My fiance wants more kids but I don't know how I feel: Advice?

Okay, I need some help. My fiance wants to have another baby, but I don’t know how to feel. The back story with our son, I had high blood pressure for three months, and at the end of my pregnancy. I had a scheduled c section with him. Surgery didn’t go wrong at all, and I recovered really well. I’m just scared of getting pregnant again and possibly dealing with the high blood pressure again. I’m really nervous about the surgery also cause this baby will be c section to. What should I do? I don’t want to be selfish and not give my son a sibling, but I’m so scared! Any advice would be appreciated!!


Talk to your fiance about your fears. This question and explanation should be towards him. Good luck!

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Talk to him and tell him about your fears, maybe over time you will want another but dont leave him in the dark. This is something you should be talking with him about

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You def need to talk to him. And I absolutely get your fear. I had toxemia with my oldest. 7 days in the hospital. We both came close to death. I was terrified when I got pregnant again. But my second pregnancy was so super easy. No issues at all. One bad experience dosent mean the next one will be as bad.

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One thing i’ve learned in my 32 years of living is trust your instincts.

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I agree you should be talking to him about this. I would also like to add that you shouldn’t beat yourself up about your fears. They’re valid, they have merit, they exist, therefore they have impact. Whether he understands and supports them or not, you’re allowed to have and feel your feelings. Also, please don’t call yourself selfish for not wanting more children. You don’t owe anyone in this world another baby whether it’s your fiance or your son, and there would be just as many critics to call you selfish for getting pregnant again and taking a risk with your health that could leave your current child motherless.

It’s impossible to please everyone, love, so the best place to start is by doing what makes you happiest. Not what you feel obligated to do for others. Good luck. :purple_heart:

Your health is more important. If you don’t feel like your body can handle it, he should respect that. You can always adopt another child or get your son a puppy.


Talk to your doctor and see what risks you face. Im sure your fiance is well aware of your health issues from your last pregnancy. If he presses you about it tell him he’s literally risking your life!!! Like wth.

I’d schedule a meeting with your doctor and husband so you both can be there and ask questions and determine the risk…ultimately it is your decision

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Curious as to why you say that this baby would be a C-section, too. If you think that because you had one with the first baby you will have to have one with the second one that’s simply not true. I had 2 of them and my 3rd child was not. I was not allowed to even try with my second child just a scheduled c-section. I had another doctor with my 3rd and he let me try and I had her naturally in about 4 hours after I got to the hospital.

It sounds like you really don’t want to have another baby.

If your not ready, your not ready. Talk to him express your concerns and that your just not ready. Talk to your Dr about the probability of you having high BP again. Also if you want to try vaginal delivery you can talk to your Dr about that as well. I had 4 babies each pregnancy was different so try not to dwell on what went “wrong”

I had an emergency c section and was put to sleep when having my daughter. I want more children I’m scared if going though another surgery. I think children are worth every pain I go though. My daughter was my rainbow baby before her I miscarried early on. I hope you weigh out your fears and decide to extend your family. Good luck

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The real question is, what do YOU want?


My first was an emergency c-section. Her heart rate dropped and I was rushed into surgery and put under. With that being said, I had 2 more babies, both via scheduled c-section and they were both different experiences. I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted more babies. You really need to focus on what you want and your fears before making any final decisions.

If he is not considering your health this is a big issue imo. Until fiance is husband, I think it is a wise decision to not have anymore at this time js


No two pregnancies are the same and c-sections aren’t so bad. I had more than one. But ultimately it boils down to what you want as far as more children.

My sister in law has preclamsia and eclampsia over her blood pressure she had miserable pregnancies only 2 cause last one was harder on baby

Do you want more kids tho? Just scared of being pregnant and having complications. It may be best to talk to your doctor about it and see best way to manage it if it happens again.


