My Fiance Sold My Sister's Car After She Passed: Advice?

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"So I have a question I’d like u to ask, my fiancé sold my sisters car after she passed and told me a lie about the car. I had no time to grieve or anything. My fiancé said it was just in the way but he has his brothers car that he’s had for a long time I’d just like to get ppls thoughts on it"

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"Contact an attorney."

"Why did u let him in the 1st place. He is not legally responsible or entitled to do this. I would be upset, unless it was discussed"

"That was truly deceitful. That’s a red flag you need to think about. I hope he at least gave you the money. Cause that’s stealing"

"Press theft charges. Break up with him."

"How did he without title? Permission? Doesn’t make sense"

"Two wrongs don’t make a right. And it’s not going to make you feel better only worse. Sit down and talk to him. Tell him how you feel about it. If he don’t won’t to or don’t care let his ass go"

"Call the police and get the car back. He didn’t have and right to sell a possession that wasn’t his. Then dump his ass."

"I don’t even know how he could have sold anything that was in her name legally"

"Enough reason for me to bring charges and break engagement! Who even thinks of doing this to someone they are supposed to love??"

"How did he get the title to the car to sell it?"

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How was he able to sell it? You haven’t said how the title was signed, if someone was appointed executor of her estate and so on.