My family is upset I have not started my baby on solids yet: Advice?

Your parenting decisions are exactly that. YOURS. If your family can’t respect what you are doing with your child, they don’t need to be around.

My doctor recommended 6 months for solids to me.

6 months is the age you are supposed to start weaning?!

Its your baby… I thought it was 6 months anyways to start baby food.

He needs to be at least 6 months old in order to safely digest solids.

“Food before 1 is just for fun”
Drs recommend waiting to 6 months for solids and even then they’ll still mostly have breast milk/ formula… There’s no rush


My pediatrician said start at 4m with both my kids…so that’d what I did…but you are the mom…u decide what’s best for baby. Starting before 6m has proven to reduce chance of allergies and build better immune systems. But again…your babe…so do what u are comfortable with

You do what you feel is right. Why are they worried about that anyway? Four months is a little early anyway.

Every baby is different. My son started cereal at 4.5 months bc the breastmilk wasn’t enough to satisfy his big appetite. Do what you feel is best as the mama and don’t worry what everyone else says and thinks!

I waited and did baby led weaning with my youngest and he did great with food. They’re suppose to be six months, sitting unassisted and showing signs of interest. Brush off their comments and don’t pay any mind to it. I know some are harder then others and I don’t get why people are so opinionated about other peoples children and when and how things are done with them. It’s crazy.


Tell them to mind their business!!

Do what you and your baby feel is best. If doc and baby aren’t complaining then others don’t matter. I know it’s hard to rule out all that talk- but you know what your doing.

Here is the thing. Moms of my generation started babies early on food. Around 3-4 months or so. Rice cereal and fruits. Sometimes younger kids would thicken formula with a bit of cereal. That was then. My daughter just had a 2nd baby and is waiting till 6 months. Her 2 yo started at 4 months because of weight gain issues. She strictly breastfeeds. The younger one is gaining weight… my daughter was thin and petite as a young girl. I questioned solids too. I know the older one slept better when she was in solids. But I’m just the babysitter so will do what she wants. I don’t have to agree with it but I do have to respect her choices.

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Every parent n child is different fed is best just remind them of that

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Most doctors recommend waiting until 6 months, the only time I’ve personally experienced a doctor recommending different was if the baby has severe acid reflux that wasn’t eliminated by medication alone. That happened with my son and a couple other babies I’ve known. My son developed acid reflux at 3 months old and the constant vomiting can do severe damage to the soft tissue in the esophagus, he was on meds but it only helped about 50% so his Dr said to give him 2 or maybe 3 little spoons of baby food before each bottle to help reduce it further and it worked. The combination of meds and baby food stopped his reflux. But I always say that unless a doctor has recommended it, to wait until 6 months

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It’s your business with your dr. You literally don’t owe anyone an explanation unless it’s a safety issue or life or death. And it’s not.

I had the same problem with my family, luckily all my inlaws had lots of experience with breastfeeding and were such a great support. None of my 5 kids had solids daily until after 6 months. One of my kids didnt until 8 months they all did great.

None of their damn business!!!

My youngest child was breastfed and wouldn’t touch any food or drink besides me until he was 14 months old.If he is breastfeeding thats all baby needs right now.


Wait .it’s your decision

Full stop at YOUR KID. You don’t need to explain your reasons to anyone else, six months is the recommended age to start solids. I can literally go on Google and type when to start solids and it shows this. You are doing right and honestly, they stfu

Baby food is only for fun until closer to 1 yr anyway so even waiting past 6 months is FINE. Don’t ever let anyone parent shame you. You know what your doing.

i started right at 4 months :woman_shrugging:t2: didn’t see a reason or need to wait it out when everything, everyone and everywhere said 4 months lol so i got right on it with purees! at 6 months i started table foods.

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I waited until 7 months

Your baby your choice


Food before 1 is just for fun anyway.
Most babies aren’t anywhere near ready to try solids at 4 months…idk why ppl push to start so early.
We didn’t start till about 9 months.
Trust your gut and tell everyone to just STFU and let you feed your bebe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As long as he is gaining weight, and is not hungry between feedings, he’s doing fine. Listen to your doctor.


Follow your doctors advice!

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Its your baby not theirs, nothing else need be said

I’ve never understood why people care so much what others think or about their unsolicited opinion/advise. Quite frankly tell them to fuck off? Simple as that. It’s your child and I’m sure you’re doing what is best.

According to WIC you’re supposed to wait until 6 months.

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It’s your baby do what you want. Why not introduce a little food along with breastfeeding.

