My husband hasn't wanted to touch me...advice?

My husband has barely touched me in over a month. I’ve begged for intimacy for cuddles. I’ve cried even. Why is this happening


Don’t assume cheating mine doesn’t always wanna touch me he gets exhausted from work and sometimes we like to spend alone time too desensitized from work. Ask him and voice ur concerns and ask him how he’s feeling let him know he can tell u what’s bothering him.


It’s over or something is going on

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Talk to him. Don’t make assumptions. Sit next to him, face-to-face is hard to handle, ask him what is going on. Don’t make it about you. Show concern for him. Actually listen to what he has to say. There are so many possible reasons - give him a chance to explain.


Give what you want to receive

Cheating or touching someone else different

When you asked him why what did he say?
I would talk to him and tell him how that is making you feel.
You shouldn’t have to beg for his love.

He may need to have his testosterone levels checked.


Unless he is depressed or ill - without stating something as fact - if all was okay before then it normally means he is cheating :pensive:

My boyfriend sometimes go through this, it’s not always cheating he could be tired from
Working, maybe having some personal issues ask him before coming at him about cheating


Trust your gut girl, everything will be okay with or without him💐


A month :laughing: That’s not long hun… could be anything, could just be life!


He could be stressed out, worn out or maybe he’s touching somebody else.

How long have you been together… It’s pretty normal sometimes and it’s ok to take space.

Just jump on him and gets cuddle :joy:


Don’t assume that there is someone on the side, to be honest low testosterone causes this too so it can be something physiological going on…maybe just see if he’s feeling ok…


Talk to him ask him you running :+1: around or do you need time what is it because you could be heading for the d don’t let it go that far you guys will regret it


Could be a long list of things. Best of luck. If I have to start begging , it’s over.

I think the biggest issue is his lack of concern for how you are feeling… sex is nice but it’s not the most important thing, affection, intimacy and comprehension is a requirement for me. To have someone not acknowledge my feelings would show me that they don’t care enough about me. Many hugs and much luck.

Something or Someone might be distracted him…

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Ask him what is going on. Communication is key and he could be going through stuff and doesn’t know how to express it. Communicate with him.
Just because a man is withdrawing doesn’t always mean he is cheating but you won’t be able to move forward as a couple unless you guys talk.
My hubby and I barely are affectionate towards each other but that’s because that’s the type of people we are. But that doesn’t mean either one is cheating.

It could be a number of things. Stress. Not eating right. Not taking care of himself. Sometimes it’s not just you. It’s everything else in the world going on. try going on a date and having fun with each other!!! Talk about it. Ask him and see if there’s anything you can do!!!


Get his hormone levels checked. Low testosterone can cause this

Hes feeling guilty and or got his interest peaked by someone or hes either having an affair.
Common reaction to any of these.

First- done assume he’s cheating.
Have you spoken with him
about it, in a non threatening way? “Hey honey, I have noticed we have some distance and disconnect. I feel lonely and sad, what can we do to change or work through this. I love you very much.”
I struggle to NOT come across aggressive and have been working on it. I use “I” statements and use “we” to work on solutions.

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I love the people trying to be gentle and doesn’t want you to assume the first bad thing that’s happened. But from experience he’s cheating or jerking off to other women because he can’t control his self sexually. Be careful mama. Just observe what you can and make the best decision for you.


He has another on the ??side??

Just ask him …. 99% of the time it’s just stress inducing performance issues

Men are human beings. There’s not enough information here for anyone to suggest the worst case scenario and it’s irresponsible for them to say otherwise. Talk to him. Communicate. Maybe he’s depressed, maybe it’s a medical problem, maybe he needs to talk with an unbiased professional … explore those options before making assumptions. Especially if this is out of character.


Well how’s the relationship between the two of you? Has there been many disagreements or intimacy without physical touch? Are there health things going on with him or others in yalls lives? What about mental health? Financial stresses?

