My husband and I are struggling to get by...anyone else?

We don’t get any assistance from the government because my husband “makes to much “ we are struggling so bad our fridge is empty and we’re scraping just to make it… I am on the verg of going to pantry’s because I don’t have a clue what to do … I applied a place and he called me back today so hoping I get a job I’ve been doing a small business doing shirts and a sahm … I need some encouragement or somewhere maybe we can get some help with greocerys everywhere i contact we make to much they say . I just need some encouragement I feel like I’m failing as a mother but we’re doing everything we can right now… anyone else in this boat??


You aren’t a horrible mom or wife. People are struggling and we all know that it’s almost cheaper to not work than pay for child care. If you are struggling reach out to that pantry possibly some local churches to help provide groceries as well. You will come out on top of things. Remember there are plenty of low budget meals. We have eaten oatmeal for dinner because things were tough but whatever it is you do it with love and consideration for everyone! You keep going one day at a time


This is going to sound like tough love. I was a single mom for 2.5 years with 4 kids under 6. I worked full-time was in school full- time. We struggled hard, in my very little free time I offered services of babysitting, grass cutting and in the winter snow shoveling. Get out and hand out resumes. If your a SAHM offer babysitting, its a start. Times are tough


Girl we are all in that boat. I work and so does my husband. I say do what you have to do. I’ve been to church’s and tried getting food stamps. I have 5 kids a mortgage car payments phone bills for 8 people car insurance food cost gas my list is not endless. Just keep your head up and keep pushing that’s all we can do. With the cost of everything going up life sucks right now.


Best advice I can get is get a job , or babysit or something not many couples can make it on on income anymore


See if there any soup kitchens in your area see if your salvation army has one or if the homeless shelters serve the non residents at certain times check churches to see if they give hot to lunches away see about clothing vouchers go to the cheaper thrift stores for things like dishes or clothes. We in the same boat just got out own trailer it’s a fixer upper but livable we was homeless in a shelter for 8 months problem here is it’s somewhat affordable to live but apartments always have a waiting list. But your not a bad wife or failure your a home maker and help keep the family strong your doing your best that’s all that matters it’s this economy now and days. I live in Parkersburg wv and still learning about all the places that help. Only been here a year.

Go to the food bank I believe you can go every two weeks

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DoorDash and grub hub are great to get in to for fast money.
Working at a daycare so you get discounted or free schooling and close to your kid at the same time.
Apply and call the next day and ask for a manager. Speed it up and shows initiative


When times get tough that’s when the sacrifices come in. Try to find a job when husband is home from work/weekends so you don’t need a babysitter. Or maybe see if husband can get a better paying job if this one’s not enough. Doordash, instacart, Uber depending your area might not always be worth it. Cut expenses if need be to have a little extra for groceries. That’s always the most important after bills. Try local churches and food banks. The world is so damn expensive now a days… Wishing you the best💕

Get a part time paid job if possible

Join peer funding groups with a Walmart pick up. There’s a ton of groups where lots of people donate. I’m high and want to help Cashapp & PayPal Love