My husband complained that I do not shave: advice?

How often do you mamas shave your legs? I Does your husband ever say anything about it? My husband made a comment that kind of upset me…he said he wishes i cared to shave like I used to because he used to love touching me but now all the hair grosses him out…Does he have a right to feel this way? I just feel gross now and feel like I never have time plus…who has time to sahve or likes doing it? It makes me itchy…


I don’t blame him…I hate touching my own legs when unshaved.


First of all, everyone has the right to feel the way they do. None of us have control over them. So yes, he has the right to feel the way he does, regardless of how it makes you feel. Good news though, you have the right to feel the way you feel as well.
Second, it seems like he was just conveying his preference. There are probably things that he used to do, that you wish he’d continue doing. Shave, don’t shave, it’s really up to you.
To answer your questions. I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. To be honest though, I barely have any hair on my legs. Even when my hair was a little thicker, my husband never said anything about it.


You both have the right to feel the way you do. But I understand both sides…. It’s time consuming for us and hair isn’t attractive to men… personally I don’t like being hairy it’s uncomfortable for me. But if it something you used to do more regularly you should think about that… maybe you aren’t taking time to take care of yourself and you should it’s important.

Everyone has right to feel whatever way they do, I wish my husband didn’t do stuff he does now n drives me insane. I used to shave n within hours id get stubbly n itchy and hated it and past 20 months iv been getting laser hair removal all over my body, it’s amazing n feels fo good n best part is I can go about 5/6 months between sessions and best decision I made for myself, no one else just me, x

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He has the right to feel that way, and you have the right to do what is comfortable for you. People can absolutely have preferences.


I go months without shaving. I usually only shave if I’m showing my legs in public. Otherwise I hate shaving, my husband doesn’t care at all, it’s just hair.


I just do it because I can’t stand the way hair feels rubbing up against my pants. I think he was just stating his preference. I use the razors that have the big bar of soap attached so it’s like next to no work and very quick…maybe something like that? But yes he has the right to dislike it just like you have the right to not feel like doing it.


I shave every other day. No exceptions. It doesn’t take long and I feel clean. If I don’t I feel gross. I did this long before I was married and I still do it because I can’t stand the hair. Of course he has a right to feel that way. You should put in the effort and so should he.


You have the right to not feel like shaving the same way he has the right to not like the way hairy legs feel. He was communicating with you his preference, it is up to you what to do about it. The important thing is that he was honest with you and decided to communicate it to you.


Of course he has a right to feel that way!


How about waxing? You do it less often and it’s supposed to diminish your hair over time. How about wearing thigh high stockings when you’re intimate for a smoother feel without the work? How about if he shaved your legs in the bathtub as an act of intimacy? Would either of you want to wear crotchless pants or chaps? I’m sure there are adult stores that could help you find whatever you like. Can you meet halfway like this?

Of course if he gets a request answered you get to pick something about him that he has to modify to make you happy. You don’t have to decide right away though; whenever you think of something that’ll work…

I’m guessing it might be a sensory issue for him, or just social conditioning, and not that he doesn’t find you vibrant and attractive.

I shave mine once a week. I cant stand to have sasquatch legs :joy: my hubby does make comments in between shaves when it’s at the prickly stage. He calls me a porcupine but in a humor way. Honestly though, if your man cant handle you at your worse then why be with him? Y’all took them vows… for better or worse sickness and health…that includes periods, pregnancy and hair leg season !

I don’t blame him. I can’t stand body hair. I don’t even want to touch myself when I haven’t shaved so I certainly wouldn’t expect someone else to want to or to even enjoy it. :woman_shrugging:t4: That being said if you don’t feel like shaving you don’t have to, but you can’t force him to want to touch you when you don’t. You have to decide if you care enough to put in the effort and shave or if you just don’t care and don’t want him touching you. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I am willing to bet he does not help much around the house. Many men don’t feel they need to help sadly. Make a deal with him if he cleans up after dinner and takes over child bath time or something that gives you an hour to yourself every day. You need to spend time taking care of yourself which too many moms forget to do because we take care of kids and hubby or wife first then there is nothing left for ourselves.


