My gassy baby is hard to burp: Advice?

My baby is so so hard to burp…it sometimes takes sooooo long…what can I do to speed up the process? I can tell she is gassy she just wont burp for me


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Gripe water may help. It helps babies basically form has bubbles better

Try dr browns bottles, they are awesome. Also burp half way through a bottle and then after. I find rubbing their back firmly as well as burping helps the process along


Gripe water was a BIG help with my lady baby.

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Baby rub the back to relax

Cup your hand. And give a solid whack. That and try hanging baby upside down for ten seconds or so before burping


Sometimes when my daughter won’t burp either on my chest or sitting with my hand on her chest supporting her neck, I will lay her down for a minute or two and then try again. Usually that helps and she’ll burp quickly :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I used to make my babies do exercises or freak right out and kick their little legs, work their own gas bubbles out. They need to move about in order to get the gas out.

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Set her on your lap…one hand on tummy and the other on her back…roll her around on your lap…

Sounds weird but rub the top of her head. I had a nicu baby and that’s what the nurses told me to do because it relaxes them and then they burp. Worked for mine :woman_shrugging:

Bicycle legs and look up the I love you massage on YouTube

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I saw a dr post you put baby between legs and lay over your thigh with baby’s legs down between your legs and arms over your thigh as the baby lifts head the position baby is in will help burps come out

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Support the head by making a c shape under the baby’s chin with your hand. Sit baby on you leg an rock baby’s upper body back and forth. That really helped my daughter get burps out


Hold in a sitting position for 15-30 mins after a feeding then burp. Also try rubbing back and then burping. Lay across your lap and try. Gas drops and gripe water work wonders.

Hold her up and rub up her back starting at her bottom.


Burp every 2 ounces. Lay on stomach in your lap rub from waist up back to push gas up. Sit on lap one hand under chin and rub up back starting at waist. Roll in clock wise motion a few rounds move the gas

Colic calm! It’s the number one thing I buy for every baby shower I go to! With 4 kids, it was the ONLY thing that worked when they were miserable!

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I use to have to pat my daughters butt, kinda like pat it upward it is the only way she would burp.

Support them at the jaws with your hand, while they sit upright on your knee and burp them kinda harder than one would think it should be. Throw in some back rubs also. This is how the nicu nurses taught me to burp my baby. Also right to left tummy massage and bicycle legs help them pass gas.

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I have a 6 week old who is the same! I put him on my shoulder … pull his legs down straight and rub from butt to shoulder. It pushes his belly in (against me) and releases the air (burp). It works almost every time!

Grip water does help but there have been several claims it’s caused babies to choke due to creating too much saliva. Do what you will with that info.

I’m not going to search and site my source. It’s been a while since I did the reading on the mater.Y’all can do that if you want to see the info.

lie the baby downways on ur lap… face down and rub its back …? if too young and and cant hol its head up. put ur hand and hold it under the chin while doing that


Mylecon drops. Gas drops

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Hold her reverse on your knee, hold her head up, and rub or pat her back hard. Bouncing helps too

Gas drops and look up other ways to burp her. Bicycle legs, or burp her every 2 ounces i also had to lay my daughter on my lap and burp her that way, there’s alot of different ways eventually you will find out what works best for her.

Lean baby to their left, google how our stomachs sit and how they are affected by the way we lay. Works for adults with indigestion aswell.

Make sure you’re feeding propped up at an angle if you have to burp every 2 ounces or half way into the feeding if that does work try gas drops

Some babies don’t need to burp as much as others. My go to way (pediatric nurse here) is to sit them up on your lap with their chin supported in your hand. You can pat their back with the other hand and bend them slightly forward at the waist which puts pressure on the diaphragm to help the gas out.


Sit baby up on your lap … take your pointer and middle finger together and make small circles from the bottom of the spine slowly up to the top ! Worked like a charm for both my babies, good luck!

The gas drops, I think mylecon. I would also “stand” them up, like Lion King hold almost, let them stretch the belly and then try again. Try rubbing then patting.

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Hold her in your arms and gently bounce and pat her back, rub her belly, gripe water, burp every 2ozs. If nothing works maybe switch to a “gentle” formula thats suppose to be easier for babys tummys. I hope something works for you.

Do the little knee jiggle…like when you’re anxious or worried. That really helped my children bring up gas.

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It depends how old baby is

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You can also try laying across your lap. Alternate between rubbing and burping

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Try putting the baby up in the burping position, then back laying down position . Then back up again, a few times

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Try giving water to your baby

I actually spend a min of 20 mins every feeding and they actually burp more! Saved them from being so gassy. It works. I would even sometimes burp in between feedings and they burp. Hopefully u can get it figured out.

Be careful with laying her down & picking her back up or laying her on your knees right after feeding as those can cause acid reflux &/or vomit.

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I would always lay my babies and now my grandbabies face down across my legs gently bouncing my legs and rubbing their back.

I ordered that tummy warming wrap for my grandson on Amazon, that helped him alot!

I would try to burp her for 10 minutes and she wouldn’t want to burp so then I would lay her down for 10 minutes and then pick her back up and burp her and she would usually burp either right away or a minute or two into it

Put her really high up on your shoulder, stand up too. Pat her starting at her lower back & work your way up her back. Then do a rubbing motion up her back too! Or just give up and lay her down & when she gets fussy burp her then!


Try only feeding an ounce and a half at a time then stop and burp before giving anymore. It is sometimes harder to burp a baby that has had an entire bottle all at once. When you burp in between ounces it is much easier to burp and they are less gassier after the bottle. Good luck :pray:

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Have you tried using oval before baby feeds

If she’ll eat feed her a little more… she’ll burp when she’s ready

Tummy rubs, bum pats, bicycle kicks… a little bit of filtered water here and there. When burping, rub baby’s back in one direction going upwards and burp in between. Hope this helps :blush: good luck!

Mylicon drops in the bottle and burp at certain points during the bottle

Sit her up and lean her over so her tummy is over her thighs and pat and rub her back

More tummy time and then try burping. When it doesn’t work try gripe water it really helped my baby she had colic badly. Good luck

Walk around with her after every 2 ounces

My son didn’t burp much but farted a lot. Pediatrician said as long as the gas was getting out it was all good.