My husband barely helps with the kids...advice?

Serious question. What would yall do or any advice would be appreciated. My husband barely helps with our kiddos. Our relationship has been rocky from the get go and its getting harder and harder to deal with this. I just want to move on but this dude is on the lease so he refuses to leave. I have no where else I can go and I’m sick of dealing with it. Help.


Start preparing to move on. Figure out a new place to live, childcare, speak to a lawyer or two about custody/support, figure out a job and childcare. You have to make a plan even if it’s 6 months or two years down the road.


If you’re already playing the single parent role, lean into it. Start treating him like a roommate – make sure you and the kiddos are taken care of, but he’s on his own. Don’t do his laundry or clean his messes, and if you’re able to, make him cook for himself (I know that one is a little trickier).


I went through this. Always got told I make the money so you take care of everything else. No sorry that’s not how it works. I can say I’m divorced and living my life with my kids and we have been happy ever since. I make the money and do everything I did before so not much has changed. I’m just glad I don’t have to clean up after a man child and listen to him yell about everything :smiley:

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Rocky relationship soooo, you have kids…didn’t work did it…you can grow up, go file for custody, child support, and have him removed…


Pull up those socks and find a way mama. If he’s adamant he won’t help, and your relationship can’t be salvaged, you gotta go.
Alternatively, if he IS willing to try some counseling, I’d highly recommend that. Sometimes couples just need an unbiased outside opinion and new ways to solve issues.

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Help your kids build a friendship with him instead of a responsibility.


First, have no more children right now. Focus on the well being of your children and yourself. Try to make things better with him, don’t argue with him just smile and let him talk, not yell, but talk. Have some of his favorite foods cooked when he gets home from work, try to spend family quality time with him and the kids all together. Share Love Laughter and Patience :heart:

Are you married or like others saying husband when your not really married…:thinking:

Start getting your stuff ready. Money put aside and everything. When the lease is up, renew without him or move else where. He doesn’t want to help parent but if you go your separate ways he’ll have no choice but to do it on his own or step away completely. Whats the point of having a partner who isn’t doing their part as a partner?

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You made a decision to marry him …and now because he is doing what he has to , and your looking for a way out , instead of just talking the problem out , fixing the problem , your going to jump ship , with children , sounds like the same wore out story , tell us his side of the story cause it is clear he does not know of the words you just posted up here …that in itself is shady way to do things


If you are married first file for legal separation, perhaps your lanlord will be understanding and let you break your lease with no repercussions if you are separated.

“Rocky from the get-go” implies that he didnt pull a bait and switch on you but he was like this and you married him and more importatly committed to children with him, the lease is the least of your problems

Life will be better without carrying the dead weight of a grown man.
Start preparing to move forward.

Um go file for a restraining order and have him removed from the home. Mental abuse is real.