My doctor told me my breastmilk wasn't good enough: Advice?

I have been breastfeeding for 9 months and the doctor told me since my baby wasn’t gaining weight and was losing that my breast milk wasn’t good enough for him…is this really a thing? I feel like I failed him


At nine months they should be eating baby food too . You can also start introducing whole milk into their daily eating schedule


I had to supplement mine with formula. Like half breast milk half formula because the requirements he needed had to do with calories. Some babies just need more. I still breast fed and pumped until 12 months though. I didnt let it stop me. Also though at nine months a baby should really be eating more than just breastmilk


My daughter’s ped told me the same thing when she was first born. I switched peds after I found out she had put in her chart “mother is underfeeding newborn.” New doctor ran a bunch of tests, concluded my babe was healthy but tiny, and we never looked back.


It would be one thing if baby was steadily growing and gaining, but if baby is actually losing weight then yes, there is a problem. Whether it is in relation to breast milk or something else remains to be seen but at 9 months most babies will be eating solids in addition to breast milk/formula so that would be a place to start. If baby continues to lose weight then there may well be a different issue going on


It happened with my daughter and my son. I’m so sorry. I completely understand that you are feeling but remember you did it during the most important months that 0 - 3 months.

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By 9 months we were using breastmilk AND solids, both very regularly. It was what he needed to thrive and gain especially big such a big little dude lol


You didn’t fail. Eat more healthy fats to produce a higher fat content breast milk. When I breastfed my son I at an avocado and a bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast. My milk had the consistency of vitamin D milk and I pumped about 75oz per day past what my son ate. The milk bank I donated to said my milk had the highest fat content they had ever seen

You didn’t fail the baby, but yes it is a thing. If you don’t produce enough then baby won’t be able to get enough.

Try supplementing. Pump and see how much you produce.


Yes, it’s a thing. If they’re failing to thrive, do everything you can to help them gain.


So mom’s dont produce enough milk so the baby probably not getting enough of the milk


Yes it’s a thing but I think its pretty presumptuous of the doc to say its the breastmilk without any tests on the milk or the baby.


Well if you are just feeding him breast milk and not having any solids then it’s not enough to gain weight.

You should be feeding baby baby food, giving him water, water diluted with apple juice, baby cookies, baby rusks etc. I still breastfeed my 8 month old and give her all these things. She’s 22lbs. Once you start feeding baby more food and stuff, baby will gain weight.

May need supplemental help and increase calorie as well as water intake too. However, it is a thing, but with help from a lactation consultant they may be able to help fix it. Could even be something as simple as the latch to help increase little ones intake.

You sure that’s exactly what he said? If so, he meant well. I had three kids. My milk was too thin ( not enough fat content). I was concerned, dr. said to supplement with formula. I also started them on baby food at around seven mos. Maybe your doc meant your milk “wasn’t enough”.

Before you lean into what your doctor says, most doctors aren’t well versed in breastfeeding. Reach out to an LC that can do a weighted feed for you to find out how much baby is actually transferring during feeds. From there, they can help you come up with a viable feeding plan if Wright gain/transfer is a problem.

At 9 months you should be introducing baby foods as well. Puffs, Cheerios etc, fruits veggies. If your baby isn’t gaining weight then you need to give babe some more calories. It’s not a failure it’s just the next step in the feeding cycle.

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Add almonds, avocados and healthy fats to your diet. Unfortunately it is a thing, especially if baby isn’t gaining.
You didn’t fail!! You’ve gone 9 months! That’s an accomplishment. You could also start adding solids to babies diet.

If your insurance covers it ask the Dr for a referral to a nutritionist and keep breastfeeding!

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I feel you should be fine but maybe start introducing some solid foods. Maybe melts or puffs and bananas easy finger foods. But you should not have to be supplementing with formula.

Should also be on solids …

I think the doctor could have approached it in a much better way… But a 9-month-old should also be on solids… at least baby food solids. You can of course, still continue breastfeeding, but implement in those solids and that will help your baby gain weight.


Hey, it’s ok if you need to supplement. That doesn’t make you a failure at all. You’re going to do what’s best for your baby and that makes you an amazing mom. Your breast milk is still beneficial! It will continue to provide your baby with antibodies. You don’t have to stop. You’re still what your baby needs!

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Yes it’s a thing. But I think that what they’re implying is that breastmilk alone is not enough to sustain baby anymore, need solids.

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It really is a thing. Try eating more fatty foods. If you don’t mind milk share you could buy some from someone else and try that for him. That way he isn’t on formula.

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Baby is eating solids right?

Ignore him. Eat lots of steaks/red meats.

Add some stuff in to chunk your little one up like baby food or fruits n veggies, keep boobing as you do. You haven’t failed him x

At nine months bub should be eating a varied diet of food as well as breastmilk. Try offering more foods that are high in healthy fats and fibre.

Add peas beans or sweet potatoes

There are sooo many factors . Contact a local IBCLC

Are you feeding her actual food too? Because maybe Dr ment you need more then just breast milk

Yes, have you not been feeding baby food!?!

You can use formula to supplement

If the doctor hasn’t tested your breast milk, you need a second opinion. You may need to introduce baby foods if you haven’t or cereal.
Sounds a little presumptuous if u ask me.

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Most Peds aren’t knowledgeable about the benefits of breastmilk. They get paid to push formula. Is your baby making milestones? Is he weighed on the formula chart or the breastmilk chart? They are different growth charts

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It’s not that it’s not “good enough.” If those were seriously your doctors words, they’re not correct. Your MILK may not be keeping up with babies need, meaning baby is eating more than your boobies can produce. :heart: it’s okay, it happens. It doesn’t mean YOU aren’t good enough. Your babe just need a little more and that’s when they’d suggest SUPPLEMENTING with formula. Not a full blown switch. :heart:

They have boobie cookies and things you can order online. Check on google where you are located.

You didn’t fail. Still breastfeed. Just introduce more food and or formula if you aren’t ready for baby food or solids. The baby should be eating yes but you can keep the baby on milk for 12 months. Just introduce formula into your regime. After 12 months use solids and breastmilk. Baby just needs extra help that’s all. Nothing wrong with you or breastmilk. My little girl was 5 months old and 14 pounds. Now she’s almost a year in a half and she’s 25 pounds. Wasn’t her milk. She had covid and that hurt her badly. She couldn’t gain weight for months. Now she’s thriving.

If they baby is actually losing weight, yes there is a problem. You have to make sure you’re eating enough to provide enough for you baby. Is the baby on solid foods yet? At 9 months old it should have been introduced already. That will help with weight gain.

At nine months a little supplemental feeding doesn’t hurt. If you have breast fed that long, congratulations. You have given your baby the best start. Maybe it’s time to wean and try formula and some thin cereal and fruits or veggies or whatever doc suggests.

It is really a thing. If baby not gaining weight, them you need to supplement a higher calorie milk.

You need a new doctor. If meeting all milestones and still on the growth curve!

Introduce your baby to solid foods. You didn’t fail your baby at all. Make sure you are eating balanced as much as you can and any baby i have ever known is on solids before 9 months. Your baby needs more than just breast milk .

it can happen. Are you eating enough fat and calories?