My dentist told me my daughter had a tongue tie: Advice?

Has anyone dealt with a tongue tie with their child? Did you choose to have it corrected or wait and see if it corrects itself? My second child is a year-and-a-half, just went to her first dentist appointment and was notified that she has a tongue tie. It was never noticed by any other physician seen, nor has she has any issues with breastfeeding or eating and is in the stage of learning to enunciate. We’re going to get a second opinion [especially due to her not having any issues], but I’m just curious to hear other mom’s situations/circumstances and routes taken. [noted to add that I’m aware each child is different, and medical opinions are obviously taken into dire consideration, but I do believe some doctors are all about unnecessary procedures just for big pharma and insurance companies to make a few bucks off the hard-working families (Please don’t get me going on this subject ) ]


If it’s not detecting anything like eating or drinking then don’t worry?
My little one has a tie and it made starting BF hard but we got through it and she’s fine now

Tongue ties can effect pronunciation and articulation of words.

If she’s not having a problem talking I wouldn’t worry about it

Wait until the kid starts talking and see if it had an impact. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t bother with it.

My son had tongue tie but had his clipped when he was 3 months old. It can effect speech later in life if it’s severe enough. His was bad but we didn’t have any issues with nursing either he just had a clicking sound sometimes and a friend pointed it out that he had it of course I confirmed with the dentist

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My daughter is tongue tied and is 30 no problem for her, but others vary

Tongue Tie Kids is a good group.

If it isn’t hindering speech or eating then definitely leave it! My 3rd is tongue and lip tied but we didn’t have anything done about it cuz he could eat fine. His doc told us they easily grow back… so we waited and he was perfectly fine. Just turned 3.

A lot of doctors tend to ignore tongue/lip ties. They can actually lead to other problems down the road with speech, jaw development and teeth.

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I would suggest having it clipped. They told my daughter it would cause speech issues. It was an easy procedure for my grandson.

My youngest did and it corrected itself.

My daughter was tongue tied at birth and they fixed it the day after. It effected her ability to nurse properly, which caused me pain to breastfeed. She couldn’t stick her tongue out. I’d say fix it earlier IF it has a chance to effect her speech.

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I’m 23 and tongue tied. Never effected me at all. I didn’t even know until I tried to get my tongue pierced at 18 and they wouldn’t do it. Kinda grateful for it thinking back now. :joy::joy:

My 1yr old has a lip tie but we have chosen not to do anything unless it causes him complications. My so has a lip tie also and his was never corrected.

It’s such an easy fix… just snip it.

That’s an easy fix. Have them lazer clip it and voila

My son went through this. The pediatrician wanted to wait until he was 6 or 7 to deal with it. I discussed it with our dentist and he took care of it when my son was three. It was very quick and pain-free. It literally took less than 2 minutes. I didn’t want to to cause issues with speech, etc. I wanted to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

My daughter had a tongue tie and it affected her speech big time. She wasnt diagnosed ans had it revised until she was 4. About a week after it was cut, she went from barely understood by family to understood by strangers. She was just diagnosed with a lip tie which has caused her two front teeth to not be able to come together, huge gap. I took my son to get evaluated just in case and he has both as well. He’s only 6 months so we’re taking care of them before he has the issues my daughter did.

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Just have the dentist cut it

My bil and nephew were tongue tied. My bil parents waited and he said when it ripped it was very painful he was in elementary school then. My sisters had my nephew’s cut. He was 8 weeks old the numbed it and cut it very quickly it only bleed a little and he only cried for a minute. The he was back to making happy baby nosies.


It’s different for everyone. My ex is 35 and has a tongue tie and has never affected him but our son was 4 when he got his cut as he was hardly talking and what he could say he had difficulty pronouncing, but noticed some improvement after the tongue was cut.

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My nieces had tongue ties and one a lip tie. Both of my brothers and their wives decided to have them clipped. Both speak well, now. No issues.

My daughter is tongue tied she is 21 she has no trouble eating or speaking she is perfect I had been to a doctor when she was small he decided we would wait to snip if needed

Look into MTHFR gene mutation

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My son had one. It was a level 4. To the tip of his tongue. We had it revised with a laser. He was only 3 weeks old and the older they get the harder it is to do the tongue stretches and exercise post-op because it hurts and they will fight you. It depends on how bad your child’s tie is. If it’s to the tip of their tongue most likely it will cause speech problems. My child didn’t have problems eating either but it was causing a lot of gas. I’m the one who actually noticed it. Nobody at the hospital caught it, including the lactation nurse. It’s a relatively new thing that’s being diagnosed and treated (past10 years) and a lot of doctors don’t know to even look for it. I would get a second opinion by a dr that actually has experience with ties. Because if you go to someone who doesn’t they most likely won’t know what to look for.
Also, turns out I’m tongue tied as well but mine wasn’t as severe as my sons and I had no problems at all with speech.

