My friends almost 18-year-old daughter is about to move with a 28-year-old she doesn't know: Advice?

Hi seeking advice…a friend’s daughter just told her that since she turns 18 in two days, she has a 28-year-old guy that she met online coming to pick her up to move in with him three states away on her birthday. The mom already contacted the police, and they said as long as there was no physical contact before she was 18, they can’t do anything. The mom is desperate to protect her daughter what can she do?


Google the guy find out what u can b4


She needs to educate her daughter on sex trafficking because that’s one of the methods they use these days…


Unfortunately, can’t do nothing once she’s 18 years old. I feel your pain, but why would this girl go this route to begin with?


I’m so sorry for you

I honestly probably would kick my daughter’s ass so she didn’t see 18! A man from online?! No way! Even at 18…there would seriously be a struggle because I wouldn’t allow her to leave!

Get a background check on the guy. I think you can get one on line that is reasonably priced. Also get the girl’s dad to go over there and have a good talk with him.

The Police Dept gave you the correct information. This is what I would do. Invite his guy over the house,as much as it’s scary do it. Then before he leaves pull him aside and tell him without threatening him that if one hair on her head is hurt,you will find him. No Threats,but he will get the picture. Unfortunately the young lady has no idea what she is getting into. Is her Dad around ? If so , he can definitely say what he wants and this POS will get the message or toss his rear out. The girl is going to run to him no matter what

I would get down on my knees and pray. I would call Jesus name. There is power in the blood. I declare and decree that no weapon formed against this girl and her mother shall proper!! I claim this child to the kingdom and I ask the Lord to put a coated barrier around her. I plead the blood of Jesus around her and denounce any demonic force coming against this family that would hurt or exploit them. I rebuke the spirit of pedophilia and abandonment. I rebuke any weapon that would keep this child from her own healing journey. Behavior like this is a symptom from trauma based mind control from the enemy. There were seeds planted in this girl long ago before she acted out. I demand you mountain get up and plant yourself in the sea.

Do all the research u can on sex trafficking and go over it with the mother. Offer to be there for support. Perhaps a sex trafficking therapist can quickly be found and asked for advice. U need more advice than what can be provided on here. Good luck.

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Investigate the guy as much as possible and pray?


Tell that girl about sex trafficking and organ harvesting.


Id sure have brothers,uncles, friends or whoever there to greet him. Send the perve packing

Get ready to become a grandparent


Lol are we stupid?
If she’s not 18 take all sources away. Computer, phone, car. Whatever it takes. Scare the hell out of her, have an officer come talk to her. God people are stupid lol


Well if it was me. I’d lock my daughter in the house. If that didnt work for her let him show up and wreck the bastard and his car :ok_hand::ok_hand: I’d rather a conviction than my daughter be in a fucked up situation like that

Google the guy. Whatever state he is living, contact the state patrol and contact the police department in the town he is living in and get all the dirt on this guy. If they can’t tell you, they can at least direct you to the proper channels in finding out more about this guy.

Many towns have fb “for sale” sites. Go on there and post this on those sites asking if anyone knows anything about him along with his picture. That should generate a lot of talk and help you and your daughter out.

Put a tracking device on her phone without her knowledge so you can keep tabs on her if she ends up going anyway.

Best of luck.


Just ground the girl until you are sure that the threat is no more. No electronics, no leaving home, simple!


I’d advise your friend
To Be a mature adult and invite the guy around to meet the family.
Be polite, share their concerns and then simply support their daughter in the decision she is making otherwise they risk driving her away and she won’t go to them for support or help if needed.


Love her daughter harder. Obviously there is a deep rooted dad issue here. Also, the snowball has already gained momentum, and it sound like the daughter just wants to get away from what might be a toxic mother.

If she is under your phone account get her phone records, and numbers…you have that right.

