My Husband Doesn’t Seem to Like Me Now That I’m Showing

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"I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. Since I’ve started showing my husband doesn’t show me any love or affection, we started sleeping in different rooms. He said we need to spice up our marriage in the bedroom and every time I try he rejects me then later on watches porn. I’m so proud of my bump (I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have another kid after an accident and doctors told me I couldn’t.) But he makes me feel fat and disgusting. What can I do? Please help"

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"Definitely speak to him. Although making you feel that way is far from okay, it’s actually quite normal. A lot of men get really uncomfortable with the idea of sex while you’re pregnant. Just talk to him about it. Tell him how you’re feeling."

"You can leave his sorry ass and find you a better man."

"Have you tried talking to him about why? Some dudes get scared they’ll hurt the baby or something during sex lol. Hope everything works out!"

"If you haven’t already, mention to him why he seems to be uncomfortable around you. It could be something like he is worried about hurting the baby by having intimacy. Open communication is really important especially when pregnancy hormones are literally all over the place and emotions are running high."

"You should probably have a serious talk with him about why he is creating physical distance and explain how much love and affection would mean to you right now."

"What an asshole. If it makes you feel better I don’t think your overreacting at all."

"Definitely not right. Tell him how you feel."

"Maybe he feels weird doing anything since the babies in there? Could be something else but it does happen sometimes."

"Hubby did this too, found out right after I had our daughter he was paying for sex from women offline cause sex was so uncomfortable for us due to our sizes together… it literally killed me that I stayed inside he knows I’ll never forgive him and we basically just raise 4 kids together…mine was worse though still coming to bed acting like he loved me even after I had her. RUNNN."

"Set his ass straight."

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