Wow I hope your hubby keeps himself groomed to perfection at all times. How about working more on not hurting people’s feelings while expressing our opinions? Or worry more about others feelings in general…
I forget while I’m in the shower because I usually have kids in there asking questions or singing songs. Generally not leaving me alone. My husband wouldn’t whine about something I don’t have time to do or forget about, he’d give me the time and ask me to do it for him. Usually he doesn’t care.


That is why I have my legs waxed monthly!! No more shaving!

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My mom has to shave her legs everyday because her hair is so thick from shaving everyday lol. I don’t shave near as much in winter as I do in the summer. I will go a month without shaving until it bugs me or I have the time or I just want to feel sexy for my husband. My husband make comments at me when i don’t shave for awhile and then I make time to shave. He helps me make time to shave by watching the baby so I can do it. I don’t enjoy it but I appreciate when my husband shaves his face so it’s not so pokey so I can do the same. This is small. Make a compromise. :blush:

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He has the right to feel that way , and you have the right to not wanting to shave .
Do not wait until he find a pair of shaved legs to touch to shave yours

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I shave my armpits and my vagina regularly, I only shave my legs a few times a year, if I’m planning on leaving the house with them showing. Shaving your legs all the time seems pointless to me

He’s allowed to prefer the silkiness of shaved legs. Mine prefers shaved armpits but doesn’t hassle me over it. If it’s something you used to do regularly, maybe he’s wistful for a time when you made more effort for him.

I always shave in the shower. It’s nice to feel clean and fresh and I can’t unless I’m shaved. Put it the other way. Imagine if he grew a massive beard and you hated it, would you want to kiss him?

It’s your body do what makes you comfortable but he has the right to feel like he does…

I hate touching hairy legs. Dont get offended if he doesnt want to touch you.

Perfect excuse to have him watch the kids while you visit a sugaring expert!

Nothing feels better than freshly groomed legs :heart::heart: every time I shower I shave because I hate the feeling of all those itchy pokey lil hairs
I dry brush, in shower exfoliate, use conditioner as shave cream since I’m so reactive to most stuff and the alcohol content irks me after basically exfoliating ×3, apply toner after you’re out of the shower use a cream and top with oil it’s an absolutely delicious regimen and makes me feel good to routinely do it for myself

That could really be a thing with him. Hair is gross to me too. Which sounds crazy because it’s a natural thing.

Out of habit, I shave my legs everyday for me. He does not shave his face for me.

I don’t. Your husband is a complainer. Ask him if he wants to shave because you want him too.

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He have the right to feel however he wants and you have the right to shave or not shave.
Personally I don’t do it and I wish a man would tell me what to do with my body. Eff outa here with this nonsense

I haven’t shaved my legs in like 2 months cause it’s winter and I don’t really care. My husband loves me regardless of my hairy Chewbacca legs :joy:


I’m not saying you are but I do want to put this out there: depression is real. Anxiety is real. Little tasks can seem like they’re huge. I go through this in the winter especially. With four kiddos it does seem impossible to take care of myself some days. There’s days where it’s harder than others. When I’m struggling mentally, everyone notices because I’m their backbone. My husband works 6 to 7 days a week afternoons so it feels like I’m a single parent which I know darn well I’m not. The weekends when the kiddos are home, he takes over so I have a minute to breathe. It doesn’t matter if it’s to watch a episode of a TV show, run to the gas station or simply go shopping. There’s times where he will run a bath and keep the kids out until I’m ready. I use to put up a fight because in my mind it’s my duty to take care of everything and not just let him handle things. Sometimes we need to step down and realize we do have support especially if he’s willing to help. You can’t help someone without helping yourself. Self care is necessary :purple_heart:


I always have my legs shaved. Even at 37 weeks pregnant it just feels gross to me if I don’t shave and I don’t feel fully clean.

Now, it’s all about personal preference and the amount of effort you care to put in when it concerns that. Essentially it’s your body and you can do whatever you’d like. But I think he has a right to feel any way that he feels, just like you do. He has a right to have preferences also. If you used to always do it and now don’t then it could I’m sure be a little worrisome to him also. Or feel kinda like you gave up because you used to try and now don’t.


