My husband is obsessed over our daughters!

My husband is obsessing over our daughters cough. Granted shes had this cough for almost 2 months but with allergies, temp changes in our area and her teething I am not concerned. Ive taken her to her pcp about a month ago and they said she has no infection and it will have to just have to run its course. He sent me to urgent care this morning and they said its looking like seasonal allergies are the culprit. Hes refusing to believe that is possible. Help because he just will not listen.


Nebulize a little CS daily… whether its allergies or an upper respiratory infection, it will help.

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Maybe try a nebulizer just to help open things up for her!


My step daughter had a cough that lasted for almost 3 months. She was taken to urgent care and the doctor and both said it could have been allergies that caused it. The doctor said to use Benadryl at night and Claritin in the morning. It will go away it just takes time

If she is old enough, give her zyrtec daily. Zarbees works wonders too!

Possibly asthma. May need an inhaler. I would get a better opinion. That’s a long time for a cough…


Does she have asthma ? I would be worried too with very young kids. Could go into RSV


Make him take her so he can hear it for himself from the Dr’s that it’s nothing serious. :woman_shrugging:

I would use a nebulizer. My daughter has slight bit of asthma when she was 1 about 2 years old and kept a slight cough because of it. She was prescribed .5ml of albuteral 2x a day. I recommend doing it early because obviously the steroid will make baby a little hyper. But about 6 months later she was completely better even stopped using the neb. If you don’t feel it is that serious just run a hot shower and let the baby breath in the steam, I would put my daughter in the stroller or baby swing in the bathroom while I was showering just to breathe in the steam and it worked well

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My does did this every spring and fall

Simple…let him take her and hear it for himself

I would take the child in just to be sure. Better to be safe than sorry

Have him take her. Let him hear from the doctor himself

Any possibility there is mold in the home? Before they put my son on allergy meds, they asked us a bunch of questions, I can’t remember them all but I know cats and mold were 2 of the things we were asked about.


Maybe he should take her and request thorough tests on her chest to have him feel better. Sometimes dad’s get that feeling mother’s do too. It’s not bad that us concern, not many dads get concern.

If he doesn’t believe it then he needs to take her.

For one how old is she? Two what kind of cough? There forms. My son gets this croup cough. It’s loud and annoying lol. I know he can’t control it. It’s not his fault. He doesn’t like it either when he gets it. If it’s allergies and she old enough give Zyrtec that will help.

Have him take her. He needs to talk to the doctor himself.


My son has allergies and coughs bc of his post nasal drip getting stuck in his throat. His Dr put him on the zyrtec equivalent… He takes that once a day and benadryl twice a day and that has kept it under control for the most part. Ask the doc if she old enough for allergy meds. My ex is the same way when our son has a cough or runny nose or anything like that

I don’t blame him, kids are dying with stuff they say is is nothing.