My husband lied about having certain apps on his I just being hormonal?

Ok so maybe I’m just pregnant and hormonal and blowing things up but my husband left his phone he had been bringing up OF a ton it was sus he had lied about having a tik tok as well he still has it and has been using it just saying ti not on his phone etc so I go through his phone because gut instinct first red flag he’s messaging local women on tik tok second red flag he got some woman’s number when he was working out of town and was texting her 3 red flag he cleared his browsing history on his phone but I was able to look at it through advance he has of he’s also been looking at free subscriptions and he’s been on plenty of fish as well… im 33 weeks pregnant after I have this baby im dipping im over it he’s so condescending and these things have been issues in the past he don’t respect me and I basically feel like a free baby sitter maid and S*X toy at this point I don’t feel loved or appreciated and I know im done… the sucky part I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life I’ll be 28 this year my youth is gone I’ll have two kids im more upset over the wasted time then anything. Ok rant over send all the good vibes and strength because this will be a doozy of a journey for me.


Get rid of him. I’m sorry but if he can’t be loyal during what’s meant to be one of the most amazing times you’re meant to share with your partner then he never will be. He wants his cake and eat it.


Leave and never look back.You are worth so much more than that and your children deserve to grow up to see their mother happy with a real man who genuinely loves her.Remember,Everything in the dark comes to light . If he’s cheating mentally I can almost guarantee he’s cheating on you physically as well. Whether 28 or 58 , respect your self worth and walk away from this shell of a man.


Why wait until after the baby comes? Pack up your stuff and the kids things and leave. Suggest he go on a weekend trip out of town and use the time to get a friend to help you move out.


Don’t wait for that baby to come, leave now. It’ll make it harder once baby is here.


You’ve not wasted your time, you will have two beautiful children.
If you have somewhere to go then leave now or kick him out.
You can do this alone.
I raised 3 children alone due to loads of issues, cheating been one of those issues.
I learned to love myself again and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.
I also have a fourth child with someone else who I love dearly.
But know your worth my lovely.
Your worth more than this and your children want a happy mummy around them.
Happy Mum=Happy Children.
I never realised this at first but the moment I separated from my ex I was so much happier as where my children too :grinning:


I’m a single mother of 4 amazing children, you can do it. Leave now! That disrespect should not be tolerated!


If it’s so bad then leave . If he is as bad as you say he doesn’t deserve to have you on his life.

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It might be better to dip before baby is born unless you want to be stuck in that area.


How Beth said in the Yellowstone?
“Remember, everything what he owns is half of yours and a good crystal ashtray…”
But anyway; at age of 29 your life just begins. At scary it may sounds leave his @ss and start to live your own with these two miracles finding joy and happiness in their raising and fulfil your own dreams. He can have his TikTok and a little bit of ashtray :wink:

So glad to see someone who knows their worth and leaves the loser! So many just ignore it then complain about it all the time, when it’s so obvious the guy is scum! Hope you have some good support around you and your youth is definitely not gone!

If you have somewhere to go, why wait until you give birth? He’s disrespecting you left, right and centre and thinking he can just get away with it. He won’t change those behaviours.
28 is still young, and many men have no issues dating a woman with children. Good luck and get out


Your youth is NOT gone. Leave. It feels impossible and the worst time but there is never a good time and you will feel so much better in the long run. I was you and I have never been so happy. It’s hard but so worth it. I’m sorry you’re going through that but he’s an awful man. No respectable person does that with a baby on the way.


Leaving was the greatest thing I ever did tbh. If he won’t change now he won’t later.
You got this! I was a single mom of 1 and moved 800 miles away with nothing but what would fit in my car and now I am married, with baby #2 on the way.
The life you want for you and your children is out there, and you can get it :heart: good luck. If you’d like a friend just shoot me a message :blush:


Exactly how many red flags do you need? :thinking:


You’re only 28. You are still super young. Lots of time left to find a great love. But we really only get them little for so long.
You aren’t “being hormonal”.
It’s really sad that you would even question all this. Like damn girl how gaslit are you? He’s really weaved a web around you if you still question the giant elephant in the room.
This isn’t red flags. This is proof. Can’t deny, can’t talk your way out of it proof.
Stand your ground. Call your friends and family.
Trust your intuitions. I’m sorry that he has chosen this and chosen to hurt you.
You deserve someone who puts you first

I’m sorry your going through this! He sounds like :wastebasket:

The way a man treats his woman when she’s pregnant says everything about his character. Leave girl, it won’t get any better if he’s doing this when you’re dead ass risking everything to grow his dna.