Have you sat him down and just asked about the disconnect? Without accusing or blame. Sometimes things happen. Do you have any reason to feel like something more is happening?


I don’t want to jump the gun or upset you, but I would be cautious, just because that can definitely be a big sign that somebody is being unfaithful. At the least, it may be that he’s feeling upset and/or disconnected from you, for some reason. I would have a conversation and ask what’s going on with him, along with expressing the way this is making you feel.

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Have you asked? Typically - there are 3 main reasons - stress, low confidence and cheating.


Something is broken. I’d be suspicious if my husband didn’t touch me or try after a couple days. Time for a real Heart to heart convo- no distractions. Leaving is not the first answer. See if it can be fixed- try to date again. :heart:


He doesn’t want his gf to get jealous.

He done just don’t know how to tell you

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Have you considered the other side ? Is this man worn out from work? Is it possibly not you ?

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Sit and talk to him let him know how it’s making you feel. I actually talked to my man about our sex issue last time he’s not use to being the 1 to initiate things and either am I. Men want to feel wanted to. Romance him

My husband belittled me, accused me of cheating on him, called me awful names! Then couldn’t understand why I refused to be intimate with him. How do you treat him? Sometimes we shut down to our spouse because of emotional abuse. After counseling, understanding myself, we are now divorced. Good luck to you, but remember it does take 2 in a relationship to work it out.


Dont think many men or women would want to someone who begs and crys for it

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He is touching someone else

Talk to him about it. I had a baby almost 8 months ago.
It’s been so busy over here plus 4yo plus baby. I told my guy I need more life and affection every day - and want to give it a well. As he works a ton so I can’t always initiate.

He’s been kissing or hugging or reaching out as much as I have been. And also using more loving language.

Sometimes it’s easy to let the world and life events cause distance.


Have you made an afford to keep yourself attractive? Have you let yourself go? Works both ways, i know, but look in the mirror, a full length one and see if u see what he use to see.

Just because a man doesn’t want to be intimate doesn’t mean he is cheating and just some of you may have gone through it doesn’t mean all man are that way. For the last 4 month I have barely been intimate with my wife because I was working 2 jobs and 7 days a week. Then certain times of the year I get a little depressed and don’t want to be touch or want to touch her. You need to talk to him and see what’s going on don’t think the worse until you have spoken with him.


Maybe he is on meds or has had covid. Both can cause impotency

If you’ve begged and cried … I think you know the answer


I ain’t had no pussy in 3 years I’m still alive as is she. I guess it is what it is. Unless y’all are young

No one here knows the answer. He does, so you need to talk to him. Here you’ll just hear that he’s depressed, cheating, not interested, doesn’t love you, etc.

I can only get mine to come near me when he wants laid, that’s all. He doesn’t sit next to me on the couch, doesn’t even come to bed unless he wants some then usually leaves as soon as he finishes, he doesn’t hold my hand, I don’t get cuddles, nothing. I have never felt so lonely before


Lol why is it always cheating? I have zero desire to be intimate 90% of the time and I certainly have not been cheating.


Go touch and feel up on him. Seems like you want him to touch you first. Go a touch him. Rub your ass on his d*ck :man_shrugging:. Idk ma’am. I’m not a math teacher

Ask point blank, multiple choice:

  1. Is work stressing him out so much he can’t relax? If so, what specifically?
  2. Is he worried about losing his job? Finances?
  3. Is he feeling bad about himself, his body or his performance in the bedroom?
  4. Did he get or does he anticipate some kind of bad news from his doctor? Is he worried about some medical or mental illness symptoms?
  5. Is there something about you that is turning him off? Steel yourself for this one & just listen to what he says. Don’t argue, cry or anything or he will never be honest with you again. If you are too emotional say OK & get up & go. Cry in the shower, take a walk, go for a drive to the grocery store and scream in the parking lot, then buy something to justify the trip. Once you’ve regained your composure, think about if he has a point (you’ve gained 50 lbs in the past few months, you’re always complaining or nagging, your breath stinks, you never get out of your sweats, comb your hair or shave your legs anymore, etc.) If you’re willing to do something to improve, let him know, then do so. If he wants the impossible, tell him he either loves you as is, or does he want a divorce?
  6. If you’ve gotten here with all “nos” save this for last. Ask him if there’s someone else & look him in the eye. Pay more attention to his body language than his words.