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But if you get it clipped you have to do stretches to keep it from reattaching. Your mouth heals so fast and it will reattach. It’s not an easy thing for you or your child to
Go through

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there is no need to even bring up “big pharma” or insurance companies if your conspiracy theory was true every single medical professional would’ve already tried to get you to do the procedure to line their pockets as would any doctor you got a second opinion from…
It’s just a tongue tie
If it’s not hindering your child don’t worry about it
If it is just get it done and stop over thinking it

And on the other hand you might have went to doctors that don’t know I’ve been taking my daughter to the doctor asking them about her feet they don’t look right they hurt and now that she’s 12 I keep pushing and pushing and finally shoe inserts and she has Freddy Flintstone feet but no doctor three to be exact said there was nothing wrong with her feet her hips all out of whack and so is her back but all three wanted to tell me nothings wrong🤷🏼‍♀️ you have to be your own doctor remember that!!

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My baby is tongue tied, it made breastfeeding so difficult and he had lost weight and was gaining really slow. He took the bottle like a champ. We had an appointment to get it snipped but since he was gaining enough weight with the bottle the dr didn’t want to do any unnecessary procedures because she explained that it doesn’t always affect speech.

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If it isn’t causing any issues, I’d leave it alone :woman_shrugging:


It’s up to you but as someone who lived with an undiagnosed tongue tie for 22 years I had to have lots of speech therapy as a kid. I got my youngest done (went in for a lip tie but dr was more concerned with the tongue as is causes speech problems) for that reason alone. No eating problem just will cause speech problems down the road

If she can eat, I’d leave it be

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Both of my sons were diagnosed tongue tied at 1 and 4 by a pediatric dentist, we took a wait and see approach and then my oldest was evaluated by a speech therapist at 6 to see if it was affecting his speech. We ended up leaving it alone and you would never know it with either one.

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I have a tongue tie Im 26. The only issues I have is you can’t really stick your tongue out and it can get in the way when your getting dental work/a cleaning.

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No don’t have the dentist cut it!!! If she was having problems eating or speaking then have a doctor do it…we had a dentist that said my daughter had one and it needed to be cut…guess what it didn’t they just wanted the money…


A nurse told us when my great grandson was born, but the doctor wouldn’t do anything, said he might grow out of it. He is now five and we have a problem understanding him sometimes.

My son has this, he grew up and didn’t need to have his clipped. No problem with speech or eating. He’s 14 and just fine

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It might affect learning to talk

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My granddaughter just had the laser procedure and she was only 2 weeks old, no problems at all, she didn’t like the stretches tho.

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Get that second opinion, dentists in particular (especially Aspen) push a lot of unnecessary work.

We just had my son’s Tongue tie corrected, Diagnosed by a Pediatrician and Speech therapist and sense we had other family members developed a speech impediment from not correcting it earlier, now my son can say 6 words and he just turned 2

It should have been corrected by a wk old or earlier

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I was tongue tied, doctors clipped my tongue as a baby never knew it. Fast forward to when I was 27 they realized I was still tongue tied and clipped it again. The most horrible pain I’ve ever dealt with I had 2 wisdom teeth surgically removed at the same time and my tongue hurt worse…
Moral of the story here dont take any chances if theres a possibility theres a tongue tie do it while they are young!


Two of my three children were tongue tied. My son was clipped at 8 weeks. My daughter at 12 days and then again a month later. Hers was so bad the doctor said it was the thickest and tightest tie hes seen. I knew to check right away. We had issues with nursing etc. I do believe she will need it clipped again in the future. Shes 15 months old now

My daughter was born with it and i got it cut at her first doctors apt. It made a huge difference. It.took 2.minutes and i breast fed her right after. Definitly get it done

All three of my boys have it, I was told by the doc that if I didnt correct my oldest sons he would never talk, you guess correct he was so wrong lol. My daughter is the only one without it and of course she is the one with the speech problem, go figure. I never opted for any surgeries and they are all fine. I think docs just want to correct what they can but they dont always need too.


Just wait until child starts talking and then evaluate it. My pediatric dentist boss says to wait until child is older to do anything.

My youngest had his clipped at 3 days old because he was having problems eating. They said it was a 50/50 chance of having speech problems later on, I went ahead with it because it was a minor procedure and could potentially prevent larger issues later on with speech.

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My son had it, he couldn’t latch, had it clipped at 1 week old, he’s not even
2 and says his ABC’s and formulates sentences, def worth it!

It does not go away. Clip it now… it definitely effects speech among other things. Its a simple procedure and done & over quickly!

