My daughters keep getting strep throat...advice?

My daughters don’t have tonsils and they have had strep throat every week for the past two months!!! If it’s not one of them it’s the other one. I literally don’t know what else to do. I always throw away tooth brushes and wash bedding. How do I stop the cycle of them swapping it back and forth?! It’s literally every week someone has it!!!


Aside from new tooth brushes…. Are they sharing drinking glasses? Or water bottles?

I went through that as a young child as well… even after having my tonsils removed I was frequently getting strep so 6 months after having my tonsils removed I was back in having my adenoids removed and have not had strep throat since!

Use throw away plates, cups, silverware till it all pass. Tbh I would keep them in bed (or room if they have separate rooms.) as much as possible. Room service, tablet, TV, books, coloring books, toys.


I had to start using small containers of toothpaste and each kid had their own toothpaste. Easier to throw out a small one than a whole tube. Tooth brushes were kept separate too. I had the same problem.

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I heard you can get step from using previous cups, lids, and straws. Even if you wash them. Throw away and get new ones. It happened to a friend of mine and that’s what the Dr told her to do.

That had happened to me as a teen. In my situation I thought it was gone and stopped taking the antibiotics early. Turns out even missing a couple days means it’s not gone. So then my body actually developed a different type of strep my body didn’t respond as well to the antibiotics and it got so much worse. And if the kids are passing it back and forth could also be the issue. Maybe check to see about a different antibiotic, their bodies may not be responding to the current if they have taken it continuously, or some people just need different ones. I also ended up having my tonsils and adenoids taken out. It’s terrible I feel for you and your kids. I hope they get better.

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Wash hands and no sharing

Strep throat multiple times can show underlying heart conditions as well, that’s how we found out our daughter has heart problems.

My daughter has had her tonsils and adenoids removed nd still gets it all the time. Make sure they are completely finishing the antibiotics. Change the toothbrush 48hrs into the antibiotics to prevent reinfection

Make sure your doctor is doing send off tests, not just rapids!! After having tonsils removed, My kids kept “getting strep” like this and we did send off tests and they weren’t growing anything. My kids were carriers of strep. They each did a long course of a lower dose antibiotic and it finally knocked it out and we’ve not had any more strep issues in well over a year!


My son had his tonsils and adenoids removed at 7 years old, before he turned 8 they grew back . The Dr said it was not unheard of.

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My son had it 5 times in 2 months. Change toothbrush.
He finally got rid of it with a shot of Penicillin medication in the butt

Get rid of tooth brushes, the container they are held in & when putting toothpaste stop touching the brush to the tube… also, boiling cups, utensils etc… some people are really sensitive to how cups especially are washed. & maybe disinfecting if there’s a few days where they both don’t have it…

My daughter had hers out at age 7 and still to this day she’s gonna be 18 she always gets it

It can also be on the skin and counters. Also use oil of oregano capsules they help kill strep as well.

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Did they take the adenoids too or just the tonsils? They may need to have the adenoids removed as well. I had both done at 8 and haven’t had strep since.


My daughter had strep constantly as a child and finally in college I scheduled her to have her tonsils removed well let me tell you she never had strep again she has almost never gotten sick since best thing i ever did was insist her tonsils be removed

Allergy medicine like Claritin and use a nevage (nose cleaner)

Sounds like they never actually got rid of it to begin with. If they’re frequently getting strep that much then the doctor needs to run more blood tests on them to find out why.


Get rid of the tooth brush AND tooth paste and clean the container it sits in.


My kid tested positive a week of having tonsils removed :woman_shrugging:

Get new toothbrushes. You may have a carrier in your home.

I found this info. online,

there are various reasons that you can still get strep throat without tonsils including: Reason 1: The Group A Streptococcus bacterium that causes strep throat affects more than your tonsils. It can cause symptoms in your throat, in the tissue where your tonsils used to be, and at the roof of your mouth.

Are they seeing a doctor and taking the full course of medication???

Facebook cant help you here my dear! Youll need to make a doctors appointment

Yes take to the emergency room now where’s your Dr ? Doesn’t sound like a good one!!!

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Be careful! My sons recurrent strep infections turned into scarlet fever

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Have you given them the entire antibiotic for strep as instructed?


Probably removal of tonsils

Talk to their doctor. Strep is a highly contagious airborne disease. Maybe masking would help?

This is a good discussion on strep

  1. New toothbrushes constantly until gone. Walmart has a pack of several for a dollar for kids and same with adult. Get several packs.
  2. Disposable plates cups and silverware. I literally had to even buy a box of 100 disposable syringes for their meds because myself and 2 children could not get rid of it for over a month.
  3. They may not be truly getting rid of it in first place. Dr needs to try new rx. If it’s like last year’s it was resistant and hard to get rid of. Ceftinir in a lot of cases was working better than amoxicillin. I don’t have tonsils and it took me FIVE rounds of diff abx plus a rocephin shot to kick it.
  4. Have other people in house tested in case you are carrier and unaware.
    Sending prayers. I know it’s a nightmare

When my kids were little I found out I was a carrier and never knew. They were getting it from me. You may need to be tested as well.

It’s possible that someone else in the family has it and isn’t showing symptoms. I’d suggest having everyone tested. And everyone take their meds and finish them.

They may be carriers but the Dr needs to give them stronger antibiotics

Every week? So they are getting it the day after stopping antibiotics? Cuz and antibiotic regimen is supposed to be for 7-10 days. So sounds like you aren’t having them take their antibiotics long enough.

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Are they taking the full dose of antibiotics as prescribed? Make sure you have the doctor order a culture and sensitivity. It’s very possible that the strep is resistant to the antibiotic being prescribed.

Have them gargle with colloidal silver every day