My Husband Lists His Ex As His Next of Kin, Why?

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"Should I not be upset that my husband had his ex wife as his next of kin, but never me? Apparently he doesn’t trust me, which blows my mind, because we have been married for 3 years and share 2 sons together, But he doesn’t trust me like wtf! His ex wife and he were together less then a year! No kids no shared friends nada and he's always been mine but I feel gutted he looked me in the eyes and said I don’t trust you"

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"That would be an ex husband for me. His ex can have him."

"What the heck? I’m so sorry! This is just not ok!"

"Do you think it is trauma from his past relationship? Does he have trust issues because of her? Maybe you guys need counseling."

"Talk to him and ask why he doesn’t trust you and tell him it hurts you."

"Give him back to her"

"Why are you with someone who doesn’t trust you? Cut the cord find someone who values you"

"That would’ve been my cue to exit stage left because wtf"

"Read this whole post over again. If you aren’t answering your own doubt. Read it again. He doesn’t trust you. You have kids together. He does you get nothing. Read this again. He doesn’t trust you. It’s time to hit the door. No way this is acceptable."

"If he don’t trust you why did he marry you? That’s some dumb sh*t. Like who keeps their ex as a next of kin."

"No trust = no relationship"

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a relation ship without trust is like a car without tires … you can stay in it all you want but it isn’t going anywhere … ask him why and if he doesn’t answer boot him out … that is so disrespectful