My doctor is concerned my daughter isn't sitting up yet...advice?

I don’t know what to do I took my daughter in for her 6 month check up and the doctor said she should be sitting up by herself but she isn’t! What am I doing wrong? She’ll be 7 months on the 24th!!


I would not worry to much my son could not sit up on his own till he was 9-10 months old . wasn’t rolling over till 6-7 months wasn’t standing holding on to things till around 14-15 months and wasnt walking till 19-20 months his now 25 months still can’t eat well most times he swallows his food without chewing . some babies just take there time and meet there mile stones later than others

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You are doing nothing wrong she will sit up when she’s ready and able all children do things on there own I wouldn’t worry so much yet

My son didn’t sit up unaided until he was nearly 8 months. He did it in his own time. He was walking at 10 months. He’s nearly 17 years now

Evaluation by early intervention service. Get a referral from primary

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babies develop at their own pace. Within a month or two, all things delayed will be rectified. If they don’t reach developmental goals within the time frame after waiting a few months, that’s when you should be concerned. Work with your kid. Help them sit up. Teach them how it works. Some babies crawl til they’re 14 months old then walk, some walk when they’re 10 months old. Don’t concern yourself at this point, and if you can’t let it go, go elsewhere for a second opinion. 7-9 months is the developmental goal for sitting up independently. I believe your doctor is jumping the gun.

She might skip sitting and go right to standing . All babies are different

How often are you sitting her up supported? For her muscles to get strong enough to do it on her own she needs to be doing it supported as often as possible. But then again some babies are just "lazy"myn never held her own bottle she could if she wanted to but wouldn’t bc she wanted me to do it for her!

Good lord babies are different from each other.Why in a hurry give them time

It’s normal. Try getting like chairs like comfy chairs and put her in it and she’ll eventually get used to holding herself up.