My doctor told me my baby attached to my old c-section scar: Advice?

I’m terrified, moms… I just found out I’m eight weeks pregnant with my four babies… I was so overjoyed … once I went for an ultrasound, the Dr. came back telling me he has bad news… Apparently, the baby has attached to my previous C-section scar. Which the Dr. told me can be very dangerous. As the baby grows, it could rupture a blood vessel or tear open my Csection, and I could bleed out… I am so scared. Has any other mom had this happen? I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to kill the baby I seen in the ultrasound either. I goto hospital Monday morning… I feel so lost.


I would maybe get a second opinion on that.


Get a second and third opinion, see a specialist and take time to think about your options. Message me privately if you need to talk to someone. You have options, though some are not easy to make you are not a bad person for choosing what you feel is best for you.


That’s similar to an ectopic pregnancy isn’t it?

Definitely be seen by another doctor and specialist and know exactly what you’re dealing with before making any decisions


Are you pregnant with 4 or 1?

I would get a second opinion. Every c section you have leaves scar tissue and eventually it does build up and cause complications. You’re still super early in your pregnancy so you have options. Speak to a specialist


My second csection baby came out fine. But I had to have a hysterectomy shortly after because my uterus reattached to my scar and it was so painful.

Praying everything works out I just had to have a d&c and my family took it really hard

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The placenta can move and move away from the scar as the baby grows, ask to speak to a specialist


Look dont let the “pro life propaganda” force you into endangering your life adn causing your kids to loose their mom. You can ALWAYS make another baby. Choose health 1st.
Get a second opinion if it makes you more confident in making a choice.


I would ask to be seen at a high risk pregnancy clinic. Get an the advice from ob that has more experience.

Praying for you, mama! Put your worries in God’s hands.


One day at a time,and try to have another test some are wrong

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My second baby did this. I was eligible for VBAC with her but had to schedule a repeat csection because of this. She came out perfectly fine. Get a second opinion! I had complications throughout the whole pregnancy but it was worth the second opinion.


I agree with the others a second opinion is in order. If I were in your shoes (providing the first doctor was right) I would side with the children outside of the womb they need you. I’m rooting for you momma!


How did they see that already? The placenta isn’t really formed yet


Definitely see a specialist and find out your options. They should be able to give you more information about the type of attachment. Your doctor is right though. This is a big risk of multiple c-sections that many moms aren’t ever told about. Hopefully it is just attached low and not too deep. It isn’t abnormal to be low at 8 weeks. Get all the facts.


I’d be looking for a second opinion along with a referral to a specialist especially if you want the baby. Do everything you can and then you decide I really hope it all goes well .


Go to another hospital and get a second opinion

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Get a second opinion from another doctor, if you can. Feel for you❤


I know someone who had a stillbirth csection then this happened and at 34 weeks her uterus ruptured and baby died baby was scheduled to be born at 36 weeks cause of this. It definitely is scary. Poor mom lost 2 babies in 2 years.


I would get another opinion I didn’t even think the placenta and umbilical cord fully formed until 12 weeks and placenta placement can shift all the way up to 28 weeks


Don’t gain to much weight and be on light duty at work don’t lift your other children. Specialist dr wanted me to abort my baby i found a doctor willing to do his best to keep both baby and i alive and i just had to take it easy and watch what i ate


Praying for you and your baby

Your placenta will grow and move still.

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I had this my pregnancy was monitored very closely more scans more checks and was told I could have a vbac or c section. I was terrified but the constant checks made it a lot more manageable and because my baby was a big girl I was told an early delivery would be better so we delivered at 36 weeks was hard but defo felt looked after my girl is now one and very healthy. Xxx take each day as it comes try and listen and remain positive. X

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Get a second opinion from someone who specializes in high risk pregnancies. Then go from there.

This happened to me however I was already bleeding alot and was rushed into an immediate termination… The worse day of my life to be honest…

Please see a specialist as soon as possible

Get a 2nd opinion. That’s a serious issue and you don’t want to do something unless you absolutely have to


Keep faith. Take every day one at a time

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How long has it been since your last baby?

I agree a second opinion is needed before any decision is made


I had my son December 27th 2017 I had a previous c-section 2006 with this pregnancy my son was pressed up against my scar also… they had me do weekly ultrasounds the entire time and had him via planned csection at 37 weeks but I got a massive infection during csection and was given an emergency hysterectomy this is a possibility that can happen but they watched me like a hawk the entire pregnancy and I was also placed on bed rest 6 weeks and was not allowed to work entire pregnancy… no lifting etc


There is nothing going on right now that’s gonna split you open so just take care of you lovie!

I’ve had a ruptured blood vessel in my female section. It took the ER 12 hours to even figure out that was the issue. Blood vessel isn’t necessarily the same as an artery. Get a second opinion. Sounds like scare tactics to protect the doctor.

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I had the same issue my daughter was born at 32 weeks healthy, but unfortunately it required a full hysterectomy

I would do it all over again!

I’ve had 4 c-sections obviously there is a chance as U get bigger the baby will put pressure on your c-section scar def get a second opinion some doc like scarying the crap out of us for no reason


This exact thing happened to me. Placenta previa with acreda. It was so so scary and they had to put me to sleep during the csection and they cut me like a T. All the way up to my rib cage. I’m so sorry.


I really wish medical advice was not allowed on here. I understand comforting someone and giving an opinion, but giving someone advice you are not knowledgeable in is scary especially when you are incorrect. TO THE PERSON WHO SAID A BLOOD VESSEL IS NOT LIKE AN ARTERY… you couldn’t be more incorrect! An artery is one of the biggest and most important blood vessels. A SECOND OPINION IS ALWAYS BEST WHEN ITS SOMETHING LIFE THREATENING TO YOU OR YOUR CHILD, but I promise you ( I am knowledgable and educated in this aspect) a fetus attached to a c section scar is both serious, closely monitored and could be very dangerous but not always impossible.


Definitely get a second opinion and then weigh your options.

Praying for the Great Physician to hold you with his healing hands of protection and give you comfort and peace. :pray:


I am a nurse and the only advice you should follow is to see a specialist in high risk pregnancies. Find one close to you, maybe your Children’s Hospital NICU will be helpful and see what they have to say.


I had a miscarriage due to my pregnancy attaching to my scar. It wasn’t as strong an attachment and a high impact workout tore it. But my doctor said it could have been a fine healthy pregnancy if we had known earlier and been able to take the right precautions

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:wave:This is one of those situations you are just going to have to assess one step at a time with your team of trusted advisors. How far does doctor think you will be able to carry baby before thing too dangerous to go on with the pregnancy. Is there a chance this situation can resolve itself? Can the baby survive out side of the womb at the point it becomes dangerous to continue on with the pregnancy? You don’t have to answered these to me, just somethings to ask your doctor if you haven’t already.


I went through this with my son an i told them to stitch it an still carried my son till 27 weeks then had him he is now six years old.

A friend of mine had this happen last year (though it was twins). The pregnancy had to be terminated due to the extreme risk of rupture/death.

Please don’t take medical advice from a Facebook group, listen to your doctor. They are the professionals. Some of these comments are scary to read as I am a Sonographer and know the risks of this.


Prayers Please let us know how you are doing♥️

Make An Appointment With A High Risk Pregnancy Group…

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Do NOT take advice from facebook. Make an appt with a high risk dr. I will pray for you and little one.