Is it your first? Because people that have kids give the greatest advice. My favorite is getting parenting advice from people WITHOUT kids. :woman_facepalming:t5::rofl::rofl: YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Do u…what u feel is good for your baby.

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I wait until 6 months. Don’t let others opinions bother you- it’s your child. Do as you please.

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My baby is 21 wks and I am waiting until she is 6 months to introduce baby food. She is finally showing interest as she’ll watch us eat lol so she’ll be ready soon. Don’t let anyone pressure you, you know what’s best. I only breastfeed as well

Tell your family/ friends to hush. If they can’t respect you enough to be a mom to your child, then please kindly remove themselves from y’all’s life. :heart:

That’s your baby…nobody’s business!.. but Mom…

Mine couldn’t even handle solids until closer to 9 months and I was shamed constantly because all he ate was formula. But he is a chunky baby and very happy. Doctors were not concerned and said every baby in their own time, he’s eating most table foods now and very little of the baby stuff and is doing great, if you want to wait that is your right. They cannot make you do anything, maybe take one of them with you to his doctor appointment and have a professional explain it all.

Consult your doctor.

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Yeah I definitely wait til 6+ months. They’re crazy. Your baby is good with your breast milk. They need to mind their buisness

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I started my babies on regular food from 3 months but it’s your baby. It doesn’t matter what you do you will always get criticism. If you start early, late or even on time there will always be one… so do whatever you think is right for your baby

I waited untill both of mine we six months ( both breast fed ),99.9% of doctors recommend that the baby is six months or sitting up on their own unless there is a medical reason like not gaining weight .

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Baby is doing well, keep doing what you’re doing!! I’m sure the people that are telling you to feed him solids are people who never breast fed. I waited until at least 6 months to introduce solids. It’s a fact that their digestive systems are better able to digest solids by then and less allergies too. Remember to wait on eggs until a year or more and no honey at least until a year or more!!

You do you. Baby will be fine❤

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6 months is when their stomach can handle solids better anyway

Your baby will make it perfectly clear when it’s ready for solids. Never worry about what any one tells u baba is yours not there’s xx

Ignore them. My family was side eyeing me for giving my baby stage 1 at 4 months. And here your people are giving you grief for waiting. Do what you think it best for YOUR baby. Ya know the one you with everyday.

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as a M/B RN & mother & grandmother, If your baby is satisfied with just breastmilk then that is OK. But start with a little strain applesauce soon & work your way up to all the other foods, Wait about a wk in between each new food, just in case your baby as a allergy to anything, Plus if his ped Dr says what you are doing is fine, ignore what others are saying

Food b4 1 is just for fun and babies are not supposed to have food b4 6 months.i suggests is you do baby led weening if you decide to start at 6 months.

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I started my youngest at 5 months but only cos he was a hungry baby. You do what best for your baby. don’t listen to no one else, you baby will let you know when he/she is ready for solids

You are supposed to wait until 6 months!!! Tell your family that they need to back off and do not discuss this with them anymore.

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l Get paid over $120 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $15887 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

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6 months is what the experts recommend. Starting too early can cause longterm digestive issues, which is why we waited even though my baby was mean-mugging us every time we ate in front of her lol. We didn’t make it the full 6 months – her doctor said 5.5, so that’s when we started.
It’s absolutely okay to tell your family that you’re listening to the medical professionals.

It’s your baby…Why gaf what someone else thinks?


If he’s full, gaining weight and your both happy, chuff everyone else x your baby, you know him best x

Do what your Dr said to do people feed these babies solid foods way too early tell your family to back off your doing what you’re supposed to be doing

6 months is the norm to start babies on food. You’re doing the right thing mama!

6 months seems the norm…people should back off

6 months has been the recommendation for awhile now. Stick to your choices. We didn’t do purées at all. We do baby lead weaning and went straight to table food.

My kids were on solids by 4 mos. That’s my kids. As long as your kid isn’t damn near a year old and hasn’t touched anything other than breast milk and/or formula yet and is not malnourished in any way, I have no judgement.

6 months with signs of readiness. No need to start sooner.

Sounds like your family isn’t up to date on current recommendations.

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Those family members should have their own babies if they wanna control stuff like that. This is your kid. You know what they need and what they’re ready for.

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Why are you discussing it with them?

Mine was 7 months before he started solids (per pedestrian recommendation due to stomach issues) if your baby is growing then he is fine waiting

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I didnt start my soon on soplids till 6.5 months. Your choice. You are mom. Noot them

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You do you hun. I personally started both of mine at 4mo and if dr gives the ok will start my 3rd at the same time. That said, no it is not wrong to start closer to 6mo if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Let family be mad.

