My hair is very oily: Advice?

Is there any hairdressers in here or just anyone else with the same problem? My hair is extremely oily. When my hair dries after the shower, it’s oily. If I shower at night, the next day I can’t even style it cause it’s so greasy looking. Don’t get my wrong, when I’m anxious I totally play with my hair. But I feel like this isn’t the reason why… I’ve tried a million different shampoos and conditioners. Nothing seems to be working. Any home remedy’s for this? Or a new shampoo and conditioner that will actually work?

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Get some good dry shampoo to start. And train your hair by NOT washing it. You strip out your natural oils every time you wash (no matter the shampoo, etc) so your essentially hair says ‘oh! we are out of oils, let’s make even MORE!’ Thinner hair is harder to train but try some dry shampoo (or baby powder if your hair isn’t too dark!) and give it an extra day or 2 when you’re not going anywhere. I wash mine maybe once a week but I do have thick bleached hair so I can easily get away with it.

Make sure you are lathing the shampoo and washing your scalp twice and rinsing out thoroughly and never put conditioner on your scalp just on the ends and mid shaft and skip a few days washing.


I have good luck with Biolage volume shampoo n conditioner. Plus wash pillow case every day.

My hair used to be like that, I now wash it every other day instead of every day, that has helped a lot. I personally can’t go longer than that between washes.

Put soda in your shampoo takes oil out of hair leaves it shinning

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Dawn dish soap is what I had to use for a month after I had my daughter, it was super bad, and since I’ve only used tressume shampoo and conditioner because it’s not silicone based . It’s been 13 years, no issues. Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair.

Little baking soda in shampoo and as cool as you can stand the water.

biolage clean shampoo twice

You could simply be using to much conditioner. Maybe go without conditioner and see what happens.

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Try using a clarifying shampoo and no conditioner. It’s helped someone I know with the same issue drastically!

Try using dawn dishwashing liquid, and tressemme conditioner…or mane and tail.