My first pregnancy went well but my recent one I had more issues
So just because one didn’t go well doesn’t mean the next will too
Both babies I had a 4th degree tear first time it took forever to heal this time the doctor took his time to make sure I’d heal properly and I feel almost there where the first one I didn’t start feeling normal until my son was almost 6 months

I had four babies. Two really. Awful pregnancies. Other two OK. One turned into emergency c section and almost died both of us. Was so scared to have another. Got pregnant best pregnancy and delivery I ever had. Talk to your doctor. See what chances are for vaginal and chances of avoiding blood pressure issues. All pregnancies are diffrent just like people. Talk to doc get an informed decision and go ahead if seems safe. Good luck

I had really bad high blood pressure with my first, I never had it with my second or third. Every pregnancy was completely different.

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I’m in the same boat. My husband wants to have 2 kids and I originally did too. But after actually being pregnant I didn’t like it and I had a very easy pregnancy and delivery. I just did not like the feeling of being pregnant. At first we had a big arguments about it but he then said it would be my decision when the time comes.

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I had high blood pressure with my first as well. Didn’t have with second, third or fourth!

Just because something happened with your first pregnancy doesn’t mean it will happen with any subsequent pregnancies. And you don’t HAVE to have a c section again just because you had one the first time, unless it’s suggested by your doctor for some medical reason you didn’t mention.

Maybe talk to your ob/gyn and find out based on your past history if there’s any risk of getting hb again. Ask what you can do to prevent it, if there is. Take him with so he can hear and ask questions, too.

But here’s the facts. Every pregnancy is different. There are risks in everything we do. What you need to do is ask yourself ‘is it worth the risk?’ You also need to sit with fiance and explain your fears and ask him if he’s willing to go through the risks. Remind him, he may have fears as well, but it’s you that is ultimately going through every pain, every risk. Go from there. If you’re not ready after both of y’all talk to dr, talk it out, tell him maybe in a year or 2.

Follow your gut. If YOU don’t want or aren’t 100% sure you want another baby, then don’t. He can either accept that or get over it.


What do you want? It’s your body and your health. I know if I had wanted another and as long as my health could be managed nothing would stand in my way, so ask yourself do you want another child that bad or in the future.

Make and point talk to your OB doctor next time you go in

If you absolutely do not want to carry another baby, that is YOUR choice. I was completely scared to give birth again because my first birth went a little wrong (nothing wrong with the baby, just with me) so I was scared my whole second pregnancy but everything turned out GREAT. If I were you, I’d discuss your nervousness with your partner. Research natural ways to bring down blood pressure (if there’s any?) and if you can do anything to help while your trying if you decide to. Discuss with a doctor as well if you can. Maybe tell your fiancé that you just need time to discuss it and think about it. Make sure he understands what you went through the first time and how you felt. Men might be afraid that something will happen to their baby, but when you’re the one carrying it, it’s different. Hopefully he is understanding your side.

I was in a similar situation after having my now two year old. I suffered with severe carpal tunnel as well swelling, daily vomiting and having to have a catheter for nausea just to hold food down. Top it off, I gained waaaaay too much weight delivering at 207lbs. So yeah, I was terrified to do it again. However I compromised and decided that I’d get I to shape health and physical shape and once I met my goal we’d prepare for another. Currently happily 6 months pregnant and by far my favorite happiest most comfortable pregnancy out of 4. This IS my last so I’m thankful it’s so pleasant to appreciate one last time. You got this momma.

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You don’t want another and he needs to respect that. Revisit the idea in a year or so and see how you feel. But IMO a no always trumps a yes.

