My husband left and says he wont help me with anything what else can I do legally?

My husband left 2 weeks into the month saying he needed time. I think he is having a mental breakdown. He began accusing me of cheating after I got promoted at work and went to extremes… even went to spy on me at work. He left saying that he knew I was cheating and called my mom at 4am saying that he saw me outside his moms house and told them I was pregnant with someone’s kid. I am not pregnant … even his ex called me concerned about him because he sent her weird messages saying he also saw her outside . He told me he didn’t have to pay me anything for rent even though he decided to leave and barely gave me anything for our son. We had already spoken of a divorce but he did not want to wait until my sons birthday was over . I am applying for welfare assistance but is there anything else I should do? Even his mom thinks he’s out of hand at this point

I would continue with trying to get assistance. It sounds like a decision has already been made prior, a divorce. Maybe think about starting that process. Keep all this evidence you have of how he’s acting (did anyone else see him at your work? Ask his ex to keep the texts, etc). During the divorce custody will be discussed and if you don’t feel comfortable with him having custody you will have this show this evidence. I’m not sure what the requirements are for limiting custody but you can always try with what you have. He’s obviously having some trouble for reasons I’m not sure but it sounds like sitting down and talking is way past this point. See about getting food stamps, cash assistance, rent help, etc until you can find someone you trust to stay with. Then work, save save save, get your own place and move on.