My husband has been sneaking around

My husband and I have been together 9 years. He’s been acting different the past year and I’ve been unhappy in the relationship. He’s an alcoholic and has been from the beginning. He will binge drink and treat me bad and drink and drive and pee in bed sometimes.

One of my friends said I should look into it, if he’s been doing anything behind my back. I went through his search history on his computer and I’ve been finding interesting things everyday. Obviously a lot of porn which I don’t care. But he’s also been googling nude teen girls and on Instagram looking up my sister and the same 2 pictures almost everyday. He does not follow her on there. He’s also looked up transgender porn. And a lot of anal porn and women being abused by it.

I found a pre paid Visa card hidden in a briefcase we don’t use along with a pocket pussy. Found out he used the card to subscribe to his 21 year old cousins only fans page and watched her videos. I got on his onlyfans and everything was gone including the card info. The only reason I found out he was subscribed to his cousin was cause I found a screen shot in his pictures of it.

He’s also been looking up this girl on Instagram he used to work with and have a thing with. Looking at all her pics. He texted her a few years back and said he missed her and stuff and I confronted him about it and he said he was drunk and doesn’t remember. He knows I didn’t want him talking to her yet continued and changed her name in his phone.

I asked him if he jerks off to me ever and he said yea he only pictured me and says he doesn’t need to jerk off and I’m the only one he wants to sleep with.

A few months ago he flipped a switch and wanted to have sex a lot more. Previously wasn’t very often. I just think he wants to imagine someone else when it happens.

He lies about everything and doesn’t tell me a lot of things. I feel like he’s living a double life and what else could he be doing.

This is grounds for a divorce I think. Right? Or am I over exaggerating. just don’t know how to go about it and confronting him with everything. I want to keep finding out more but I honestly can’t stand him anymore.

I think I would leave. Everything you said it’s weird as hell especially that he watches his own cousins videos. Like… I’m sorry, what??? It’s just too much from looking up specific photos of your sister to changing a woman’s name in his phone. He doesn’t seem to respect you by his actions and straight up lying to your face. It sounds like he maybe has a sex addiction? Either way how he acts is totally unacceptable so I would either leave or talk to him about everything and see if he’s willing to maybe see a doctor about it if you choose to want to stay. There’s so many other people in the world that would treat you so so so much better.