If he says it’s nothing, say going from having sex 3 times a week (or whatever after you first got married) to none in a month, or being frequently affectionate to avoiding any contact isn’t nothing, especially at his age (unless he’s over 50, then it’s performance issues). Tell him you want the truth and will try to listen without reacting (it’s really hard; practice with friends) and then find solutions together. Agree on a quiet time in the future to discuss.

If you can’t get to the bottom of things, get couples counseling or just go yourself. Sounds like you could both benefit from learning better communication techniques.

It’s been 3 years. It’s lonely as hell.

Ask him if he wants a divorce because he is clearly cheating on you andyou aren’t gonna live that way .


Why would you ask complete stranger on FB instead of your husband? Pray & talk to your husband. Also examine your own behavior towards him.

Girl leave. Dont ever begg and cry for intimacy… find someone who sweeps you off your feet.


Cheating or taking care of himself with porn

Maybe get dolled up…perfume…sexy shorts and maybe he will come around…at 42 I’ve learn men are visual creatures :woman_shrugging:t4: maybe you touch him…grab his booty and nibble on his neck…sometimes we have to be the one to touch first :two_hearts:

Cheating. Can’t deal with himself


He’s a man mine does that crap enjoy sleep at night

He could be drinking to much

Have you tried TALKING with him ?? He could be ging through medical issues. He could be stressed from ?? Something ??
If that doesn’t work, be your own best friend and buy a B.O.B. ( battery operated bofriend)

Firstly, act like you don’t care. If you stop acting all sappy he will come around.
Maybe he is watching porn and taking care of himself. That will get old.

Because they’re going through their own shit and don’t know how to talk about it

All of these women quick to jump to conclusions just because a man doesn’t touch you doesn’t mean he is cheating. 85% of the time it’s because they are depressed or stressed out feeling like they are not enough for you or doing enough to take care of the family. Men have feelings too, I went months without touching my wife because I was stressing so much and was in deep depression and half the time didn’t realize how withdrawn I had become. Maybe take the initiative to come on to him if that doesn’t work try having him talk to someone professionally.

Doesn’t seem like begging and whining and crying are his turn ons :man_shrugging: maybe try something different


Hes seeing someone else, why beg & cry, make yourself look desperate??


That’s kinda a loaded question. We don’t know how old your husband is, if he has health issues, etc. If you couldn’t keep him off you before then it’s possible he is cheating but I don’t want to go straight to that conclusion. So I’m gonna recommend the rose.:woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

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Doesn’t always mean being unfaithful so listen to advice with a pinch of salt it could also be depression and he doesn’t know how to express his self but you will know your partner more than any of us


He’s a man, not a robot. If he’s not feeling particularly affectionate then it doesn’t mean he’s cheating. If a woman said she hadn’t felt like cuddling her husband for a while and he’d been crying and pestering her, you’d all be saying he was a bastard for not leaving her be when she wasn’t feeling in the mood for intimacy. Funny how when it’s a woman pestering a guy its fine and he must be cheating :thinking:

Mine had same issues Turns out it wasn’t me it was him having issues down there :point_down: Guys don’t wanna go to the dr about that stuff but sounds like what’s going on and you just gotta have a one on one with him and hopefully he will open up and tell you Most likely he won’t at first though We went a year without any intimacy


Probably has a new woman or even a man

Have a heart to heart and if that doesn’t work , act the same way! Communicate! But he doesn’t want to even touch you??:grimacing: that’s a problem that needs to be addressed !

You’re asking us? What did HE say? Good lord. How would we even know?

Not nearly enough information for any kind of sensible guess from us.