My husband refuses to add my name to his company bank account: Advice?

My husband and I have been together for a couple years now, and together we built our company. But he will not put my name on the company bank account because he says it’s his money. We have another bank account that we got set up together and he puts money in there for me…but I just feel like couples should share everything. I’ve told him I’m not going to spend the company money…I just would like to be apart of it because I helped him build this company. I feel like it the tables were turned he would demand to have his name on the bank account as well. We also have 3kids together and I just feel like his girlfriend and not wife if that makes sense. We have build a life and family and it just doesn’t seem fair to me. I’ve also had this talk with him but he just says that it doesn’t matter if my name is on it or not and that I’m not allowed to touch that money. Now I feel like I should go get a job and that money be mine


If you helped him build the company, your name should have been on it from the beginning. He’s showing you that you aren’t an equal partner, and that he doesn’t trust you.


If he’s getting controlling about money then yes it’s time to make sure you are protected. Start keeping track of financials. Anytime a partner is hiding financials it’s never been good. And he doesn’t see you as an actual equal.


Seems like there are much larger issues here than a name not being on the bank account. If the company was built together, it should be owned by both. If it is, she can go put her name on there herself. If not, why not? Again, leading back to ‘larger issues than a name not being on the bank account’.


So what happens if he were to die? Is the company in both your names? Or do you have a will stating in the event of his death you are able to pay the bills if not I will need to be settled through the court system and could take a year or more to settle


Wow I’d be questioning why I’m even his wife for one, and if you built the company together both of your names should be on it, is your name even anywhere on the company at all?


My bf & I (together 10 years) have built a small custom boat trailer business together and everything is in his name by my choice. If anything gets messed up financially it’s all on him :person_shrugging:
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The company account is not “his money” it is the business’ money. If he is mixing the business expenses and personal expenses on the company card that could lead to trouble and it’s just as well that your name isn’t on the account.


If you currently are in an active roll in the company such as payroll, acquisition, or controller then you should be a signer on company account, as far as it being “his” money, your married which means in most states you already own half no matter what, if you think he’s shielding household money in the company account get an attorney


If he built the company, he’s right. If both of yall built the company then it should go under both names! Business and personal should be very “black and white” no gray areas!


Me and my husband share everything and if he didn’t include me in a business we built together he better be ready for the hell I would make his life.


Why are girls so intent on having a name on an account is it because they feel entitled just because they are dating or married if so no women are not entitled to have joint bank accounts or names on what ever they want… if he is taking care of you amd your kids that’s all that matters… now I would never get an account with my girls name on it and I would never want my name on any of her stuff and why because if for some reason yall split either one of us could clean that account out and leave the other with nothing and with that being said if yall are married does it really matter because if a divorce happens yall get 50/50 split unless he got a prenuptial agreement before marriage


You should definitely go get a job. No woman should find herself in a position to be financially dependent on another person. As for the company account, if you helped build it, your name should be on it. Depending on how it was set up and the law where you reside, it would be half yours in a divorce.


My husband has his own business that I encouraged him to start. We keep meaning to go down to the bank to add me, only for the fact that if something happens to him I can access the account. Other than that, he uses the money for his business. We share everything financially though.


What is he hiding? Do you have access to view the bank statements and company financial records? If so, no big deal not to be able to write checks.

That is wrong, if I was you I would make him give u half put it in your own account them tell him you are done with the company…


Is it both of your company, (Like you actually truly helped him build it) or is it his company he built alone? To many holes to answer.

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He’s being selfish, get you an account.


If its his company, it’s his money. It’s a shitty thing to do as you helped build the company. But it is what it is. Go get yourself a job and have an account that’s yours. Never tell him how much you have in the account.

My name would be on it or I would get my part put it in my name if I had to take him to court something he don’t want u to know and see what he’s doing


Some of these comments makes you wish there was a emoji with a middle finger simple as that


My name wasn’t on my husband’s business. I never thought anything of it . Turns out it protected me after his death

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My husband has his own personal account that he pays most bills with, but there’s not much going in each month. I also was upset, so he did put my name as DOD. Maybe ask your husband to at least add you as the person who the bank can transfer the account to if unexpected death occured? That saves a lot of headache for the spouse. I also got a job (I work at home) and it’s my account for inventory/sales but I also pay for our child’s stuff out of it. Only my name. So, I would suggest first asking to be added as DOD and also getting your own personal account.

I’m curious on how you helped build the company. Did you put money into the company? Is your name under the company? And if you aren’t currently working for said company, why would you have to go get a job? If you don’t work for the company your name shouldn’t be put on the company bank account. You have a joint account so I don’t see the big deal.

I get wanting your name on the company bank account especially if you helped him build the company. But if he’s refusing to put your name on the company bank account I guess I would like to know is your name is anywhere on the company paperwork that says you’re a co owner of the company? If not I’d go get a job and a separate bank account and Bank my checks there instead of in your joint bank account. Him not wanting your name on the company bank account makes me think that your name isn’t on the company paperwork either therefore if somewhere down the line your marriage doesn’t last and it ends you’ll have no rights more than likely depending on where you live to any part of his company or the money that it makes. Especially if he started that company before you guys were together.

I have a business and my husband is not on my account but I got the business on my own

Best way to keep money you have an account he has an account then you have a shared account don’t share all the money just in case someone isn’t as responsible as the other or if an emergency pops up

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No you state that it his company you say you have an account that he puts money in for you the company is not yours to have your name on

He shouldn’t have opened the account without you

You say we built together, but call it his business…:thinking: some details missing. Is your name anywhere on the account? What type of business, are you involved in running it or is he doing it solo?


This is not the place to open up this can of worms!!!

I would demand my name was on it.

Go get a job hun. An tell him to take the kids with him to his company lol

I would get a job and have your own account, can never be too careful

Totally just my opinion but it sounds like he thinks you will blow the money. :woman_shrugging:t3:


If you contribute to the company, you need to be put into the account and listed as a company partner.

I don’t feel like we are getting the whole story here but I will comment on what IS here.
If yall built the company together, meaning you BOTH put time, effort and money into it then it really should have both of your names on it. We dont know exactly what each of yall have done for it.
I personally don’t understand the importance of having everything joint. If something happened they could clean the accounts faster than you could blink. Its better to have money separate. I would go ahead and get a job that you would have your own money from, and not help with the company anymore (unless you HAVE to). If everything else is okay, you’ll have to choose if this is the hill you d¡e on.

One big thing I am getting from it is he may think you’ll spend the money on non company things. AKA blow the money.


You should always have your own line of income. It helps maintain your independence. The fact that he won’t put your name on the account despite being a major contributor in getting it successful is really questionable and it speaks volumes on his character. Stop helping him.

Me and my husband share NO accounts ha

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Stop helping with the business and find your own income and keep separate account. Speaking from experience!


So get an account in your name. Put your money in there


If it’s truly a company account unless you deal with the day to day of the business why do you even want access except to be aware of how much is in there.

If something happens to him the business and money is yours anyway, right?

She said both built that company… if it’s both of yours ,than yes your name should be on it. I’d be on alert if my partner didn’t add my name to our company account.

Boy you need your name on that account. Something wrong …

red flags! if it was his company, that would be different. But since its one you built together, thats a huge red flag.