Take kids and go. He is disrespectful and will continue to be .You know what you need to do scary as hell as it is . You got this.

Honestly if you can find a place to go now, GO!!! :woman_shrugging: I wouldn’t even wait until the baby is here, who knows how long this has been going on for. If he’s the father then take him to court for either full custody or 50/50 if he’s just stepped up to be a father figure, than take your kids and go and get a divorce (don’t remember of you said he’s your husband


Leave now and have that baby in another state. Otherwise the next two decades will be he :ice_hockey::ice_hockey: on :earth_americas:


So you’ve seen that he has been speaking to women, and yet you start off with “maybe I’m just pregnant and hormonal and blowing things up”… you’ve seen it with your own eyes, of course you’re not just pregnant and hormonal.


You are only 28! And have not wasted your life.

He’s definitely lying.


It kills me when people see the signs, the red flags, the lying, the gaslighting, and totally second guess themselves. No you are not to hormonal. He is obviously on OF and dating sites and has been carrying on with other women and doing who knows what. You are only 28. Get rid of him and move on with your life.

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Yep sounds like he’s not ready to grow up. Get child support and move on.hes trying to cheat big time


Your youth is not gone. You’re still young. This loser isn’t worth your time.

I dare someone to tell this woman she’s just being hormonal……girl he is frikin cheating!

Way too many red flags girlfriend, get the hell out of there for you and your baby.


28 is still young you not wasted your time. Leave his worthless arse. Hi now have your mum or friend at the birth and start fresh just you and your baby’s

Sending strength and good vibes your way! :pray:t3::heart::muscle:t3: you deserve better !

When you know you know. Dont beat yourself up over it. Im 46 and have been in your shoes, i left at 26 and the years in between have been amazing for me and my personal journey to self love. Blessings mam and i hope you find your peace, you deserve it :heart:


You got this believe me 28 feels old but I promise it’s not you have so many wonderful fun years ahead of you so you just do what you need to do and go out and enjoy life because someone who loves and appreciate you will come your way trust me people that are 40 50 60 years old start their lives over so 28 you got this girl trust me :pray:

28, honey your adult life is just beginning! Get out there and find yourself and start over. So many of us before you have done so and don’t regret it for a minute!!


Get settled now before the baby is here. Leave now. Don’t wait.

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Your youth isn’t gone. You’re just starting. I left a relationship at 30 and it was the best thing I ever did. I found someone who appreciated me better and I haven’t had a single regret. Do what’s best for you.

Mama, you know you gotta leave.
I’m sending you love and wishing you prosperity. There is an amazing life and love waiting for you. You’re youth isn’t gone… I promise.

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Never let anyone get comfortable with disrespecting you.


I left for a lot less, you deserve better and he won’t change I’m sorry to say they rarely do. At that point it’s just easier to do it alone to constantly have that in the back of your mind

Don’t wait to have the baby, leave him now!

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You are 28! Your youth is not gone at all. You can find someone obsessed with you who won’t think twice about texting someone else.

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You know what’s up. Just go.

It’ll be so much more difficult to leave once the baby is here. I say go now, and get settled with a close friend or family member you trust.


Leave now. That man is a joke.

Leave with your dignity in tact 🫶🏽

Not sure where the question of being hormonal is. Once there’s proof then hormones can no longer be blamed for why you feel that way.

I left my ex when I was 6mos pregnant with our 3rd. I’ve been a single mom of my 3 for 2.5years and now I’m raising my exs other 2 children as well. It’s honestly easier on my own even with 5 kids. The stress of him was never worth it.