Obviously she wasn’t raised right…Sorry no disrespect but that’s the truth


I was that 18 year old once. Met and married my older husband. Family came around, saw that we were happy. Had 10 good years of marriage & a lovely son. However we did out grow each other …would not change it though.

She’s Grown!! A Woman. Let her Fly.

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Run his name. Tell her you want to meet him and tell him he is weird for wanting her. Stalk all accounts now make sure he’s real look for ex’s on social media and contact them to see if he’s a threat

Have her mother call the National Human Trafficking Hotline for advice. They can probably give advice PRIOR to anything possibly happening. Call ASAP! 1-888-373-7888.


Play detective!
Find out Everything you can on this guy. You might have to pay for the online information; BUT it will list any criminal record etc. good luck 

Hell no he is a nasty predator

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hu gon give her if not him.wat kind of a protection u want coz she must get fucked at same point she wants it u see it as if is danger.

Find out his name and his birthday run a check on them call the police in this town and ask if they know who this man is print out the record and show your daughter

My husband is 10 years older then I am granted we are way older but age difference shouldn’t be a concern. The fact she does not really know him should be but at 18 they are their own person and sharing concerns is always good but letting her find her wings can be quiet difficult. Just be sure that you’ve raised her well enough to know you will always be there for her. This is where mom needs to have faith in her up bringing. Not every situation has conspiracy behind it.

Trafficking, and she’ll be so sorry to come back home. Some stay in the bullshit, good luck…

She is 18. Not much you can do. Wish she would come to her senses though. She met him on line. Red light right there.


Communication between mom and daughter. COMMUNICATION! And an open door.

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Had a friend who, senior year, took her computer tower and disappeared in the middle of the night. Her 25 year old online boyfriend had bought her a plane ticket out to see him. When they found her, she was 2,700 miles away and they couldn’t do a damn thing about it because she was 18. She only came home when she missed her cat, three weeks later.

Gift her a stun gun, or new cell phone with gps… just in case it goes bad. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best


To many comments. so many have lived this HELL as a parent. Pray you raised her right and smart. Try to keep an good head and hopefully she’ll know how afraid you are. And you need to hear her voice daily. I am sorry💗 my heart aches for you !! Prayers for you both.

Nothing you can do when she turns 18 just make sure she knows she can call home if needs anything

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Are you serious ? Trying to get ratings ? This can’t be !!!

She can’t do anything except maybe put a tracking device on her daughters phone.

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She can sit down and Express her fear to her daughter, not try to make her stay but try to have a real adult conversation with her daughter about everything that could happen and that her daughter should know if things go bad she will be there for her to bring her back. She needs to give her daughter space to make potentially a horrible choice, she will be an adult but the mom can talk to her like the adult she is going to be and tell her her fears and why she wishes she wouldnt go.


Do a background check on him and his family check out his Facebook page


Unfortunately all she can do is be there for her daughter.

It used to be 21 to be an adult.

She’s 18…mind ya business! :woman_shrugging:t5:

Sadly nothing… she’ll be 18 and in the eyes of the law, an adult. The only thing that Mom can do is make sure her daughter knows that she loves her and if she needs her all she has to do is call. At 18, I wouldn’t listen to my mom either… I apologized later on after learning the hard way

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I think I would keep digging around & talking to the police! I may even consider hiring a Private Investigator to check the guy out. Maybe the police will call the police where the guy lives and check on him.

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Nothing a mom can do but stay close and keep in constant contact. If mom freaks out on her then it will just drive the daughter away and she won’t keep in touch😞

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She can’t do anything. There’s a legal age in this country for a reason. Mom may not like it, guy may be a creep, but she’s not doing anything illegal.

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I would sit down and talk to her about this. Have her get to know this guy in person before she moves in with him. Explain to her how many girls die from these situations. He could be anyone. That’s a scary thought. Hopefully she comes to her senses.

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When I was young I told my dad I was gonna do the same, he point led out to me calmly that If I was that far away he was unable to come get me quickly if something went wrong and I’d be stranded up there all by myself that scared me enough not to do it


They can do something if the guy inappropriate pics to her. Check her accounts.

