My husband is mad that I facetimed my best friend when I was in the bath: Advice?

Does anyone FaceTime their best friends while taking a bath? My husband is upset with me because I was in the bathtub and in FaceTime with my best friend… she couldn’t see anything and we were just chatting while I was relaxing and my husband actually got upset about it… like am I missing something here? She has been my best friend for 15 years! And he’s saying he feels awkward with us hanging out now… like I don’t see the big deal… am I missing something??


He’s fantasized about this exact scenario so it coming to life is weirding him out.


If it bothers him, don’t do it.


I’m only laughing cause my bestie is my hype girl periodically to spicy pics lol before I send them (I am sorry he is acting that way)


While I don’t see a problem as long as BFF is of the same gender and not a potential for emotional/romantic interest that crosses boundaries I am not the husband. His feelings are his alone and valid whether anyone else understand them or not. Speak to him about the why and respect that his feelings are valid. Only then can you both work together for a solution that works for both of you.


Ummmm my best friend and I lived together in high school and if we were running super late, there’d be times we’d both hop in the shower at the same time. It’s not like you FaceTimed a guy and was being all spicy, that I could understand more, but my three closest friends have probably seen me naked or close to more than anyone

If it bothers him, then dont do it. Its a simple enough fix. Relationships are hard enough as it is… if you can do something to help your so feel better, the do it. Especially if it doesn’t cost you anything.
I would talk about it though… why is he feeling uncomfortable with it and are his feelings going to still be present if you stop doing it.


I facetime my best friend when I shower all the time. I’ll even pee and facetime her🤣 is he insecure about something?


I can see it both ways. But in all seriousness, is it really a hill to die on? If it makes him uncomfortable, maybe calmly ask him why just for some insight then respect his wishes. Relationships are give and take and this is something relatively small. There may come a time when there’s something that bothers you and he may show you the same respect if you validate his feelings.


Idk, my husband wouldn’t care. My BFF and I have taken showers together to get ready to go out while my husband was downstairs with the kids. My BFF would climb into the tub with me if she was there, and I don’t think my husband would even question it. All we’d be doing would be drinking wine and talking about all the places we’d like to bury our exes. :woman_shrugging: My husband knows that we have a history, but none of it bothers him. If it did bother him, he would tell me about it, and I’d respect his feelings and stop.


My best friend and i do that often. She’s also helped me shower after my c section’s and i’ve hung out in her bathroom while she’s dressed and undressed n showered herself . I personally wouldn’t understand why he’s mad as you both have the same parts and honestly as long as you’re comfortable with it and she’s not showing her significant other you in the bath what’s the problem

Wtf…if thats all he has to be upset about, he needs a hobby. Jeez my best friend helped me with my pregnancy test LOL like sat on the floor and dipped my urine :laughing::laughing:


To me it sounds like an excuse so he can alienate you from your friend.


Lololol what? My best friend will literally come in my bathroom while I take a bath :woman_shrugging:t2:


I mean, are you or her bisexual? Because if either of you are he has a right to feel uncomfortable with it.

A bath is not sexual unless you make it that way… Weird


My BFF and I do this too :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sarah Diveley shit we’d be fucked :joy:… sorry he’s being that way… I would understand if it was a guy but it wasn’t…

:joy: my best friend has seen me naked more times than my husband probably


I will say his mind would be blown at public bathhouses around the world.

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Everyone has things that bother them and sometimes we don’t understand why it’s bothersome but if it’s our spouse we should respect it. I can see why it’s nbd to you and why it’s a big deal to him. He should let it go and you should call her on the regular phone if she FaceTimes you while you’re indisposed lol. I don’t think he should automatically feel weird about you guys hanging out now. Especially if he voices his concern and you respect it.


Lol that would be the day. My bestfriend sits in the washroom with me while I bathe and vise versa. We have had showers together lol…She’s Literally been my rock since we were super little. NOBODY will ever come in between our friendship… boyfriend/husband I don’t care.

