My ex doesn't want his older son to visit: Thoughts?

I have a question…my ex and I divorced after three years of marriage. He has three other children (one I didn’t know about until after the divorce because he didn’t bother to tell me) his other daughter that I knew of as my mom watched her when she was little (who he doesn’t have a relationship with) and his son, who I met when we started dating. His son and I have a relationship, especially after the divorce. Son sees me like family and the mother of his brother, with total respect. Here’s the issue. Said son is 23 and wants to visit his brother while he is at my house. Not only to see his baby brother but my children as well ( and me). My ex is adamant that I cannot have his older son to my house. That I am stepping out of bounds. What if his oldest wants to visit his little brother, it has to be at his house. The oldest son doesn’t want to visit his dads due to his (dad) negativity about life in general. Ex says I am not respectful of his wishes by allowing my son to come to my home. Am I in the wrong? Should I just face the wrath and let this wonderful young man that I consider family stays at my house? And when I say wrath, I mean it to every extent of the word.

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Screw him. If the ADULT child wants to visit he can. The ex has no say over what nor the son do. If he wantsnto throw a fit let him. At least he knows about it and you’re not leaving something from him like he did with you.