I had an emergency c section with my first because of preeclampsia (hbp). Ended up having postpartum preeclampsia after I had my son three years later. But it was definitely after he was born. It’s entirely possible that you’ll be fine and have no issues at all but there’s always a chance of complications with every pregnancy. Being scared is ok. But you won’t know how things will go if you don’t go for it. Talk to an obgyn about the risks of the blood pressure for a second pregnancy. Research tons. Do what’s best for you. There’s always the option to adopt too if you’re too scared for having another pregnancy

If its just fear of complications id speak with Dr at length id go in with a notebook full of questions best advice someone gave me cause u know when u get in front of drs u forget stuff get of track…now u know u have a possible high blood preasure issue it can be treated b4 it gets out of hand my first baby I had gestational diabetes not with the next 4 my second i got a brain tumor non cancerous brought on from pregnancy hormones my 3rd was induced 3 weeks early due to gallstones she weighed 10 pounds 2 weeks after i had her my gallbladder causes sepsis so it was taken out 6 weeks later got pregnant again suprise suprise had Irish twins haha 11 months apart that was my 4th i had severe high blood pressure after I gave birth spent 2 weeks in hospital itvwas 200/110 they thought I was going to have a stroke it was so high it got better then my last my fifth had a hernia so bad my dr the last 2 weeks b4 I had my son was putting ductape over my belly button to hold it in each day …my guts were legit coming out 6 weeks later had a tubal and massive 8 inch hernia repair …truly anything is possible each pregnancy for me came with something crazy each was totaly different but still I had 5 big huge healthy babies!!! So id ask questions and then decide if a baby is what you truly want !!!

A previous history of pih increases pih risk in subsequent pregnancies and with increasing age the risk for pih increases, you have a true fear, justified. If ,because of that you don’t want a second child, that’s fine. Your partner, relatives might sympathize with you during your pregnancy but they’ll never understand what you are going through at a personal level. Pregnancy is stressful as it is, even just the surge of hormones can make you unwell. I’m currently pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum and gestational diabetes, my mum calls everyday but ultimately I face the complications alone, although someone might hold your hand, you are alone. Discuss these fears with your partner and tell him how you feel, he doesn’t have to convince you otherwise. The damage caused by pih to end organs ie heart, brain and kidneys is irreversible. You can always adopt, if you’re open to that. Don’t stress about it

I have had 3 c-sections. Each one the recovery got easier. My first one I passed out afterwards and slept through the night and could barely move after. By my 3rd I didn’t even sleep after delivering and had no problems getting around immediately. I also had high blood pressure with my 2nd but not with my 3rd so each pregnancy is different.

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Pregnancies are never the same. You might have a good pregnancy with the second one.

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I had high blood pressure with my first. Headaches every day, numb or tingling hands etc. Not at all with my second and third. If you know it might be an issue, correct your diet before getting pregnant. Be preventative. I saw a prenatal nutritionist and she helped with correcting my diet so my blood pressure would not be affected again. Simple really.

I have a daughter. Never needed more and she is now a well-adjusted adult with plenty of friends. We give her all the love she needs. I grew up with ten siblings but we are now scattered all over the world and I live with my family in this country alone.

It’s not about what he wants, it’s about what you envision your family to look like. You can get through another pregnancy, even a problematic one, if you want to. Get a second or even third opinion from doctors on how to best go through it if you want to grow your family.
We all have “war stories”, and we heal. If you’re petrified of another pregnancy then you’re renouncing more children unless you adopt.


You are not obligated to give your son a sibling. He will be just fine. My husband and I had a baby and decided shorty after that we didn’t want more kids, and we stand by the decision. People love to bud in and say but you have to give your daughter a sibling. No you do not it’s a personal choice and know you’re not alone if you decide to have one and be done.


All 3 of my pregnancies were different, however I didn’t have any medical issues. My daughter on the other hand did… She has POTS and had a reaction to the epidural so she needed an emergency-C or we’d have lost both her and the baby. Her SO doesn’t want another because of the danger, she on the other hand said “but now they know what to watch for, I’ll be okay”. You should probably speak with your Dr, get the facts on how often each issue repeats and then sit down with your fiance and discuss your concerns.