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Nothing she can do but pull up sex trafficking on the computer & make her read it!!!


Legally there’s nothing she can do.

Talk to her about human trafficking SCARE THE CRAP OUTTA HER!!!

Show her clips and stories of abductions and abuse. Basically scare her since she is still a child. 18 is not an adult.

She legal. All mama can do is keep her prayed up. Lil mama got her mind up and she smelling herself. All mama can so is tell her she will be there for her. Get her a nice blade and a stun gun!!!

Omgosh human trafficking!!!

This is so scary and heartbreaking…
I have no words of advice, just hope she changes her mind soon.


The only thing that she can do is work hard to educate her daughter. Find as many articles and stories from women who were young and fell into a trap like this and have her read them. Make sure she knows that when she’s 3 states away it will be hard to escape a bad situation. I already have started talking to my kids about things and they’re much younger. Educate them! I pray that she changes her mind. If they are so in love, maybe he can just move closer to her to bridge the gap. It’s at least a better option then seeing her take off that far away.


There is nothing she can do. Once a child is 18, the parents can’t do much about anything.


My best advice is don’t smother her with your opinion and try and change her mind it will push her away and make her feel stuck with this guy if it fails. Let her know you are there for her so if she gets into trouble or anything with this guy she feels comfortable contacting you and coming back home.


I’m not sure but in alabama if your 18 your considered an adult. So if she wants to move away she can.hopefully she will decide not to go best of luck

You really need to do a background check on this guy ! Hire a private investigator if you must …


Unfortunately there legally isn’t anything she can do.

She’s 18 nothing you can legal do.

Find out his name and have the police do a back ground check! Then when you meet him show up with back up!


Literally nothing. I did the same thing

No she shouldn’t if he’s 28 he should have respect for her and meet her parents spend time with the family both hers and his she may be turning 18 but that just means she needs to start learning how to take care of herself financially as you know it’s hard out there with bills she still gonna need your help adjusting to paying bills and groceries insurance and car payments! I have 3 older children and I’d say I felt comfortable when they were 25 before that they needed my help juggling life!

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Is the mother able to pick her up if something happens at18they think they know everything

Get his license plate number last name do a background check if the police will do it


Oh hell no. Put a tracker on her phone before she goes


stay awake and have a bat ready.

Unfortunately due to the laws she can’t do anything once she turns 18… I really wish the law would change and stop considering 18 an adult🤦🏻‍♀️ Sounds like the daughter is going to learn the hard way with her choices. If that was my daughter I would tell her once she leaves that she isn’t allowed to come back and live here, visit okay but once you choose to leave then go ahead and live on your own and try to survive.


You could ask your local police station officer to run any checks on this guy to see if he harmfull
Nd state your concerns about this guy.

Ans you could say to youe daughter why move so for why not move closer to home so if you need me am closer nd not mills away.

Try to talk some sense into her

Turn off the internet and take away her phone. She’s not 18 yet. And now he can’t contact her or better he will be contacting mom whom has possession of the phone. Probably should have done this awhile ago since she’s chatting with strangers.

No way whatttyy if she talking to 28 and she 17 I don’t think it legal plus there must been inappropriate message between them tell Mom to look into social media it’s not normal they might even talking longer then she thinks

Hire a private investigator if need be and background check him thoroughly.

I would ask your daughter to wait until you do a background check on this guy so that she knows who she is going with. Even if she doesn’t consent I would get one on your own because there might be things that you two both want to know

Sadly there isn’t nothing mom can do other than stick by and be there for her daughter if all else fails in her newly established relationship.

Be there for her when she gets hurt welcome her back home and just wait for her to talk about it if you pressure her she might just leave

She cant do anything…

Who did she talked to

What a fkn pig. 28 and wants a young 18 year old to control.

Put a gun to his head and say anything happens to my daughter your done