It’s your child you do what you want. I don’t even get upset anymore I just listen to the “advice” and say thank you and still do what I want it’s my child I raise them how I choose to.

Tell your family to have their own baby and worry about their issues. And let it go, entertaining their negativity is like giving them power to control you. Do what’s best for your baby and enjoy every moment. Don’t waste your energy.

  1. It’s your baby, they did not give birth to said baby, so you know best.

  2. It literally doesn’t matter what they think! You do you girl!

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I read a study suggesting waiting until 6 months as the gut is still developing. I wish I could find it again :disappointed:
It was talking about how introducing food too early causes the gut wall to open prematurely and the antibodies in breastfeeding stop working as well. I’ll look for it!


Your the Momma do what you want. I waited until mine were almost one. Every one else will get their chance to feed him soon enough. Their opinions are like dirty diapers.

Tell them to either stop mentioning it or you’ll stop talking to them. People need firm boundaries.
Also 6 months minimum before starting solids is what any professional who is updated will say

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We’re doing right sorry about 6-7 months you can introduce some food ask your doctor tell them mind their business

Sorry I meant to say you are doing right

#justsayno and #mindyourbusiness

Current AAP and WHO guidelines are 6months. Child should be able to use pincer grasp, sit independently, and have lost tongue thrust reflex.

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I start between 5 and 6 months. They’re all doing amazing.

Tell them to get lost…6 months is the age…that’s right…there insides need to adjust tell them to mind there own bee wax…your doing amazing.

Depends on the baby he or she may not need it till after 6 months

You’re SUPPOSED TO wait til 6 months unless your pediatrician says otherwise!

You are the mother don’t worry

Your baby,your decision,tell them mind there buisness,or if you cant stand up to them, then just stay away from them until you feel they allow you to make your own decisions with your own child, and this is coming from a 48 year old mother of 5 kids and 7 grand kids, i let my children make there own decisions with there children, i raised my kids the way i wanted to,and allow them to raise theres how they want to


Tell them mind the business that pays you and it’s not mine. I was told 6 months for solids too.

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I started at 4 months introducing a few things but that was at the doctors recommendation. Both my kids were showing signs they were ready. If your baby is showing signs and you feel they are ready then start trying something new but if you would rather wait that’s fine too, it’s your baby

Do what you think is best it is your child. If others don’t like it tell them to mind their own business.

Check out the baby led weaning fb group. Tons of resources and encouragement for 6+ months

You are the mom and it’s your choice. Every baby is different but again the rules of when you can give a baby solid foods always change. When I had mine it was 3 months you could start and each one of my kids started at different ages. I could only breast feed my first for 4 months before I dried out from birth control. My second child was 10lbs at birth and ate so much that I was not able to produce enough milk to sustain him so he started on solids at 2 months old. My third I decided not to go back on birth control so I could breast feed her longer which worked and started her on solids at 6 months. My 4th child was about the same. You do what you need to do to make sure your baby is healthy and fed.

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5 or 6 months is fine

Your baby, your choice. I waited until 6 months with both of my babies. Mine were also exclusively breastfed.

He’s healthy & gaining … I’d stick with what you’re doing.

Pay attention to your pediatrician, and follow his/her advice.

Family & friends are not doctors … doctors have the advantage of seeing the research, and seeing multiple patients daily. This puts them in a better position to assess your child & your child’s needs. The objective is to make sure the baby is healthy … it sounds like you’re doing a great job! If family or friends get too pushy, tell them to back off … you are following Dr orders & also your own instinct. You know your baby better than anyone!

If your doctor has not said anything about it and says he’s good an doing fine then ignore your family bc only you know your child best to make those types of decisions for him.

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Best word of advice do what you feel best. You doing great it sounds like.

It’s ur baby who cares what other ppl think! If he’s healthy that’s all that matters!

Haters gonna hate. Do what’s best for you… I breastfeed til college. :rofl: I don’t think I added in solids until our pediatrician mentioned it about 7 months or after.

First of all your family has no business telling you what to do when it comes to feeding your baby. You can still breast feed and slowly introduce purée baby food. I’d recommend starting to add some in. Start with apples and bananas and peas and carrots. Just pump when you feed him solids and breast feed the next feed.

Nothing except milk until 6 months.
Tell your family to just be strong.

It’s your baby, but theirs. It’s up to you, your husband, doctor, and it depends on your baby if they’re ready for it.

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