My formula fed baby constantly spits up :Advice?

My newborn is formula fed and constantly throwing up. What can I do for her to stop this? I feel so bad. Should o switch her formula? Help! ftm and no clue what to do

Babies spit up for many different reasons; when I was younger, it was considered a normal occurrence at every feed. Babies muscle reflexes and control isn’t fine tuned yet and the little esophageal muscle sometimes causes liquid to come up with a burp. If you notice vomiting or projectile vomiting, A very cranky colicky baby; where nothing comforts her tummy, one who is gassy and is kicking their legs up, then these things need to be addressed by your Dr immediately. If baby spits up about a spoon full of milk here and there, it can be normal but make sure you speak to your pediatrician anyway about it as it can be a form of gerd (gastroesophageal reflux) in babies, which is common and treatable. Signs of milk allergies might be; increased, fussines, lots of intestinal gas, incessant crying, diarrhea or super hard stools, rashes…etc… Breast fed babies spit up also, due to the same reason. Forceful vomiting and a clearly unhappy baby is urgent, for some reason boy babies can have a narrower pyloris, through which milk passes through, but there is no missing this sign as the vomit tends to shoot out across the room. I hope this helps. Call your baby Dr and have a chat with them to be on the safe side.

You should talk with her/his pediatrician who is a professional at making decisions.

As an infant teacher, I’ve found it helps to sit them up for 20 to 30 min after every feed. We use a bouncer, but you can hold them too :slight_smile: please talk to their pcp to see if a formula change is needed

Might need different formula might not be getting burped enough check with your baby doctor though