My family didn't include me when going through our grandparents things: Just needed to vent

Hi, so a little back story before we get into the real issue here…I moved away from my toxic family seven years ago. I don’t really talk to my parents unless absolutely necessary. I was, however, super close to my dad’s parents. I am adopted, but they never made me feel like I was. They never asked unwanted questions or made me feel weird about being adopted. So I became super close to them…I helped my grandpa in his workshop around the house; he bought me my first saddle for my horse, he just loved me, and I adored him so so much. My grandma taught me how to crochet and make quilts, and I helped her cut and measure her quilting blocks and sat and watched her sew for hours, and we would just talk and talk. Almost two years ago, my grandma passed away, and then a few months later, my grandpa passed as well. I was devastated. I lost the two most important people In my life. The two people who supported me no matter what…it didn’t matter what I did they still supported me and showed me love and compassion. They never held things over my head…if something happened, it was always a live, learn, and then forget and never bring it back up thing. When I tell you I loved these people I loved them with my whole heart…now here is my issue when they passed I never heard about coming and getting things that were special to me…no one called or texted me to tell me to come get what I wanted. All I wanted was her sewing machine and my grandpa’s church shirts to make them into a quilt. That’s legitimately all I wanted. I did did want the money or jewelry or expensive things I didn’t care about those thing. Turns out they had all the other cousins come to the house and pick things except me. One of my cousins who doesn’t do anything with sewing or crafting has her sewing machine and it’s probably just in storage collecting dust. And then they just got rid of my grandpa’s shirts…just like that like that aren’t special or sentimental. They didn’t even call me to see if I wanted anything at all. My dad said my “mom put a few things to the side”…and that’s fine to but I wasn’t included in something that had to do with the 2 most important people in my whole life. Like I never felt I was apart of the family (except when I was with my grandparents) but this just hit a whole new level of yeah you were never apart of the family and they don’t care. I’m sorry this is long and I’m probably being dramatic but I can’t stop crying and I just really needed to vent and get this out. Thanks for taking the time to read it if you made it this far.