My ex is trying to reverse custody

My exhusband and I have been spilt up and divorced for over 5 years. He recently got remarried and had a baby. He has always been a parent when it was convenient for him. He has traveled out of the state for “work 60 plus days the last three years, doesn’t show up for practices, recitals, games, parent teacher conferences, school events, etc.
I recently got a promotion with work work that required me to move. We were previously living about 35 minutes from each other and my job relocated me about 4 hours away. I submitted the certified letter and all that but I had to move before the 60 day notification period that the state required. He also filed an objection with the judge. But because of the short notice, my lawyer advised me to enroll our daughter in the new school and move. He lived in a different town so she would have had to change school districts if I would have let her stay with him the remainder of the school year anyways.
He then filed a contempt hearing against me and is trying to reverse custody for this school year. She is involved in cheerleading and she has friends where we live now. She is also excelling in school, with a smaller class size and her father acknowledges that.
He is also claiming that I didn’t put her on a therapist apt release form but I invited him to all therapy sessions. He also chose not to attend those.

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation before? She isn’t of the age to decide for herself but she loves her school and outwardly says she likes visiting him on the weekends. (He sees her three weekends a month)
What are the chances the judge will reverse custody?