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Every pregnancy is different. First pregnancy I had high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Second pregnancy I had no high blood pressure and no gestational diabetes. Both I had a c-section. First was emergency and second I tried for a vbac but it just wasn’t happening. But I healed fast with both c-sections.

It’s definitely hard. I dealt with high blood pressure with both kids and also had c-sections. Now I’m expecting my 3rd and was terrified when I found out. But the 2nd isn’t bad, I healed faster and knew what to expect so it was better. Good luck to you!

I had preeclampsia with my first and had to have an emergency c-section. My second child I had a year later with no complications, I did CHOOSE to have another c-section the second time but it wasn’t forced on me. I’m not sure of your specific situation but more often than not having another c-section is just a suggestion, it’s ultimately your choice.

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My fear was dying during childbirth … I had high blood pressure during my pregnancy and was scheduled for emergency c section … I had a bad experience because I was given Benadryl and they gave something else for the c section … I could barely keep my eyes open and I’m fighting to stay awake… I went into panic mode … Right now I’m iffy about going through it again but leaning on having another child … I j de stand where you are coming from

I simply told my fiancé, no. The pregnancy with my daughter (our third) was awful. I was sick throughout and it made it difficult to care for my older two children. I also had pelvic separation so walking or basically doing anything was a chore. I told him she’s our last. Ultimately, it’s your body, not his.


We live in a time where the medical field are great and know how to deal with pregnancy high risk complications. I was very unwell with my first daughter and she and I almost died. That saying my subsequent pregnancies (I have 4x kids) they were really attentive with extra care. Don’t let the fear of issues scare you out of having another bundle (if thats what you want) :purple_heart:

Every single pregnancy is different. I’ve been pregnant 4 times and all 4 where different the three that where successful pregnancies two boys and one girl each was different in their own ways. Only real medical issue was with my last pregnancy with my daughter gestational diabetes. But my others were fine

Had high blood pressure with first baby did not with other 2. Did have c sections all three. Not worse possibility. I am an only child and would not have wanted that at all. Everyone makes decision themselves. Knowing your complication going in may help prevent it the next pregnancy and you might not have to have c cestion

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My daughter went through the same thing and she almost lost her life. With her first child and then she did it again with the second baby. I thought she was not going to make it. That is a very dangerous situation. I told her she better stop because she was putting her life on the line.

Think of your health. If something happens to go wrong your son may not have a momma. It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself because if you’re not good you’re not going to be able to take care of others.


Pregnancy was great…even with diabetes just giving birth was AWFUL after trying 7 time to get the epi in they couldn’t so when the pulled whatever was in my back out it gave me muscle spasms in my back neck and arms then on top of that I had to do natural birth which she ended up being too big and ripped me every which way it took them 20 mins to put me back together…so I’m good done with it all 1 is enough for me

My friend had an emergency c section with her first child. She became pregnant with her second 7 years later, and had a c section date scheduled and all that, but one fine day, when she was getting ready to work, she had mild pains, she called her colleague to say she won’t be coming in, and while on call her water broke, and she was already 9 cm dilated by the time they reached the hospital. She had a fully natural birth.

Miracles do happen. This one happened last week :blush:

Honey, take sometime to think about it. Dont stress yourself. Someone once told me they were told to “go about your private life as usual for a few months, then for a couple of months dont use anything preventative. If you get pregnant during that time it was ment to be. If not then decide later what you really want to do.” Good luck sweetie!

I agree with everyone every pregnancy is different. Plus you can always talk to the OBGYN about your previous pregnancy and keep an close eye on you. My first I almost died due to hemorrhaging after giving birth due to he was too big for me but thank the Lord my baby was fine and I recovered fine. Definitely truly scared me about having another one but I finally had my second 8 years later and the doctor kept closer eye on me. But I had no issue and he just came about 3 weeks early and we were perfectly fine.

