My friend cut me off since I had Covid: Advice?

A few months ago, I had Covid. Since then, my best friend has not wanted to hang out or talk to me. Before Covid, we were together daily. I get not wanting to be around us when we had Covid or shortly after. But it is weird to me that she just cut me off completely. How do I go about this? She basically ignores me now.


That’s so weird to me. I would try talking to her and if she still doesn’t want to hang out with you, cut her off.

I would just try to talk to her and ask her via text message or email. I am sorry you are going through that. That has to be hard.

Is she social distancing from everyone or just you?
Could the close call have scared her?

Maybe things will change after vaccinations? She may be pulling away because she is too afraid to say that she doesn’t want to hang out until the pandemic is over.


I would be open to her. Ask her what’s going on. Maybe she had something going on that she is struggling with. Either way you should address the elephant in the room.


What a shit ass friend


May she was not really your friend . You getting COVID could have been her way of being like I don’t want to be your friend . Or maybe she has other things going on in her life . I hope things get better

Do you wear masks? Are available to get a vaccine in your area?
Maybe she’s just really scared.
Communication is key.


My friend had covid, I would in no way avoid her now. We are an immune compromised house as well. Maybe life is just crazy? Does she text at all?

Than she really wants ur friend to start…move on .


Then she’s not your friend


Look at it like this…YOU or someone in your household could have died from it, and in your truest hour of need…When a friend should be calling and checking on you or dropping off supplies to your porch, this beyatch bailed…Get yourself some better friends and ice her out from now on.


Let her go… she’ll never tell you the truth why…that she’s an ass


Been there done that… never had covid but she was super scared of it, cut off from everyone but me for a while and then cut off from me… SHE and her kids ended up with it. But we havent… and she still dont talk to me… idk what happen… I gave up after a while…

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Wondering if they thought u were being too careless with social distancing and that’s why u got it?

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Maybe she was afraid for the worst and didn’t know how to handle it. Some people try to cut off emotions when they’re afraid someone is going to die. Now that she’s cut you off there’s probably some guilt you need to truly Express the way you feel to her in a message

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Obviously never a true & just friend… real friends don’t do that…they’re there for you no matter what but still upsetting😔


Perhaps she needs to be educated on Covid.

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You need to educate her on it

Dont sound like much of a friend to start with

Frankly i would call her ass out and be blunt?

Its been over a year n i think we all have a good pulse where our friends n family stand with covid. If they are truly worried or if they are using it as a cop out.

Being exposed is almost expected now days. We have been exposed several times my husband and i that we know of. I have twice in the last few months at work. As they shut down my offices. Half of my one location tested positive earlier this month. N thats the ones we know off god knows how many that we haven’t especially with switching work staff and dealing with clients or other crews / clients / vendors for my husband. Or us going to the grocery stores n what not. You never know anymore if you were indirectly exposed

if your over it n negative n it truly changed your relationship. Then don’t be afraid fi speak out as it sounds like a cop out. Shit i offered to drop off soup and boooze and things to my friends that had it in a ding dong ditch several times.

She’s not your friend. Forget about her.

I’d ignore that person! Individuals like that aren’t worth the time! How do you know she hadn’t gotten this virus & just hadn’t mentioned it! I’ve had that happen a lot lately! I wouldn’t waste time on just that 1 individual!

Shes not your best friend.

They weren’t a friend in the first place then??

That sucks. Doesn’t sound like much of a friend. :frowning: I’d cut your losses and Find a new friend. I’m available. :joy:

ask your friend why she ghosted you.

I am so sorry that you are going through this, it’s awful!
It sound like she is using COVID as an excuse to cut you off…? could it be that there was some tension from her before you had COVID? People don’t cut friends of because they get sick. It was probably a blessing in disguise, with friends like that you don’t need enemies.

Sweetheart she was NEVER your best friend. :fu:t4:her and move on with your life.

Did you practice safely distancing yourself? A lot of us are dropping people who are not being safe .

Take the hint and move on! Get other friends!

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Obviously she’s nothing but a fare weather friend only

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