Would you mind if he stopped shaving his face or stopped manscaping? Or did you when he did stop? Everyone has preferences. He has a “right” to feel any way he feels. Everyone does, including you. I would honestly prefer my SO to say something rather than just not touch me and I didn’t know why. At least he is communicating, which is rare it seems now a days.
That being said, you can do whatever you feel like doing with your own body. If you don’t feel like shaving don’t do it, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get touchy feely after he let you know how he felt about it.
Personally, I shave during the summer months and not the winter. I have thinner leg hair until about 2 inches below my knees, then its Jumanji for some reason lol. I also respect the fact that my SO doesn’t touch me as often if I haven’t shaved.

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He literally has the right to feel any way that he wants. Shaving your legs is pretty darn quick if you have a nice razor. I shave probably once a week and daily in summer. As far as downstairs I definitely don’t shave as much as I used to because in my 30s I have learned most men just do not care, and my husband definitely does not lol. I trim though so I’m not a mammoth.

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I would personally rather mow the lawn than shave my legs. I feel like I just have no time to spare for the low cost of the “reward”… my fiancé however, shaves his arms and legs, trims his armpits and gets a haircut/lineup every 2 weeks. Not everyone is the same. Preferences and comfort are different. In the beginning he wasn’t necessarily a fan. But I think it was simply because it was out of his comfort zone, not something he was use to. 6 years later he could absolutely care less. I however would love if he grew his hair out :heart_eyes: and maybe mow the lawn at least once.


I use the Intuition razors and shave during every shower. I’m hairy. It takes minutes and you need to take the time for yourself to do a little grooming. Why rush when showering, sometimes it’s the only alone time you get! I couldn’t stand the nubs if I don’t shave daily. Sounds like you don’t want your husband touching you and that a whole other issue other than shaving!


Let’s address the itching first;
What’s your routine like when you shave? Do you clean first, shave, then apply aftercare?
If not start with washing yourself, select a razor that’s right for you, then apply either your favorite lotion or my personal favorite grape seed oil. Then every so often (depending on how itchy you get) just reapply the lotion or oil.
Now let’s address your husband;
He is allowed to feel how he feels. However, he is NOT allowed to make you feel like shit for it. It could just be a texture thing, my sister doesn’t like mushroom because of texture :woman_shrugging:t3:

Now, that being said. I only shave when I remember to and that’s probably not a lot :laughing: when I remember to shower I’m usually so exhausted that I just wash hair and body super quick.

In my opinion if he loves you it shouldn’t bother him that much. But maybe my husband is just weird and likes me hairy. Idk. Lol. I like to keep my private shaved down because it’s annoying if that gets long. Yuck. But my legs… can’t remember last time I shaved them lol. Could’ve been last summer. I just don’t care. Lol. Not until warm weather comes back anyways. My husband loves me either way.

He does have a right to feel that way. Especially if it was something you always used to keep up on.


If it makes you itchy it could be the nickel in the razors. I would try nair or something, but if something as simple as leg hair makes him feel that way .:face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes: just for that I wouldn’t shave . :joy::joy:


Ask him to shave your legs like you use to :joy: I was on week 5 as of yesterday when I decided to shave. My husband still rubbed my legs and all other goods. If he can’t accept it then he’s not the one :person_shrugging: remember it’s your body


i shave every other day! i can’t stand the feeling of i shaved legs!

I run the razor over my legs every shower. Takes about one minute. Never any stubble


Lol, my man freaks out when I shave :sob: he knows me I have a muscle disease and shaving my legs takes alot out of me. So when I do shave he feels he hit the jackpot, other than that he’s used to it now

I shave every time I shower. I feel gross if I don’t.

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Yea I understand how things can hurt your feelings but that being said your husband should be able to (respectfully) tell you that he doesn’t like something. Mine told me he’s tired of me wearing leggings :laughing: so I of course wanted to make him happy and I started wearing jeans more for him it’s a lot of give and take for both people if your doing it right.


He can 100% feel that way but maybe shouldn’t have shared it or found a better way to let you know how he was feeling. I havent shaved my legs in i honestly dont even know how long, maybe 3 months? Maybe longer? But bless my husband he says he doesnt care and it doesnt matter to him.