I have had 4 children and each pregnancy was different. My first one had to be induced 2 weeks early due to preeclampsia, my 2nd one 12 months 12 days later came natural, 3rd was c-section due to being breeched, and the 4th was a VBAC and induced because I was a week over due and the dr wouldn’t let me wait any longer. So just talk it out with your fiance and your ob-gyn.

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I went thru the same plus have diabetes. Having 2 c-sections is not too bad. My 1st one was horrible though got infected and had to be reopened then they left it open and heal on its own. So I was super nervous for my 2nd one and I went 18 years in-between my 2 youngest lol so I was 40 with my 2nd one but it was much better. My healing time was great and I did way better than I thought.

All pregnancies are different. My first I lived in the bathroom, my second I was in and out of the hospital w dehydration and couldn’t eat nothing and I was in pain, it was absolutely horrible, my 3rd was a breeze. I will let you know once you have a c section itll probably be that way again, but talk to your obgyn and see what’s good for you. Remember it’s your body if your not ready its ok.

That’s easy. I want another kid but my husband doesn’t. A baby cannot be brought in the world intentionally if only one parent wants them. It’s not fair to the child. If it’s ONLY pregnancy that is holding you back I’m sure their are options such as counseling or talking in depth with a ob about your concerns and any and all things you can do to avoid as many complications as possible


I had 3 C-sections and all of them I had high blood pressure and at the end of my pregnancy I had Post Hypertension for a few weeks. It was always a concern but I had an amazing dr that watched me close and My family felt completed❤ Always remember to do what is best for you and have the conversation with your doctor. Best of Luck❤

If you want a second child you will at least know what to expect with a cesarean and the healing process so it won’t be as scary as the first time. You will know when to take it easy if your blood pressure is high. You have the experience to make your second pregnancy run a lot smoother.

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It’s not selfish to not want to give your kid another sibling or even to have another one. It is your body you have to deal with all the physical and emotions. Don’t let fear stop you either if you want another every preg is different.

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In my opinion, the only person that can truly answer this question is you.

I had an unplanned c section and that is a contributing thing to not having any more kiddos for me, but I also know that I don’t want any more kids and as the one who would be carrying and primarily caring for another kiddo, I’m more than content to make the decision I am most comfortable with. My son is very happy and doing just fine as an only child and this is the choice that works the best for us in my family and for me, as the person who would actually be pregnant.

However, as I said before, you’re really the only one who can make that choice!

I had five babies all high risk, last one was very lucky he was strong enough to make it. I feel very blessed to have them. You can only say if you are ready for any other chapter in your life.

My first pregnancy I had morning sickness until the day she delivered, second one, high bp went away, third toxemia. And last gestational diabetes with a breech baby. They were all different and I would ffg o it all over again.

To me personally I think it needs to be a very serious talk between you and your husband. Y’all about the pros and cons. We had 2 and my second was rough Nd I was 38 when I had her… my husband totally wouldn’t have minded more but I was so done. We had the long talk and agreed that we were fine with just the 2 and I got my tubes tied while having my 2nd c section.

I had 3 c sections with my kids. I had 3 issue with all 3 of them. I had high blood pressure with all 3 but it was only the last one what’s they told me I had hypertension. It caused migraines with all 3 mostly my girl witch are my first and last babes. My son I didn’t have them as bad but took way longer to heal from my c section n more painful. I was go. A do vback with my son until I ended up needing an emergency c section. I think I’ll be ok to have another one but tell the hubby that if this one is bad… u don’t have another one

You two should have a very long talk. If you arent on the same page on such an important subject, you should reconsider getting married. I feel like if subject of children cannot be agreed upon, it would be a deal breaker for me. It’s not fair for you to feel guilty for not wanting more. It also isnt fair for him to settle if he wants more children. So you need to have a serious talk about this.

