My exes family has been attacking me for no reason: What can I do?

First start documenting your case secondly draft a letter not text not verbal message solely to your child’s fathers. In this letter do not be angry or hateful. State the good things of the co parenting prior to these events, next cite the clear differences in behavior and co parenting recently (do not place blame or anyone) ask how it can be reasonably resolved. Go to the court first ask for parenting time hearing and mediator. If this fails, Protect yourself legally and in every way possible play this like a chess game and get an attorney now! Again document EVERYTHING

Yes, but you will most likely need a good attorney to make it happen. God bless you

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Call your lawyer. File proper paperwork and speak to his father about it

Restraining irder forsure. You dont need that type of drama in your child’s life. Start documenting everything and secretly voice record them if possible when you have another encounter like that again…

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Restraining order but I’m not sure it will be treated the same when your sons at his dad’s. Who says that he still brings them around them without you knowing. It’s very visa versa but you can for yourself

Why here? … this is not the place for your drama! My Favorite Holiday, not Lets bring everyone into my personal business?


You have witnesses to they were behaving and refusing to leave the bar. Call the cops and get a restraining order. Then have a sit down with both the father of your child and his gf. And figure out why these people have it out for you.

I’m quitting this page if this Dear Abby advice crap keeps coming up…


…we make our own drama.
You could be asking legal advice from a legal professional instead of strangers on social media.


Talk about it over Thanksgiving dinner, that’s the next holiday…

You can get a restraining order to protect you and your son.

Pretty sure that’s something that can and should be done!

Get a restraining order against them to protect you and your Son, they have no right to say or do anything, they’re only you ex’s girlfriends parents…Try to keep co_parenting with his Father,but if worse comes to worse take them all to Court…

2 words…who cares?? And ignore them!!


If you’re pressing charges file for a restraining order for you and your son and then they can’t be around your son

Why didnt she just leave the bar and avoid that drama

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Why didn’t you take pictures

Put a restraining order on them for starters