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I think he does have a right to his own feelings and being honest with you about it in respectful way is a good thing. In my opinion, when you commit to spending a life with someone, it’s important to accept them for who they are of course, flaws and body hair included but it’s also important to make an effort in caring for yourself for your partner as well. This can be such a huge issue in relationships when people get comfortable and stop doing all the things they once did that the other person enjoyed about their bodies… even with our changing bodies as we grow older, there are things that just happen and we have to accept but also putting an effort to look good for a partner is an act of love to show that you care about them and their feelings and preferences as well. There are so many new shaving creams available and moisturizing with an unscented lotion or body oil after shaving will prevent itching. Something that takes 10 minutes of effort that you used to do to make your partner happy sometimes is not too much to ask. I’m not saying it needs to be daily, but compromising and communicating is the only way to make a marriage work long term.


You have the right to not shave, keeping in mind if you don’t he won’t touch them. Totally your choice.

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I’m a super lucky 30 something who’s legs seem to have never been able to really grow hair :laughing: I shave maybe once a month, just to do it really. But that being said if my man told me he didn’t like a little fur anywhere, not just my legs, I’d try to be open minded and keep up with it for him. He’s quite attentive in areas of our life that matter to me so I don’t mind. But if he were a douche and not the way he is I wouldn’t waste a second thought on shaving.

I always shave but because I like it. My husband has never complained or commented one way or another. Its not something I kept up with as well when we had smaller babies and he still never complained.

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My husband doesn’t care but will make comments about it like “when’s the last time you shaved” “you trying to see if they are as long as mine” but it doesn’t stop him from touching me. After so long I get annoyed by it myself. We have 4 kids under 6 and I try to take the time at least once a week

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I shave when I want to. I have PTSD, Anxiety, and depression. I do good getting in the shower but even just washing my hair tires me out quick. I did get some sugar wax and waxed then when I have the energy I shave what I missed. But my fiance and I have been together for 12yrs and he understands and helps me. On my bad days he’s washed my hair for me and is always my rock when I just need a moment to fall apart.

I haven’t shaved my legs since like Dec :joy::joy: it’s winter and cold as hell :joy: my husband doesn’t give a crap lol and I tell him oh well I still haven’t shaved so my legs are hairy his response oh well I just like touching you :joy::joy:

I think it’s weird how everyone is saying he has a right to his opinion. It’s honestly fucking weird that we expect women to appear prepubescent and shave everything, but not men. The idea of that, when I think about it, weirds me out. I do shave out of personal preference, but it’s also just weird that society decided women should do that or it’s unattractive. I don’t always shave my legs super frequently and my boyfriend has never been weird about it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time for it as a mom. Regardless of how he feels, I don’t think he should have said that aloud.

At least once a week in the winter. More frequently in the summer. I can’t stand they way my legs feel in the sheets with prickly hairs. I feel as though it’s bothered me more the older I’ve gotten.

My leg hair is weird. It takes almost 2 months to grow back. My pits on the other hand like to show up within 2 days so I shave more often when it comes to that. Honestly I would feel a bit salty about it too. I also think it’s just a personal preference. Like I would love it if my man kept his beard all the time. When he shaves it I tell him it feels like I’m kissing a girl. But I’m not going to control what he does or how often he does it. It’s not my place.

Ok. He has the right to feel that way but in my opinion, I would tell him to suck it up buttercup. My husband doesn’t like the hair on my legs either. I have told my hubby to give me more of a break 3 to 4 times a week and then I will do it. Being a mother of 4 I just really don’t have the time. My kids take priority over shaving my legs.

He has a right to feel that way, but he should’ve went about it a different way.

My legs not being shaved makes me feel gross. I just hate the way they feel lol.

You have every right to be upset about it, though. I would be too.

Everyone has their preferences and things that bother them

I shave maybe once a month lol but I dont usually get a lot of hair on my legs. It’s the simple things that will make him happy then try and keep up with shaving. I don’t know your relationship but I’m sure he does things he doesn’t want to do, just to please you. :heart:

Have him pay for laser hair removal :eyes::skull: that’s hella annoying he even complained.

I don’t shave especially in the winter. No one sees my legs but myself. I don’t care. No one sees no one knows. My bf has never said anything about me not shaving. People suck!

Don’t be hurt by this. He’s allowed to have preferences just as you are. It’s up to you what to do with that information. Shave if you want, if not then he will be fine.

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You might feel better about yourself if you groomed more often.

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Nair. Put it on all the parts on a Sat and wear a dress and set a timer. Load the dishwasher and then use a washcloth in the shower to rub it off.
And yes he does have a right to not like a woman to have hairy legs.

I shave every other day. If not then at least twice a week. Most I’ve ever gone without shaving is a week.

I shave my legs maybe once a month :joy: but everything else is an every other day thing

Let him shave your legs if you are tired and he wants them shaved.

Just an idea how about a bottle of nare it may be alot easier like that …just saying …Anything to please your man …

It literally takes me less than 5 minutes to shave.

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Maybe wax last longer then u won’t have to worry about it for atleast 3 weeks

I would kindly take the hint and get to shavin! Even if I don’t think it’s priority, if my hubby don’t like it, then it’s important to me. I could see how it could hurt your feelings but please Be happy he communicated that to you! :heart:


I don’t grow hair, I used nair everyday for about a month when I was 15 and the hair no longer grows and I’m 52 now. I know my husband loves that my skin feels silky. Maybe that’s what your husband misses and he is just too dumb to word it better :person_shrugging: :rofl:

Tell him to shave his legs everyday and see how he feels about it after a month or so! :joy:

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I can’t stand the feeling of my legs when there is even a little stubble. I shave every other day if not everyday. That being said my husband never says a thing if I’m not feeling good and let it go for 2-3 days. I’ll apologize and say I feel gross but he always tells me I’m beautiful and loves on me no matter what. It takes 2 minutes to shave so if that’s what he likes I would just do it but maybe tell him the way he is speaking about the topic doesn’t make you feel loved or motivated to make the changes he wants. If he values your feelings he would draw you a bath, light a candle, bring you a glass of wine and shave them for you while he tells you how sexy you are with smooth legs and how much he loves every part of your body the way it is.

I use to shave daily… 6 kids later, I’m lucky to get to wash my booty let alone shave, my husband doesn’t ever say anything but has joked that in the winter my “winter coat” helps keep us both warm :sweat_smile::rofl:
However he does have the right to his opinion as everyone does, maybe ask him to allow you the time do do the small things such as time to shave… if it bothers him that badly, he can allow you time to do something that benefits both of you


I shower 2-3 times per day, even through having babies to care fore, and shave in every shower. He absolutely has the right to feel the way he feels.

He does have a right to feel that way. Preferences matter.

I don’t shavey legs in the winter or hardly ever :joy:

I shave once a week or once a month just depends. My husband doesn’t mind.

If he has a problem with you not shaving,point out his hair and how it grosses you out lol

He’s not a man if he is grossed out by the fact that women naturally have hair :rofl:

What an asshole. Pretty straight up. But grossed out? Yup maybe but saying that?? Ild reply with " well il start doing that when you can grow 2 more inches.

Of course he has a right to feel the way he feels.

He has a right to his opinion. Who are u to think you can control his opinion. If you don’t care… fine. If u do care…SHAVE. why is this even a topic???

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Yes he has a right to feel that way!!

Buy a electric razor, easy peasy! Quit being a baby! Takes 5 minutes!

Get you one of these makes shaving easy and quick

I shave my legs once a week my armpits our every other day

Really it litterally takes 15 20 minutes it’s not life or death :joy:

It takes 2 minutes to shave

It depends. Some weeks I don’t shave and other weeks I do. I prefer it only because I like the feeling of clean shaven legs under the covers.

Grown men don’t care about hair.

I shave like once a week. Otr when the weather is nice but not much more so

When I don’t shave I tell my husband to be careful, there is severe tire damage ahead. Lol. That being said, I can only got a 2 or 3 weeks before I just have to shave.

Does he live up to your standards it’s a 2 way street

I could look like Chewbacca and no dude would say anything lol but I shave everything every day

I could go months without shaving and not hear a word❤️

You both are allowed to be in your feelings but it’s your body and you don’t have to

I shaved the other day cause my hair was getting long, but my husband could care less.