

I would get her eyes checked :heart:

Many thing could cause it! Call the doctor

I would call her pediatrician. As a nurse, I can probably think of at least 5 things it could be which no one on this site can diagnose unless 1 of us is a doctor and would still need to see her.


Go. To. A. Damn. DOCTOR!

Sometimes it can be a sign of lack in potassium. Feed her some bananas and see if that helps

My son did that for a little while then he stopped. He just turned 3 last month. If it continues I would call the pediatrician for advice.

My son just turned 22 and still has a severe eye twitch/blinking but my nine-year-old had some really severe almost Tourette’s like and we took him to Columbia and was doing therapy and they were gone for almost a year and now they are coming back

Take her to an Opthomologist. One of my sons had to have surgery at 2-1/2 and another at 3.

Some kind of nutrient deficiency. Could be a calcium deficiency

My son did the same thing starting around 2 years old. We saw a neurologist to check for seizures and an ophthalmologist or eye issues. No seizures but the neurologist diagnosis him with PANDAS. It fit with exactly what was happening. Every time he had a blinking episodes his strep titers would show high for one of the step (I can’t remember if it was “A” or “B”) He would feel fine no fever or anything but he would get the eye twitching muscle ticks. We tried low dose antibiotics for a little bit which helped some. He is now 16 years old and it rarely happens but when I does I know to get the blood word done to test him for Strep.

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