My Husband an I should I go or stay?

Can you post anonymously for me please!!!
My husband and I got together when I was 14and I’m now 19 about to be 20 I had 2 kids young a 4year old an 3year old. But anyway! In the past the year before last year I lived in Michigan with him an we had verbal, physical, emotional abusive relationship always hands on eachother yelling arguing fast forward to this year he moved down with me to my parents and now I don’t know how I feel we’re doing better he’s trying now and working but I still feel nothing I can’t have sex with him it’s not interesting it’s not pleasurable for me nothing an I can never even O without a vibrator!! I’m not attracted to him anymore. But problem is I think I’m more into girls then guys 100%! If we split he’s down here with 0 family, he was abused,etc alll the way growing up never got love etc but sometimes he gets agitated with my babies and I correct him n so forth but should a man that’s 21 bout to be 22 know how to control himself by now?? Should I just have him leave?? Should I stay for the sake of our kids? What do I do I feel like a tiny part loves him but now I’m manipulated into not wanting to leave him again even tho before he came down to my moms I was good with no strings attached! I’m sorry this is all over the place but I’m confused, lost, an still can’t find my true self! I feel like I’m a person with a mask on and nobody knows the real me… I mean I love that he’s trying to make everything work but now we are past the point in me “loving” him… what do I do please help :sob::sob::sob: