My Ex Wouldn’t Allow Our Girls to Be Part of My Wedding

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"My husband and I split a few years ago, we share two girls together. they are 7 and 9. I remarried a year ago and my husband would NOT let our girls come to my wedding becaus he doesnt like my husband… I didnt want drama and know how controlling he can be so I just agreed. Now he is getting married to some new girl that I have not met and MY GIRLS ARE IN THE WEDDING. I dont even have a say in it. How is this fair? What can i do"

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"Well in Michigan in our court order stuff my ex can’t keep them away for stuff like that and neither can he. You should of took it to court or got married on your parenting time. He can’t control what u do in your parenting time."

"I wouldn’t petty like he was. Don’t stoop to his level"

"the fact that you haven’t met her is alarming to me…"

"Unfortunately nothing. He can also get married on his parenting time."

"Nothing. If it’s in his parenting time. You should have done the same unfortunately."

"Honestly… as hard as it is… I would do nothing. Sounds like he is intentionally doing shit to get a reaction from you and you’re about to give him exactly what he wants. I know it’s hard… I totally get that. It would be super hard for me to keep my mouth shut too. But unfortunately in situations like this with men like him… best thing you can do is just ignore it and act like it’s not even happening. Vent to people you can trust but do not show the slightest bit of frustration to him."

"Nothing you can do. Its a year later… Shouldve fought harder for your girls to be In your wedding. As far as meeting his new girlfriend, you’re not entitled to that."

"It seems like your ex is trying to upset you on purpose. Nothing you can do about the past and as you said, nothing you can do about this situation. If you try fight him on it he’ll achieve his goal. Like the saying goes, kill them with kindness. Just wish them well, tell your girls to have a great time, and you do you."

"Nothing let them go and have fun. Also stop letting your ex control you. You should have had your girls in your wedding if he liked it or not!"

"Honestly you are still letting him control your life if you didn’t let your children be part of your wedding. You need to stand your ground he is not the boss or the only parent."

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