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You got this momma! I’m the same age and I get the feelings you have about it-but a good man is still going to find you attractive, love you and treat you right. And 28 really isn’t old-it’s just society that tells us that

I feel this. I met my daughters dad at 23 and wasted so much time trying to make things work and keep my family. 7 years wasted I was almost 30 by the time i left. Better late than never. Goodluck

Yeah something is up. If you have somewhere to go it’s best you go now. What he’s doing isn’t right and a huge red flag.


Just go now. Waiting won’t do anything for you. You can’t change it, him, or any of it. Go now.

No hun. You’re going to have a beautiful life, with two beautiful babies who love you to the moon. And this used tampon sperm donor will be someone else’s headache.

Girl you’re not just hormonal. He is being a horrible partner and horrible dad. You know he’s cheating from these things. Leave before you have that baby and save yourself more pain later. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.


It’s better to be alone then with someone you can’t trust and who has no respect for you

He should be rear view, you need to get tested immediately for STD’s (before labor) and do everything to protect your children and your futures

Lies are not cool. Period!!!

Why, wait till your baby is born, leave now. Just make sure you have funds aside to use for your kids. It’s unfortunate you feel your time was wasted because you have children that’s not wasted time, especially if you had been through this before and decided to stick around to see if a change would happen. Which from your post it hasn’t changed. Leave, you have had decisions and have made them in the past and now, good luck.

Hell naw fire his ass Lol

Leave now, for more reasons than one!! He won’t have to sign birth cert and you don’t even have to have him there, while giving birth, and ya won’t have to go home to him after the baby is born!! This is so sad, how he is doing you, while carrying a child!!

Your still young and sounds like he is up to no-good leave and be happy

I’m 38 and feel the same.

There are five billion other guys out there. Has to be a good one somewhere. Liar’s lie.

Pof is a dating app mostly sex id be done

You think your youth is gone? Its far from gone! You’ll still feel very young at age 40, can still have more kids if you want…it always feels SO bad when you’re going thru it and like this tough time will be forever…you’ll get through! Get rid of that loser! :roll_eyes:

Run like never before. If a guy lies about one thing then there are more lies coming. If he messages women he is ruining around on you. Start living your life and get a man not a narcissist. Know your worth

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Make an exit plan.

Start getting extra cash back and putting it away.

Selling stuff or giving away stuff you don’t want.

Back a few extra bags and after you have the baby go stay with family

Stop having. S-x with him today.


Then at the hospital speak privately to the social worker tell her your leaving your spouse and need help getting emergency custody

He sounds disgusting. You’re pregnant. It won’t get better. Leave.

If you can’t trust me you don’t need to be with them

Don’t wait. Pack your shit and go.

That’s not hormones girl he’s being a douche bag you don’t owe him shit get out of there

Ur "husband " is a fuck boy :wink:

Girl first off 28 doesn’t mean your youth is gone. Most people don’t start figuring shit out in life until their 30s. Secondly that dude is trash and doesn’t deserve you. Literally how pathetic to have a woman home pregnant with your child and instead of showing her she’s the only girl and taking care of her like he should he’s looking outside the relationship real world trying to cheat. That’s sooo messed up. Don’t settle because it’s just going to get worse.

You should be proud of yourself for recognizing you should leave, but I would personally try and get out sooner rather than later for your mental health. My ex-husband was big on emotional cheating, I found out about BEFORE we got married and I was dumb enough to think he would change. After we got married his conversations with women upgraded from mostly flirting to talking about how awful I was and he was going to leave me for these women, etc. etc. It broke me. Bad. His very first reason for it (despite being engaged to me) was that “he wanted a back-up “just in case” things didn’t work out”. And I stayed. Worst thing I’ve ever done, I ended up SEVERELY depressed by the time I decided to leave, to the point I wasn’t eating, dropped to ~90lbs, and was a doormat. I left him late 2017, filed March of 2018 and had my divorce finalized in May of 2018. I’ve been in a very happy, healthy relationship since around the time my divorce was being processed. I am STILL working through some issues caused by that guy.