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I had preeclampsia with my first and for my second, they had me take baby aspirin every day to keep my blood pressure down. I never had any blood pressure issues with my second. There are options for sure. Just talk to your Dr

Each pregnancy is different. Your body and your baby are going to react to your anxiety! We all get scared with being pregnant l, just talk to your obgyn

Talk to your doctor about your concerns and the potential complications. I had 2 c sections and the second one I was told there was more risk as you had more. This way, when you have medical information to share you can add that to your discussion. Your personal health may also mean there won’t be as many concerns as you thought and it could ease your mind a little.

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Best thing u can do is tell your fiance how your feeling… I felt the same with mine. I had severe postpartum and was on bed rest for 4months of my 1st pregnancy and almost died during labor because my dr didn’t wanna do a c section… but 8 years later I finally met my fiance and I was having anxiety about having another baby and I’m back in therapy and all my doctors are aware and call me every 3 weeks to check in on me on top of physical appointments. Just make sure u take care of yourself first your mental health is the most important thing in the world :two_hearts:he will understand, its ur body only u know best

Are you close with your family and is there any cousins near your sons age? My boyfriend is like 98% set on not having anymore kids he has 6 but I only have my son. And I told him if we don’t have anymore I’m practically adopting his cousins kids. His cousin has a son 6 months older than mine and a son 2 years younger than mine. So if I wanna take my son to the zoo or the mall or to the park like 90% of the time I invite his cousins. So kinda like having siblings but at the end of the day I get to drop them off and only figure out how to get one kid to bed.

If you decide to do it make sure you are in optimal health before conceiving! I’m not sure if your heath status now great or poor but exercise and healthy eating as I’m sure you already :heart: best wishes

if you do choose to have another child, tell your doctor of your previous pregnancy complications and thwy could help you with information to help prevent it from happening again. i had preeclampsia with my daughter. she was born premature with low birth weight because she stopped growing. then qith my son they had me taking baby asprin and watch my blood pressure more carefully and I carried him full term.

You should be honest and tell him you’re not interested in having another kid. If he leaves because of that, then sis, he’s not the one.

I had the exact same issue with my first, ended up needing an ER C-section. But with my second there were absolutely no issues. I had to have him by C-section because my Dr won’t let you try natural after a C-section.

I would not try it I tell u y I had two in almost lost my in my kids life frist was was a emergency in the second one was befor I was due cause they did not want to have a other emergency one they told me if I did get pregnant aging it will kill me I very hight risk I would like to have a boy but I have two beautiful babies girls if u have one dont chance it cause if some thing happened then your other kid be out u

All pregnancies are different, I had nothing wrong with my first but my second I had gestational diabetes and at 32 weeks pregnant found out he had heart defects. It’ll always be A risk, you just have to decide if it’s one you want to take. Do you want to take it right now, wait a few years or never again. It’s all up to you. It’s okay to be scared but just because something went wrong with one doesn’t mean something will go wrong with another and all the stress you are putting yourself though isn’t good for you or you’re body. It isn’t now or never. Take time to decide. Also, I had 2 c-sections. Once you know what to expect it gets easier and if your doctor thinks you can you night not have to have another. I had to have them because my daughter just didn’t fit and was stuck for hours “if one didn’t fit, this one won’t either.” Its safer for me to have c-sections.

Every pregnancy is different… you would prob have a c section again tho bc I think once you have had one they just recut that scar open… but talk to your ob… modern medicine has changed

Setup an appt with your OBGYN for consultation for possible future conception and have your fiance go with you so he can also ask questions. This way you can make an informed decision yourself. Also communicate your feelings and why to your fiance.

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I had preeclampsia with two of three of my children. Talk with your doctor and what you should avoid eating while pregnant. Your OB will be the one to let you know the best options and help the most.

Have him go to a appointment with you and have OB explain to him the dangers of Eclampsia I used to work in a ER and we had a lady having grand mal seziure from Eclampsia. She never stablished enough to go to the OB floor and they did Csection in the main OR The baby was transferred to Children’s hospital and mom was in ICU for weeks That is a extreme case and most of the time you will be closely monitored and if they feel your are in danger do a Csection before it gets to that point, but he definitely needs to understand the risk. Best of luck to you.

