My fiance and I are spliiting up how should I handle the parenting plan?

Whatever you do, don’t take the baby and run. That’s HORRIBLE advice, not to mention ILLEGAL unless you get a restraining order. Which if he hasn’t done harm to you or the child, or you have visual proof or audio, they won’t file a restraining order. Take it to court. Do supervised visits until then. That’s the only way you can do this correctly. If you run with said baby, and he wants to press charges, he can and he will. That will only make you look bad and the court will side on his behalf.


He shouldn’t be yelling at an 8 month old baby, much less calling her names. I’d try for full custody with supervised visits.

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I took a lot of concerns to court and nothing mattered without proof and documentation. Everyone saying record it is right. Believe me you don’t want to go into court with he said she said. They don’t care

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If y’all aren’t married I wouldn’t even take it to court, you need to take that baby and run you have all legal rights to that baby. You need to keep or safe or one day she may not come home to you because he “lost his temper” keep that baby way from him especially unsupervised

Get FULL custody of that baby. He already shows signs of neglect, it would just get worse.


Put a hidden camera so u have evidence to slow what his really like. But he shouldn’t be calling the baby names your baby is number 1. Good luck

Not an overreaction. And daughter he won’t change. You are not being mean. You are being a mother. Please protect that sweet baby. Don’t become a statistic. Peace.


He won’t change. Run before the verbal abuse does any of more damage to both of you. Trust me.

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I wouldn’t let her go with him! At least not until she can talk and tell you how visits are…right now, you are her voice just be prepared for custody/court. For some men, it’s not about the love of the child, it’s about their ego! I would go get a notebook and start writing EVERYTHING down…when he pawns her off,when he yells,etc… Good luck, everything happens for a reason!!


If having a daughter hasn’t made him want to change nothing will. Would you leave her with a babysitter that treated her like that??? Here’s your sign


Legitimate concerns to bring up, but you’re going to have to have proof.

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Sorry for being the odd ball , but what does this have to do with “my favorite holiday” group?

You need to leave him before he really hurts that baby


I would say that it takes a while longer to become a dad. I would suggest couples counseling and give it time. If he is not pulling his weight when the child is three years old then leave.


If you know all this why are you even leaving your baby with him?.. forget the rest, that’s straight neglect and every day you’re leaving her with him?


Go to court and let them figure it out

Definitely bring it up. It’s cause for concern and yes it’s valid.

Seriously? I just can’t even believe this post is legit

You should not be with him if he is doing all that. Like Haley said those are legitimate concerns that need to be brought up but you will need proof of it all. Number one priority is your baby she is your number one priority to make sure she is safe.


Get an attorney . Depends where you live it doesn’t matter if you are married or not, some states will give him equal custody.


Quitters! Grow a set and make it work


How do you love someone that treats your 8 month old baby like that thats a form of abuse


Lady get your life together without him and raise your child with all the love you can give
You don’t need a man to be happy


Video as much as you can.

Bring it up but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to have much to do with her.

Llegitimate or not. There are some underlying issues that you have seemingly turned a blind eyes too until now. You thought the baby would change him. Actually it seem it has add more stress to the already strenuous sitation. Your expectation of him now,
Think of it? Seek some counselling. This is deep.

#1 hes immature as fuck if hes yelling screaming and cussing at baby.
#2 if hes CONSTANTLY like that, he damn sure dnt need to be around yall AT ALL!

U need to take those babies and run!!

He’s not going to change. He’ll just find another woman to take care of his responsibilities. Don’t do 50/50. I had to learn the hard way.

Please, for your baby’s sake, take all his behavior seriously. Get a notebook and start making notes regarding his behavior. Put down the date, time and what he did or didn’t do. If you need it, you’ll have it for court. If he is yelling and cussing at an 8 month old, no telling what he would do to a “terrible two”. I’ve been through it and it probably won’t get better. He has serious issues and needs help.

U and that baby better get as far away as fast as u can.

Yes, they are very valid concerns and should be addressed. Waiting and hoping his actions will change could be futile.

Its sad how many women have to ask “am I overreacting?” Because so many times our concerns were shut down by some man telling us “You’re overreacting!” We slowly lose our backbone and start questioning all of our thoughts/emotions. Find your voice again, if not for yourself then for your daughter. Set an example of a strong woman who wasn’t afraid to tell the world how she felt, it doesn’t matter if you’re “overreacting” you’re a mother. An over reaction is better than no reaction.

You should have all this written down for when you go to court you should have residential and custodial custody he should have visitation super vised

Well I dont know what state you live in but i know down here in kentucky that if you are not married the mother gets full custody. And the dad has no rights really. And if he is doing this then he most likely wont fight you in court. I know my stepsons mother would only get one of the boys at the first of the month when her stamps and welfare would come just in case she had to go into the office for something but then two days later she would bring him back to me. But when my ex went for his divorce she never once came to court to fight for them. So he got full custody. But I would for sure log everything. And video type him with one of them nanny cams or hid one of them really small cameras around the house and then show it to the judge if it looks like it will go the other way with him getting 50/50. He needs supervised visits

You can not change a man! If you two were never married the only rights he has is what you give him. Why would you care if he gets to see her if he yells at her and calls her names? It wont be long till he starts hitting her that is if he doesnt already when you arent around!

I think he need help…do not expose your baby that might be abuse under his care…be sure your babys life is first…if he dont get to be a better dad ask for full custody…good luck…and I would never love someone that screams and swears on his kid…he is not worth it…

Should get full custody with him only supervised visits until she way older and can take and do for herself. He still can be part of her life ., just sounds like he needs grow up some more himself

Bring it up in court and let them know everything that way he should only get supervised visits if he’s like that with her you don’t want him alone with her.sorry

Record what he is doing before he does something dramatic like killing her. Wake up and do something before you regret it.

I felt like I wrote this as I read it. Yes absolutely bring it up. Since my ex and I split he has had nothing to do with our son. He was a year old when we split and our son is now 5 (6 in March). Your daughter can’t speak for herself. She needs you to be her protector.

Your baby does not deserve the anger of her father.

Tell ALL of that to an attorney.

Bring it up in court if you don’t he may hurt her badly

He’s immature, RUN!!

Legidiment concerns most definitely

You are stupid to stay with him. My God, think of what your child will endure with him.

You’re both stupid. Poor baby.