My husband is mad at me for following my childs fathers stolen car...advice?

Can anyone tell me if I’m truly in the wrong? My child’s father’s car was stolen the other day. I posted on Facebook about it and actually saw the person driving the car, then followed them until police got there. In my eyes my son’s dad needs his car to help support my son, get my son food, to sports, and in case of emergency. My husband thinks I’m wrong because him and my son’s dad don’t get along and there was major issues when we first got married. And he finds it disrespectful that I helped find the car. Honest answers would be appreciated…


Tell your husband to grow up. He’s ridiculous. That’s your son’s father, he will always be in your life and your husband needs to get over it. You helping him, helps your son.


I can understand your feelings about that… but at the same point it was not the best idea for you to do… you could have potentially put yourself in danger. If it were me I’d be upset you followed the vehicle due to the dangers. Calling it in was more than enough.


Your kid comes first. No matter what. His dad needs a car.


I would be mad because following them was dangerous but not any other reason


That is not disrespectful at all… people do it for strangers, it’s just a nice thing to do.

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It’s easy to follow a vehicle safely, I would have followed. Kids dad needs his car.


You helping find your sons dad’s car was in fact helping your son. Your husband needs to get his boxers out of a bunch, grow up and realize if he doesn’t stop acting like a child he may lose you due to his insecurities.


I see nothing wrong. You did a good deed!


Sounds that someone has insecure issues , you did the right thing as long as you didn’t put yourself in any danger.


You did the right thing & if your husband can’t see or understand that then that’s ahimsa problem not a you problem!!


Should have been resolved before you got married. He needs to grow up.


You did good girl tell him to grow up

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Disrespectful to who? As long as you’re not putting yourself or child in danger I don’t think you were wrong. Your problems aside you helped another person. Why does your husband think helping & doing a good deed wrong? I’d rethink other things he may have done.


Your husband is acting like a child and needs to grow TF up.

Your husband needs to grow up.


He your son blood thicker than water

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Lol I mean posting Help find the car cool… but Officer BM no ma’am lol stay out that man business before he be helping you pack up yours lol

Your husband is being pathetic…

You did :white_check_mark:… well done. Hubby is too jealous. :heart_eyes:


Your child well being comes first

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You ARE NOT IN THE WRONG!!! You are obviously co-parenting the right way…your current husband needs to grow up…did your current husband have anything to do with having the car stolen…:thinking:


You’re doing what’s best for YOUR son.
If he’s mad about it, too bad.


Do I think your heart was in the right place, yes. Do I think that was incredibly stupid and reckless to follow them, also, YES! From a safety standpoint…if they’re willing to steal a car, I’d imagine they’d be willing to commit other worse crimes as well. Clearly you have at least one child, and put yourself in danger to do this. Cars can be replaced. Moms, not so much. I’d be mad too.

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If he was concerned for your safety I’m sure you can understand that. But if he is not happy be a it is your ex husband he should grow up! Co parenting is important for the child. Well done for helping if the situation was safe.


He should be proud of you. I hope he doesn’t get any worse with this crazy jealousy. You have a child with the man, he isn’t going to disappear. Sounds like you are going to go through hell just to do what’s right for your son.


If the situation were reversed and it was your car that was stolen and your ex followed it to help in the recovery you current husband would likely still be pissed, its some type of insecurity

The only thing I would have been concerned about would be for safety reasons. However I wasn’t there to know how it went, so I can’t pass judgment on that part.

Your spouse is going to have to work on the issues that he has with your ex. I know it’s easier said than done when you can’t make someone do that.


Honestly my hubby would be pissed too. Not because it was BD car because I put myself in possible danger. However I’d also tell my hubby get over it this is me & you known this before your married me. Then it would be over. Hubby would realize I was safe on the phone with pd, staying back just far enough to not be in any real danger & I would do it again if need be.


The short answer is you were right and your husband is being an insecure jerk.

You did a good thing, no one can fault you for that. I’m sorry if your husband won’t understand the bigger picture.

You did the right thing. What is right is right no matter who gets their panties in a knot.

I think you did the right thing by your son and he needs to grow up. Your son comes first.

Called being an adult. You did nothing wrong

if he cant see you did it for your son, something is wrong with him. shame he is so jealous.

I’d be a little annoyed that you put your self at risk but that’s what I’d be annoyed about not the fact it’s your ex

Tell your husband to stfu