My husband barely interacts with our kids how he should: Advice?

My husband is very old school…anytime we go out with our kids, he refuses to participate in anything to do with the kids…we go on rides at the fair and he watches…play games…he just watches,even at home he refuses to play games with the kids because he is not interested in those types of games…he helps with the kids and is a great dad…but he doesnt intereact with them as I feel he should…what shoudl I say to him to make him understand these things are also important?

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“As I feel he should”…you say he’s a good dad but because he isn’t the kind of parent you are you’re judging him? I’m confused here.


You make no sense, how he can be a good father if he doesn’t interact with his kids?
You mean a good provider ? That doesn’t make you a good parent.
Also , your “standards/ perception “ on how your husband should interact whis kids is just YOURS , and he doesn’t need to fit into them .


How is he a great dad if he doesn’t interact with the kids? It doesn’t make sense


“He doesn’t interact with them as I feel he should” what DO you want them to do? It sounds like they aren’t interested in the same things. I also ask what do you do? What do you do to bring them together? Where is your involvement


He is a great dad,he shows affection in different ways, my dad was same way… They obviously know they are loved…

How old are the kids? I ask because my dad was the same way, with a few exceptions. He was “the watcher”, and his joy came from watching us have enjoyment, knowing he was able to give that to us. He occasionally went on rides with us, but only a handful of them. Are you sure he doesn’t interact with them when you’re not around? Cause my dad was a totally different guy when mom was gone. Have you asked your kids if it bothers them? Cause if it doesn’t then just let it go.

He doesn’t interact with them at all? Or just doesn’t play games?