He probably is jealous he doesn’t get to see his friend in the tub… if he’s making a big deal of yous not wanting to hang out… wtf…

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I mean he’s probably banging her :rofl:

Has your husband been dumped or cheated on by a woman with or for a woman

My bestie and I walk around **ss and t^ts out tell that man get a life!

I would be more worried about your device being hacked and your image being leaked (n!pslip or something else by mistake). My kids are not allowed having phone/tablet in the bathroom and bedroom while undressing for this reason.

As for him being jealous about your best friend, that’s just childish and controlling.

I think it’s weird that he thinks it’s weird… but to each their own

Lmao then there’s me and you Ashley Harrington who get our titties pierced together and all our men do is laugh at our experience while doing it :joy: but sadly we both also had the opposite so glad to not have to deal with that toxic mess anymore!

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If I needed my hoo ha looked at I would spread eagle for her to check it out, but we been best friends for over 20 years :rofl: she has seen all parts of me and me her. My husband don’t give 2 shits about it, we have been together 14 years… He knew from the start we were like sisters. But we are secure in our relationship… Not everyone is as comfortable with that type of friendship…

Lyss Leggerini :joy::joy: not me helping you in the shower and calling you while I was in the bath. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Men are a lot different than women. My husband & I discussed locker room things one time from when we went to school & done sports & I told him that us girls would change in front of each other like naked & everything & shower in the locker room shower & he thought that was the weirdest thing ever. Lol so apparently men find things super uncomfortable whereas us women don’t.

Good reason to not have a husband…I’m guessing it’s because men are mainly steered towards sexual thinking, honestly, it’s all about the mindset…lol, one reason I’m glad I’m single…

I’d be more upset that he was mad that you were chatting with your friend. He can get over it as long as it’s a female who cares.

I mean my best friend and I have gone for X rated body piercings with one another in the room. It may be something that bothers him but you need to find out why. Something seems off.

No i do it and my other half doesn’t mins

What if the husband was FaceTimeing his male best friend while taking a bath? Would the support be the same or would people think it’s odd?

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Your husband is a child, his temper tantrum most likely stemming from the fact he probably thinks you and bff :scissors: (Iykyk) and he not included. Because what man gets mad about their woman chatting to her female bff…

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Yeah that would be a no from me. I don’t even FaceTime my own mother when I’m taking a bath

He’s looking for a reason to have a problem…look deeper


If it bothers him you need to respect that. I get it was no big deal, but he’s not comfortable with his wife bringing anyone to the bathroom when she’s naked.


His head would probably explode if he knew my best friend of 20 years calls me while she’s pooping :rofl::rofl::rofl::face_exhaling: yes he’s seriously overreacting

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Sounds to me like he has some serious self esteem issues of himself. Women are comfortable around eachother.

He jst being awkwardly male.:thinking:

Seems like he’s insecure for some reason…

He’s so insecure he’s challenged by a person of the opposite sex.
Very sad for him and odd.
If you’re Bi then that’s where that stems from.

Nakita Mae Lieurance-Bullard how many times have you done this? :joy::joy::joy:


My best friend will sit in the bathroom while I shower… get a new husband lol


I would respect my husband’s wishes bff should never triumph hubbys feelings

My best friend has seen me naked in person and in pics :rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:

Maybe your husband has had issues with this in previous relationships in the past such as an ex cheating on him with another female. So that could be why it bothers him. You never know unless you ask. You don’t know what others have been through in the past unless they tell you. Some guys might be embarrassed to tell their significant other they have been cheated on with another female. I would have a conversation and just try to understand. If you don’t think it’s worth losing your marriage over then definitely respect his wishes. You would hate if the roles were reversed and your husband didn’t respect your wishes on a situation.

Personally I don’t take my phone in the bathroom or kitchen. I don’t need other people in the bathroom with me. Plus I’ve ruined too many phones with water.

As for hubby being mad. I would feel weird about her too. When I video call someone it’s to share that expirence with them when they aren’t physically there. If your hubby thinks the same way then he feels like you took your friend in the tub with you. That’s difficult to get past.

Not sure what to tell you my hubby wouldn’t care. Sounds like he’s got some issues he needs to work on.