My ex doesn't coparent well: Advice?

Welcome to motherhood… It’s doable alone… I’m sorry he’s not helping, and it’s totally unfair

Tell him if he doesn’t want to be a parent to sing his rights away

Courts don’t care. What I was told about my ex who didn’t exercise his parenting time was “we can’t force him to be a father” however when I asked to modify it he showed in court and said he didn’t want less time and it’d be unfair so they left it and he continued not to show up.

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Just till the child is 18

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So first of all your language of saying “he sees MY CHILD” so you are already taking parenting away from him by not even acknowledging that the baby is HIS child also!!! You are also letting him get away with not taking her when he is supposed to. You should have said “NO it’s YOUR night as her FATHER and YOUR responsibility”. And lastly you chose to be tied to him for life by having unprotected sex. The whole situation could have been prevented by birth control. So now ya just gotta live with the situation you’ve got.

Hahaha figure it out for yourself…stop trying to involve strangers. Take responsibility for your own lives!

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The kids remember who was there and who wasn’t!!