You will only need another c section if it is medically necessary. If you develop high blood pressure again, you are at greater risk for another. Talk to your doctor. I’m 38 weeks right now and having my 3rd cesarean on Sunday. I’m scared, but I’ve made it this far. The excitement of another definitely outweighs how scared I am. My children have bigger heads than what they should and cannot be delivered naturally. Which is the reason for my repeats. You may qualify for a VBAC. But like I said, talk to your doctor. They will be able to give you a better idea.

I’ve had 3 c sections. The first one was because baby was breach. The second I chose to have a section but again baby was breach. The third was actually the right way round but I still chose to have a section which was during lockdown. I think the most important thing is that you both agree you want another child and then everything will work itself out from there.

You dont need to give a back story. Its your body and your decision no matter what your reason is. You can break it to him slowly by telling him maybe in a couple years but youre not ready to go through all that again. But yeah girl. I thought i wanted another after i just had my daughter and my husband is set on 1 and done. I told him ok it doesnt have to be right away but maybe in a couple years. Now im all like idk if i even wanna go through an entire pregnancy again so. Be unsure but make the decision for yourself.

First and foremost always talk to your doctor about the whys and the possibilities of it happening again . Forewarned is for armed . Second my eldest daughter has has 3 c-sections and healed well each time .

It’s your body. He should respect your concerns for your health and recovery. You have a son who needs a healthy mommy. Maybe it can be discussed together with your OB/GYN

Protecting your health and doing what you feel safe doing is not being selfish or depriving your son of a sibling. Anyone who is pressuring you into having a child you are not comfortable having is a waste of space and has no place in your life.

All pregnancies are very different. If its just the anxiety is what is stopping you I wouldnt rule out another. Talk with him and your doctor and just keep tellin yourself it’ll be ok. Don’t have another if you REALLY don’t want too though. I have 3. All pregnancies extremely different. My 2nd was the worst sickness and induced. My 3rd i had NO morning sickness at all. My S.O. asked if i wanted another and i was very hesitant as i miscarried after i had my 3rd. I dont want to go through that again. BUT if i let that stop me ill regret it.

Sweetie, I’ve had 3 C-sections and each one was easier than the last. And just because you had high blood pressure with one, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have it again. I had it with my second one only. Talk it over with your SO and your doctor and do what you feel is right.

Just because you had high blood pressure with one, doesn’t mean you will with another. The 2nd c section for me was so much better then the first one, but I also went in knowing I was having a c section the second time around. Don’t be scared!!!

Agree with Sarah Bullock easier the 2nd time around no matter what you more or less already prepared . maybe more meds or can a momma but put to sleep for a bit

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For my first, I had to be induced because of high blood pressure, it was bad. With my second I was great. The only problem was when i was in labor. I almost had to have a c section. My sons and my heart rate dropped. I knew something was wrong. Right before it happened I told my boyfriend there was pressure on my chest. Next thing I know, i can’t talk. I can only tap my chest and nod. There was a flood of nurses but the look if fear on my boyfriend’s face terrified me even more than what I was feeling. The thought of having another baby after that experience is not welcome. I know I’ll change my mind later on but as for now it’s a heck no. My point is, every pregnancy is different.

It’s your body don’t fell guilty if your son doesn’t have a brother or sister we are never guarantee that everything will turn out no one likes any kind of surgeries and your husband needs to understand your feelings tell him your feelings

Every pregnancy is different you may have no problems with second pregnancy and I’ve heard of alot of woman having vbac it is possible

My first was an emergency c-section and it was really rough, but when I had my second 18mos later it was so much smoother being a scheduled csection.

My 2nd was so much easier. I had high blood pressure and was under a lot of stress. Your body heals.

You should be really sure before you have another. That’s the thing to think about.

I wish you peace :blue_heart: