My husband doesn’t care if I cheat

My husband and I got into an argument and he said he doesn’t care if I go out and cheat on him, that it wouldn’t hurt him one bit. I told him that if he doesn’t care if I’m with other men then I can’t see a future with him, and that we can get divorced so that he could have a life with someone who he cares about. A divorce would be simple, we have nothing to divide, kids, etc. I had a talk with him that if he doesn’t care if I’m out with other men then I would rather end things and build a future with someone who values me and will care if I cheat. I would never cheat but it made me feel like if he doesn’t appreciate me or think that I’m worth keeping around. He is always talking about a future together, etc. and wants to do everything together. He doesn’t care if I’m with other men and cheat but he doesn’t want to go separate ways. I don’t know what to think but I know I felt so hurt when he said it.

He might’ve just said it in the heat of the moment. It doesn’t really make sense to love someone but not care if they cheated. That would hurt anymore. I guess I would just talk to him and see if he can go more into detail. If he really doesn’t care i would probably find someone else to go through life with.