My husband hasn't been helping around the house much since Father's Day

Yall I just need to vent !!! My husband is a great dad plays with the kids and spends so much time with them and helps clean around the house MOST the time… but for fathers day my kids got him a new game and I feel like ever since then he has stopped really helping clean. … he is a stay at home dad and I’ve been out of work since December because I was injured at work and needed two surgeries… anyway this morning he fixed our kitchen sink and loaded the dishwasher while I cleaned out front room and dinning room with a child on my hip … well my mother and neice were coming over so I asked him to put on smell good wax and empty the trash can in our guest bathroom … then I asked if he would sweep because I picked up everything off the floor and tell me why this man literally only put on the smell good wax and sweeped for two seconds then complained he didn’t wanna do it so I had to take over :roll_eyes: then I go into the bathroom and the trash is still full … I feel like he is taking advantage of me being home and just expects me to do everything which would be fine if my one year old didn’t want me to hold them every second of everyday and I literally have 1 good arm … ugh just needed to vent