Make sure she actually does need it before you let them clip her, get a second opinion. When my daughter couldn’t breastfeed I was told she needed her tongue clipped and she actually didn’t need it. Thank God another doctor took a 2nd look

My boys both had/have it. My oldest I didn’t know until he was about 4 and the dentist casually mentioned it. He was my first and I just didn’t know better. Im glad I didn’t know because I might have clipped it and glad I didn’t because it wasnt necessary! He is also deaf in one ear along with the tongue tie and his speech was perfect at 3-4 years old! Every toddler has a few difficult sounds to learn but by school age they usually can correct themselves. He is now 10 and can get it clipped whenever he wants, just gotta let us know. (Might want it done in a few years when he gets girls on the mind…)

My youngest was born with tongue tie and top lip tie. He is now 3 and he managed to break them both naturally. Not sure when he broke the tongue tie. At around 18 months he took a fall, a minute of bleeding, a Freezie to feel better and the lip tie was gone. Healed up beautifully and his two front teeth have shifted together to close the gap by 3 years old. Would never even know he had either now. No residual marks or scar tissue what so ever!

As far as I know it COULD cause issues with speech if bad and untreated. My nephew had one and as an infant they clipped it. No problem

I would say make an appointment with a Speech-Language Therapist. They will determine whether it needs to be clipped, and would not refer for surgery if it’s not necessary.

How do you know or see that a child tongue is tied

Hey my son had his tongue tie operation done a couple of months ago before his 2nd birthday , his speech is definitely improving, I was told if he didn’t have it corrected the possibility of his speech being extremely delayed and never being able to lick a lolly or ice cream or even just poking his tongue out properly. Definitely best decision I made to have it corrected and he’s still small so likely hood he won’t remember xxxxx

I just had my 2yr olds clipped two weeks ago. Recovery is easy. My son couldn’t eat certain foods or really say most words. So he needed it… after I got the run around for two years. It’s your call. I mean the dr told me at day 1 that if he could nurse, he would be fine. But he did nurse, and he wasn’t fine😐 totally your call. Just think ahead to her future. This type of thing doesn’t correct itself.

They don’t just correct themselves. If the child’s tongue tied they need to have the frenectomy.

3 out of my 4 children had it. .Tough for a few hours…

I know someone who had it corrected. It didn’t seem like a big deal, but they had it done after realizing it was causing a speech impediment.

My daughter is 21. She went to dentist faithfully at 3 and up, we never knew until she went to new dentist at 8. They told me and I was shocked. She still has it and she is doing fine so basically up to her if she wants to.

Wait!! Everyone is different. She appears to not have trouble with eating or talking. If she’s not in pain or troubled by it. Let things go.
There seems to be an upswing in tied tongue. I had never heard of this until a year or so ago. I raised 6 children and interacted with many others as a scout leader. NEVER HEARD ANYTHING about this in all those years. It can’t just be something affecting a new generation.

I totally agree on the over use of unnecessary medical / dental procedures. If she is not having any problems at this time, I’d opt out. Back in the old days (60’s and 70’s) they have children exercises to do to stretch the (whatever it’s called). If you get another opinion ask about other options. Ultimately, it’s your choice.

Your local school speech pathologist can do a quick check; probably for free.

We were told my daughter had a tongue tie by a lactation consultant when she was a newborn, we saw a specialist to have it corrected and was told she didn’t have one at all. She never had any problems eating at all. So I think if shes been eating fine, and as long as she can talk fine (when she starts that) I wouldn’t worry about correcting it medically.

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My oldest daughter is tung tide and she is 35years old and is still tung tide and has never had any problems with being tung tide she speaks and sings beautifully! Now tung tide is hereditary and can be in many different forms with me it was my toes are as I got it from my grandfather whose toes and fingers were webbed. My daughter’s father was also tung tide and know all three of her children are tung tide and no problems whatsoever with it being so.

I was a dental assistant for many years and when a child presented with being tongue tied , unless it was hindering the growth of the teeth, or interfering with speech or eating, we recommend just leaving it. Having it corrected is just clipping it with a pair of scissors, it is a procedure and not necessary in some cases.

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My almost 7 year old has a tongue tie. She didn’t latch well but we left it. She now goes to a speech therapist and it is helping. Either way I would say.

My second daughter was tongue tyed. When she was born. the doctor at hospital cut the line under her tongue. She couldn’t latch on to my breast, I was breastfeeding her

Both of my girls had it but I never had any problems with them eating or from the dentist. They both was delayed in speech but ate a lot better they are 6 an 13

We left it, ended up with sleep apnea.

Corrected my sons at 18 months old. The dentist did. And he started talking right away. Like it may have been preventing speech. I recommend getting it clipped.

Some doctors say babies with tongue tyed sometimes have problems speaking well

If it doesn’t cause any issues, leave it alone.

My son didand we had it clipped