My ex claimed me on his tax return without my permission: What can I do?

My soon to be ex husband filed me on his tax return. He didn’t claim the kids. He didn’t have my permission to claim me and now I feel stuck. What can I do?


How are the kids going to get claimed? He didn’t think that through at all?


You file your own taxes. You’ll have to file by mail, and it will take longer to get your refund, but the IRS will audit you both and do an investigation. When it’s determined that he wasn’t legally allowed to claim you, the IRS will release your taxes, he will have to repay them for what he got for claiming you and he may have fines.


File also, if a second person files it will get flagged you will have to wait for your return until you can prove you are not commiting fraud. Once the investigation takes place he will have to pay back any money he received and you will get your return but make sure you claim the kids and yourself with no issues because you don’t want to lose it on a technicality.


Did y’all live together half the yr?


You’re still married, and probably a dependent. Makes no sense he didn’t file the kids. Did you? If not, file taxes for yourself, if you’re able to, and the irs will audit you both.

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He owes you what he got for you and if he doesn’t give it to you call the irs because it’s against the law


You file your taxes as normal. When there is an issue the irs will sort it out.


Call the IRS it’s tax fraud.he can get in big trouble

Call the cra/irs. Theyll take care of it and file on your own.

Ask a tax professional to be sure.

Call the irs and report him for fraud

Your still married…so he’s not your ex, notify the I R S.!!! Immediately!!!

Did he live with and support you for over 6 months of the year?

I would just file and let the irs figure it out. Makes no sense to file you and not the kids tho


im confused by the word stuck. even if he claimed you you are not stuck with him.

or do you mean confused about your own taxes. if you made more than 5k or provided more that 50% of your own financial support he cant claim you as a dependant. you would need to file either a joint or married filing seperate return. if you did not do either of these things then he could claim you. as for the kids im confused as to why he wouldnt claim them also that adds to the refund. so thats just silly.

now if you did do either of the above things i would call the irs and have him audited. because he is not allowed to claim you. also if you did not live with him the entire year he can not claim you, even if you did not make income.